Baseless is a beautiful word used by important people

I like the word  ‘Baseless’. It’s a favorite word of prominent people and used in very interesting situations .

Baseless is a beautiful word

Latest usage :

  • 31 MAr 2014  : General Musharraf calls the charges of ‘treason’  for suspending the constitution when he declared Emergency rule in 2007.  //
  • Supriya Sule  called  baseless  allegations on making huge money in Lavasa . In  under the table deals she owned 10% of Lavasa coroporation ( Guessed valuation worth  3, 000 crores)  and sold them back to HCC. She declares her net assets to be 16 Crores only.
  • Nitin Gadkari  uses this word today 16 Oct2012  :
  • Salman Khurshid’s wife on scandal in Zakir Hussain trust :

Past usage

  1. Suresh Kalmadi used it when CWG scam surfaced before evidences were established.
  2. A Raja used it  about 2G allegations before his arrest warrants were issued.
  3. Former Army, Navy chiefs, Ashok Chavan  screamed Baseless , on having illegal flats in Adarsh Society before official abuse was found  .
  4. Phaneesh Murthy used it about the sexual exploitation he had allegedly done to Reka Maximovich before he was fired from heading Infy US
  5. Narayan Dutt Tewari used it before DNA test to check paternity claims. He was finally found to be illicit father of the claimant
  6. Abhishek Manu Singhvi used it when it was claimed he had sex with an advocate Anusuya Slawan in Supreme court before CD showing it was made available.
  7. Lalit Modi used it on charges of embezzlement in IPL came before they were clearly established. He is in asylum at London.
  8. Boney Kapoor said it when somebody asked him whether he was sleeping around with Sridevi before illicit marriage was established
  9. Kiran Bedi used it when it was asked whether she made inflated travel claims from an NGO before the fake bills were shown.
  10.  Rajiv Gandhi used ‘Baseless’  on bribery on Bofors gun before it was validated by Swiss that bribery indeed took place
  11. Rajat Gupta said  ‘Baseless ‘ when asked about giving tips about insider trading to Rajaratnam much before jury pronounce him guilty. He is in jail now
  12. Samsung lawyers  called the claims of Apple baseless that they had likely copied the designs of iphone before courts slapped 1.05 Bn dollar fine.

All these great people had used the word ‘Baseless ‘ to their best defense and to delay some proceedings..   Lets see who are using this word currently .

Present usage 

  1. Man Mohan is calling coal allocation losses Baseless.
  2.  Narendra Modi is calling his involvement in Gujarat riots and prime ministerial ambitions baseless.
  3. Chidambaram is calling his accountability and responsibility in 2G case ‘baseless’.
  4. Sharad Pawar calling is multi lakh crore property holdings in Maharashtra
  5. Gopal Kanda is calling his contribution to suicide of Geetika  ‘Baseless.
  6.  Nupur Talwar of Noida is calling her own involvement in murder of aarushi baseless.
  7. Priyanka and Robert Vadra  whose 4 relatives mysteriously died in 4 accidents in 6 months are calling conspiracy as ‘baseless’.
  8. Kapil Sibal called the 2 G losses baseless

Future usage ( Likely )

  1. Google calling death of G+ as baseless
  2. Congress leaders leaving the country en masse for political asylum baseless
  3. Ramdev contesting elections baseless.
  4. Pranab Mukherjee bribing Mulayam and Mamta to become president baseless.

What are the potential use cases on the word ‘Baseless’ can you envisage ?.

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