Honor of the Indian Army – Assured decent last rites

Recently, I had gone to renew my dilapidated canteen card at College of Military Engineering  Pune. The soldier asked me to fill up an ADLR form.

I                          :  What does this ‘ADLR’ mean?

Soldier              :   Its about “Assured Decent last rites ” for any officer/soldier who is attached to us.

I  ( Confused ) : What does  it mean for me ? ( I asked further).

Soldier  ( Elaborating) : This scheme  is intended to ensure that even death of an officer or soldier is honorable.

I ( Curiously ) : How is this honor bestowed ?

Soldier              : A group of uniformed soldiers are detailed to go to the place where last rites are to be performed. They honor the departed soul and give a token amount of INR 5000/= ( USD 100 approx ) to  surviving dependent ) . This ensures that no matter what legacy, the officer or soldier has left behind, his dead body is not denied the honor. Its our gratitude for the service he had done to the nation

I had tears in my eyes. We all will die one day, we all will have last rites.  Imagine the honor of getting carried by those  in uniform. I at 38 am too young to think of death but it made me feel good about death when it comes. It makes me immensely proud about my decision to serve defense even 7 years after quitting it. Is there any gesture by anybody which will make you feel good about your death also..I wonder if there is any other occupation/job which showers on you such honor long after you have stopped serving it.

The principles of Army are impeccable. I am proud, I could serve the Indian Air Force for 6 years of my life and its the Army which bestows this honor .

Jai Hind !

Last rites of a soldier

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