Day 1 :  West Bengal CM lets her gas out on the Indian judicial system saying – “Its judgement can be bought by paying some small money “. She takes only say 10 seconds to pass this statement.

Day 3 : The conscience  of  proponents of justice  takes 48 hours to get enough arousal to approach courts and take legal action. First action takes 2* 24*60*60 = 172800 or 17.28 thousand times

Day 6 : The court asks TOI and newspapers  to give and affidavit that their reportings are true .. gives them 15 days.  This is 7.5x of the time taken for first reaction  and 1.29 Mn times the offense time.

Day 30 : THe court will deliberate on it this makes it 2.58 Mn times the offense time.

Day 60 : The earliest time  the court will dispose off the case. 5.16 Mn times. By this time , the arousal of aggrieved party will die down.


Result : Either Mamata will get away with it paying say Rs 500  .. or she will apologize ..

Does any of this satisfy you that justice will be done ? What a sucky judicial system we have ? Even if some one farts and if thats an offense , it will take 5.16 million times the duration to dispose off.

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