Paani Dhandha (Water tankers) – The clandestine business of elected

As I was stepping out of my car, I saw a water tanker coming in to our apartment society. Curiously, I tried to read the name of water supplier painted on the tanker. The name was Mayur Bhau Kalate. The name looked familiar. Just three months ago,  this person had contested and won the municipal council election.

Why do I remember his name ?

I do because my maid told me that she is going to vote for him. I asked why. She said because someof his election manager has paid her 2000/= in cash . He has also given her a silver bowl. I asked if she was the only one who got paid. She said, no!! every one in the servants’ colony have been paid. Rs 2000/ family.

I was wondering about the economics of it. How many families did he have to buy to win the elections. How will he recover ?

Our society doesnt get its normal share of water from the corporation. It kills the business of the councillor if we get enough water. Why should he allow. He has spent enough in elections . Now is his time to get RoI and also prepare a corpus for next bigger election.

We have an Agriculture minister who owns numerous sugar mills. Why should he not increase the price of sugar every now and then ? Why should he not let millions of tonnes of food grains rot in ware house if all these lead to his gain

I realized, its just people like me, living in socieities who are funding their wealth and prosperity.

What is the solution ?

I guess ,the following may change things :

  1. State funding of elections : When people have to pump money to win elections, there is no way to regulate it. The amount of money wealthy candidates can pump in makes it impossible for any one else to even give a fight.
  2. Media CSR : Electronic media and print media as a part of their CSR should be made to allott a portion of their inventory to every body contesting for free of a minor fee. Even poorer candidates ca get their message across. Every candidate gets same exposure.
  3. Common Election meetings : A standard platform should be made where each candidate can come and talk on a holiday about her value as representative. Celebrities can perform to attract and retain the crowds.

My belief is : If we take the money and corruption out of electoral process, many a problem may just become less by huge margins . What is your recipe

3 thoughts on “Paani Dhandha (Water tankers) – The clandestine business of elected

  1. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for giving specific comments . My reactions :
    1. Can we donate money and get kids into state funded IITs or IIMs ?
    2. The idea is not to let the rich candidates use it. The state must spend it and provide a level playing ground to less privileged. Institute reward that if such 2k vote buying is discovered , the candidate will be disqualified and 20L worth property will be confiscated/ offense
    3. People like Kalaam didnt insult himself by contesting a losing battle of Presidency . Honest ones can venture into politics only if there is a reasonable chance of winning and a decent RoI on time ( Through honest and ethical means )invested.


  2. 1. You stop direct admission to colleges and insert entrance exams. The rich will find their ways by giving donation to the college and getting their child elected thru Paid seats aka Management quota, etc.
    2. You try to give equality to all candidates by state funding the elections. The rich will use the state fund thoroughly, plus use extra fund from their pocket (like giving Rs 2k) and get elected.
    3. U try any damn thing, the rich, or money will always find its way.
    So my Dear, only solution is – gud ppl like u and Anna Hazare shud start participating and fighting elections, instead of cribbing from outside the system. Its only because of lack of apathy of gud ppl that we see more %age of bad apples in poiltics. And its chicken and egg situation. Gud ppl wont enter politics bcoz they say poitics is bad. And Politics is bad bcoz gud ppl dont enter it 🙂
    And if u cant enter this system, rest assured u can crib ur whole life, the situation will remain the same.


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