Talaash for the fifth AK

I have found some of the leading Indians with initials ‘AK’ quite intriguing.  They are brave, experimental, swimming against the tide to make a bolder and beautiful India. They are very different from what their peers have done in their profession. They represent, the new confident India.  They may not be perfect but the inspirational value from their lives is enormous. Here are the 4 who have caught my admiration. The Talaash( search)  for the 5th great AK is on. (We definitely need such AKs in most areas to be an elite nation )


5. Ashok Khemka :  This IAS who was born in Calcutta has qualifications which can make jaws drop. He has been the bravest and most enlightened IAS ever. Transferred 16 times in last 7 years for doing honest work not in liking of politician  he has seen 40 transfers in 20 yrs.  He still doesnt give up on honesty, integrity to make his life comfortable.  He has never succumbed to any political master’s whims. The following are remarkable about him

  • Sticking to the basics without fear // His peers tend to do what political bosses want and lick their boots
  • Displaying great courage in cancelling the land transition from Robber Vadra to DLF. Taking the most powerful political family by their horns.
  •  Upholding tremendous integrity and reputation which generates grapevine among politicians and corrupt bureaucrats  “Imaandaar hai .. Sunega nahi ” ( Is honest.. wont listen )

Where is he going wrong ?

Possibly the following are what he can do differently :

  1. Put a case against his transfer. Drag the CM to court
  2. Mobilize mass opinion against Haryana CM // CM played a boot licker of Soniya, trying to protect her son in law

Why we should standby him ?

He is creating a new benchmark for what civil servants should do and how they should behave. Till date most of them have been accomplishes of Govts and ministers to accomplish loot of public treasury. Though he was transfered by Haryan CM Hooda in questionable circumstances, the  entire nation go to know that from Soniya to Robber to Chidu to Hooda were working not in nation’s best interests. If his life inspires another 10 %of IAS we can see a major see change in India. We must support funds which let him fight

The political Spartan

4. Arvind Kejriwal : He has been a one big protagonist who spread his wings to take on the political establishment . Exposing, taking the administration and corrupt head on, he is on a very tough path of redefine the political system in India.  Remarkable things about him :

  •  Very honest former IFS who knows bureaucracy very well unlike most IAS who genuflect at Behenjis and Bhaiyas of politics
  • Understands the futility of talking to politicians and knows that he needs to have power to affect changes that are best for the nation. This is unlike Kiran Bedi who silently admires BJP and dreams and salivates for a BJP LS ticket from Delhi
  • Has given up everything in life to pursue a big dream of corruption free India.

Where is he going wrong ?

Off late on most of the things :

  1.  Hit and run.  : His numerous allegations and expose’ are neither leading to conviction nor incriminating evidences.
  2. Being a fuel to telemedia : He seems to be a spot light lover and loves the TV cameras clicking . This is killing the aura about him
  3.  Losing out on supporters : His early funders were Narayan Murthy, Ford Foundation, Sanjeev Bhikchandani, They all seem to have turned unapprover of his puerile atttention seeking gimicks. Some calling him a moron that he is not. See an earlier post.
  4. Courting wrong people : In a bid to reach idiotic population, he is colluding with junk writers like Chetan Bhagat

His success is important to us because no one has shown this dedication to make the country corruption free and devoid of narrow political machinations. We must ensure that he is advised and funded well to carry his mission on.

Actor with a conscience

3. Aamir Khan :  The third AK started as a chocolate lover boy with a wit but transformed himself into a dedicated thinking and nation loving actor. His acts like Rang De Basanti, Mangal Pandey, Taare Zameen Par made him stand taller than any one else in Bollywood. The following things differentiate him from the herd :

  • He unlike his peers doesnt do stupid love stories with Chopras or Johars. These make commercial sense but do not have a message.
  • He doesnt endorse a product unless he believes very strongly in them and they makes sense. Example : He wont endorse a fairness cream or a Macho underwear. Doesnt do a movie just because some Johar tells him that he is making a movie and they can figure out what the story should be.  
  • He has a sense of do good ( Acts like Satyamev Jayate ) to bring about social awakening when his peers are keen on grabbing  ad deals or dance in marriages. He has brought respect and dignity to stardom.

Why is he important to us ?

  1. For being very honest, dedicated and immersed into every role he plays.  Through him we get Hindi cinema we can be proud of.
  2. He is a man with conscience, courage and free of politics. A man with no camp, he had guts to tell Amitabh Bachchan that the message in movie ‘Black’ was putrid. ” Go hit a kid when she doesnt eat properly, is this the message you give to audience “, he cut Amitabh out. Who has a courage to do this ?
  3. Very creative person who can turn the tide (Redefine what prime time TV is ) . He uses his stardom to spread the right message when his peers abuse security guards or kill animals in forest or men on footpath.

Is he doing anything wrong ?

Seems nothing,  

We just need to support people like him and avoid other jokers in the Industry who make silly love stories or below the belt asinine  comedies. Do not  insult your intelligence by watching crap. 

The Spin doctor

2. Anil Kumble   Often the self esteem of Indians depended on whether the cricket team won or lost. Our primary grudge used to be lack of quality fast bowlers who could win a match or bowl the opposition out. Kapil Dev had lost his sting, Maninder’s fingers had tired. Javagal was injury prone and often not effective after first spell. We didnt have a bowler who was unplayable. How he changed the game :

  • Believed in googlies and bowling them fast . This surprised the batsmen. Unlike other peers , he quit the game at right time and did a perfect 10.
  • Used his height , intelligence and variety to surpirse. Along with Shane Warne , he had the guile only Abdul Qadir possessed
  • Kept clear of politics : There exists a stinking Bombay mafia in Cricket which decides all the things behind the curtain.  He never belonged to a camp and never over did commercials. Was focussed on his game

Why he is important to us ?

He is now the president of Karnataka cricket association . This sets the following right precededent :

  • Sportsmen have alternate careers as administrators
  • People like Kalmadi,Pawar, Bhanot, Lalit Modi and Chautala are kept away. Helps international reputation. We wont have associations banned .
  • An engineer by education he brings in logic, experience, wisdom to game

5. A…..  K….. :  Who is he ? Will he be a person who will be our national leader ? A technology czar ? An industrialist ?  A mass mobilizer ? We do not know .. 

 The other prominent AKs fade out and are dwarfed in front of these 4.  The only other AK who comes close to mesmerizing is Anurag Kashyap. He has totally redefined the movie scape with Gulaal, Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur , Dev D.  However not much needs to be talked about.. Do you know any other AK who is redefining his or her area of work ? i think there will be another AK emerging who will help us rise big in technology or business .. Who will s/he be ?

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