The 4th dimension

When I was working with a British infrastructure major 6 years ago I came across this term : The 4th dimension. I was wondering what that means. When I could start drawing in 3D, I found myself highly liberated. Every point in universe could be reached using 3D coordinate system or polar coordinates. I was very curious how know what this 4th dimension was. I was told this was ‘Time’. Yes , the 4th dimension defines how volume appears over a period of time. Today , I am again excited about this 4th dimension because politically we are talking about the 4th alternative. I wish to write why this 4th dimension is important.

1. The first Dimension, the socialists ( The Centrists pseudo seculars  Congress, and allied parties ) : Congress was a club of English loving, cigar smoking professionals who were ambitious and found their careers and privileges stunted because of the color of their skin. These were Barristers, professors, civil servants and graduates who felt it fatalistic to just serve the Goras. They needed power and in large quantity to vet their ambitions. They utilized the mass unrest to harness power from themselves. When freedom was attained, its principal guide Mohan das Gandhi said – “Now that the mission has become successful , the Congress should be dissolved”. This was not acceptable to J L Nehru coz he had tasted blood. The blood of power and wealth, in his scheme of things was too great to relinquish. He wanted blueprinting how his generations can rule the country and benefit from it. He desperately tried to sideline Lal Bahdur Shastri to ensure that his daughter rises to power. Indira’s son wanted to rule the country for next 40 yrs without any elections. His son and then his grand son even today smell power within feets. This first dimension by constitution appears corrupt to the bone. In the post independence era they have been massive murderers. Sikh Riots, Emergency, Sri lanka Carnage, leaders dying in choppers, road accidents etc. The amount of resources they have sucked is huge. Do they serve the cause of vibrant India?. The supporters of this dimension say – They brought progress telecom ,computerization etc. Now tell me a country of a size comparable to India where cell phones, internet, or computers are not there. Rajiv Gandhi didn’t go there and do the progress.
2. The second dimension, the Bolsheviks ( Left wingers growth inhibitors ) : The leftists grew as a movement against Capitalist exploitation. In absence of education or awareness, the lower strata were getting squeezed by those who were chasing billion dollar dreams. It was relevant when the rules for protection of people were being formed. The people had little recourse against exploitations. This movement too turned into political parties and became a strong hold in certain pockets. In today’s age of hypermedia, the ideology has little relevance. The options to earn in organized sectors totally bereft of exploitation are plenty. What they have done in India is embrace the rotten stinking communism from ancient China, not the progressive one.  The stench of Indian communism is such that no rational person can stand these people in red. They have become totally irrelevant.
3. The third dimension , Chauvinists ( Rightists like BJP, Senas) : Congress had always realized that the educated Hindus were with them. These people influenced the next strata of Hindus to give them good strong hold. Also, the amount of money which Congress had accumulated from years of leeching could attract elite crowd pullers like Maharajas, Film stars, sportsmen. It tried to secure the uneducated Muslim votes by leaning towards them. Now when there was excessive sycophancy shown, it led to a violent Hindu movement which catapulted BJP from 0 to 84 to 150+ to ruling the nation. The pseudo Hindu love however didn’t appeal for long and the leaders realized that they need to be learn the dirty tricks of politics to be in power. The 3rd dimension learnt all mannerism of first dimension. Its chiefs were corrupt, its CMs did mass murders and illegal mining. Its leader, Advani nursed eternal greed to be PM. Its faced an identity crisis as the movement which led to genesis was going against them to be in power. They had to adopt what first dimension was doing. Its left with nothing to differentiate itself from the corrupt Congress and hence started losing relevance everywhere.
This trio have leeched the nation and led us to the critical cross road for the country. While one of the 3 dimensions ruled , there was growing disenchantment among people for the corrupt practices each one practiced. Politicians as a class became the most hated citizens. People would love to spit if they come to their door. Primarily , a politician at this stage became a person who had lineage of some early politicians, had huge wealth, had huge goonda force with them, had little concern for nation and were in the background only interested in increasing personal or party wealth. These politicians flooded constituencies with cash during elections and recovered 10x of that in their 5 year tenure by looting treasuries, getting cash against support to coalition Govts . The electorate felt helpless and toothless once they elected them. They had to elect them because the alternatives were one of these three evils. All the 3 dimensions sucked badly. Rape of democracy was done by instilling most reproachable characters as Presidents, Governors, CEC, CVC etc. The growth in electronic media and social media in particular has now exposed their misdeed and large amount of population now has access to high amount of information. The disgruntlement with current set of politicians was so much that the ruling Govt started behaving like imperialist British. It shows arrogance in not making any deterrent to corruption, it cracks down brutally on protestors, uses state machinery to malign the honest crusaders and many a times effects political murders which appear as accidents. People started losing faith in the future of country

4. The 4th dimension ( Liberated Nation lovers ) : The 4th dimension grew as angst against shameless in looting of Nation’s wealth. This wealth is from numerous taxes they pay. The order of SCAMs crossed lakhs of Crores and politicians thought they have impunity for 5 yrs and a license to loot. India Against corruption temporarily became a mass movement which forced the shameless politicians into dialogue. The crooks however leveraged their positions, the lameness of constitution and connivance to ensure that they continue to block a strong Anti corruption law. Nothing much was yielded to Civil society in dialogues other than fake promises. The media dogs ( Especially the TV) were feted by politicians to poke holes in Civil movement. Politicians did every thing to break them , malign them and weaken their resistance. The seemingly intellectuals it seems were paid to criticize and weaken this revolution. Being on the fringe, the protestors can however do a little to force a Govt without conscience to act. In principle dialog would have always remained a non productive. None from the 3 dimensions would hit axe on their feet by becoming culpable for corruption. This is their life blood. People hated to vote for any one in the first 3 dimension but in absence of alternative, they either did not vote or voted for crooks. Good people not having enough money, stood very little chance of winning elections and even faced threat to safety. The corporate India keeps giving donations to these political parties which used this money power to win elections . Clean and good people thus shied away from cess pool of politics . The parasite politicians kept on growing fat and sucked the vigour of nation. This cancerous growth of politicians made the country largely like an AIDS patient where citizens blood was getting collected as numerous taxes and was siphoned into veins of these leeches

How useless kins have been thrust on us can be seen from this great cartoon made by Ajit Ninan

Country as family property


Is the 4th dimension (Time) shaping up at right time? Is it attracting some of the best and cleanest citizens ? By being cynical, are we strengthening the cause of cleaner politics ? Are 100% clean and honest politicians the real need of hour ? Does the team in IAC have right credentials and maturity to rule the nation ? Do we need to wipe out of existence parties like Congress where bootlicking of Sonia is the religion ? Do we want Akhilesh’s son to start dreaming of being a CM of UP now ? Do we want a manipulator like Mulayam Singh suck our tax money to build his legacy in UP ?

Is it the right time to clean the national politics? Is it not the time to throw the dynasties out and their leper descendents out? Is it not the time we start believing that we can have better ethics and moral values in politics of the country? Or Are we content licking boots of a family, dividing people on caste, killing them religion or let our masses be addict to opium of reservations?
Can we participate and create enlightened leadership


3 thoughts on “The 4th dimension

  1. Very good piece of critique on the parties and the 4th dimension of politics.

    p.s. there is some problem with the rss feed i am not able to subscribe.


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