Condemn is a wonderful word

I am amused by the words public figures use at drop of …

Condemn”is one such sexy word used by public figure. Its often used when a strange incident has happened and they intend to do nothing about it .

In fact its so much easier than putting a condom that their tongues can just have enough of this word.

some examples :

Sonia Ghandi on rape victims in Haryana – “I condemn rape or women in Haryana “.

Mand Mohan Singh on corruption – “I condemn corruption in all forms “.

Kalyan Singh on Baburi Demolition – “I condemn the act of razing the structure “.

Pakistan on 26/11 terrorist attack – “We condemn the terrorist attack “.

USA on state sponsored terror against India – “We condemn the support to terrorists by countries “.

Amitabh Bachchan on 22 Dec 2012 – ” I condemn  crimes against women ” after Delhi gang rape protest.

What are other sexy usage of “CONDEMN ” have you seen ?

Condemn drama.. its easier than putting on a condom

Another interesting word i have profiled is ” Baseless ”  You can read about it here :

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