5 simple things to get rid of corrupt Congress

Helplessness is the mother of despondency and frustration. Never before in history of mankind, 1 billion plus people have been so frustrated with their leaders.  The current UPA govt has done one of the most terrible loot ever on public exchequer.  The people are now asking – “How do we get rid of corrupt Congress ? ” There is no instant solution to cure this cancer but there are  definitely ways to eradicate one of the biggest political evil. Here are some 5 practical things to do :

5. Spread the word : Spread the word about the corrupt Congressis in whatever way you can  i.e conversations, emails, letters, social media, sms .Let every one know about how dirty Congress is .  From a tainted  Chairperson to criminal murderers they have some of the worst wolves on earth. This blog has a lot of essays on how Congress cheats us : https://arunpurohit.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/the-brand-gandhi-and-how-congress-illusions-and-cheats-us-with-4-myths/
4. Boycott every Congressi : If you have any relative or friend who is a Congress active worker, boycott them socially everywhere i.e Do not let them enter your home, do not go in any function arranged by them. Do not marry your son/daughter/ sister to any person actively involved in Congress. I n short make them untouchables. If you have kins of Congress leaders working in your company and under you, FIRE them.
3.Dont open doors, spit on them : When a Congressi comes asking for vote, dont open your gate. If possible spit on them. Dont entertain any person who has active membership of Congress. Do not buy Jindal products or from Reliance group. These are their back end support .Remember, the British were affected when we stopped wearing machine cotton and turned to Khadi. Its time to boycott every support of Congress.
2. Put a black ink on Gandhi family names : This sucker party has derived a lot of mileage naming 1000s of roads, institutes after Gandhi and Nehru. This makes the less educated people believe that it were Gandhis who did all great things. Thats not true, we cover Mayavati’s statues but have Rajiv Gandhi bridge everywhere. Please read this : https://arunpurohit.wordpress.com… > If you are in powerful position, rename all national institutes on the names of cities.
1. Decimate their allies : People like Sharad Pawar, Karuna nidhi, Mulayam, Laloo, Mamta, should also be socially boycotted. Stop using services run by their realtives and kins example Sai Service in Pune is run by Suresh Kalmadi. Take your kids off the schools run by Pawar educational foundation. Stop visiting Lavasa ( Sharad pawar indirect owner ). Switch from reliance networks to Tata or some other services

There can be more but these 5 are the most practical things which come to my mind .  Yes, you can do it. Can you suggest more in the comments please ?

9 thoughts on “5 simple things to get rid of corrupt Congress

  1. Congress is akin to a snake when wounded self heals and may come back to haunt us in the next general elections and I hope that it gives Modi enough time to stabilize the country and start building it to make it the next superpower. He must take out all the rotten eggs from the party and bring young blood into the party before Congress does. Should he fail to show results then AAP is just waiting in the wings to seize the opportunity. Modi’s idea of bringing in Subramanian Swami, the attack dog, to destroy AAP may not work because a huge amount of people do support them and are not affected by Swami rant.


  2. In addition to the five things you do to run these political parties out PLEASE VOTE FOR AAM AADAMI PARTY and Savour the difference and REALLY feel the SEA CHANGE after YOU BRING THEM TO POWER… MAY GOD BLESS YOU.


  3. I loved this post, thanks for spreading the word among the fellow patriots. You are right brother. These “Kaale Angrej” are the same people SH. Subhashchandra Bose Ji warned us about. We got rid of the whites but now it’s time we get rid of them because then only India will be truly free of corruption and poverty.


  4. great post brother God bless u it made me laugh also it is high time we need to get rid of this problem i.e get rid of congress i agree with anupam reason why they r still in the chair is bcoz we indians are divided shame on us united we stand divided we fall that is what is happening so sad


  5. 0. Make a strong and undivided society – Congress and all the names mentioned above have been ruling us because we Indians are a divided society.


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