Should we really hang the rapists?

 Nation stands shocked and enraged by most beastly rape. The clamour for strong punishment, deterrent has reached pandemonic heights.  ‘Hanging’ even publicly televised, Bobbitization or chemical castration may serve limited purpose. Anger  often its not conducive to rational judgements. Safety for women in India is worst but apart from safety what is it that is even more putrid ?  I thought very hard. What is it that women are most inconvenienced in? What other problem really bugs them ?

  Safety, sensitization against sexual crimes needs large steps. Deterrent punishment is not in best interest of our political bosses hence may not happen soon. The tortoise rate of justice in Jessica Lal and Priya darshini Mattoo case only convinces the offenders that wheels will if at all roll very slow. There chances of getting away are great.

Is the number and hygiene in toilets and urinals for women in India their next big pain and shame. Unlike men,  can and do they use any wall or open area for their relief ? Even in metros, is it easy for women to relieve themselves at any other place than MacDonalds ( They maintain their toilets spectacularly clean).

Is it not the kind of service these rapists should be sentenced to improve? Can they not be  made to spend the rest of life building ladies toilets, cleaning them everyday? Will keeping them spotless and smelling clean not serve the purpose of correcting the mindset or next possible rapist?. For any deficiency in hygiene can we not let women cane them in public?. Is it not creating right example of rapists in a constructive way. Are their better ways ?


6 thoughts on “Should we really hang the rapists?

  1. Must & should hang the bloody fuckers. If they cant kill the criminals handover to me i’ll fuck & show the criminals. Bloody bastard politicians, impotant police, bloody fuckers judges & lawyers. Victims are publics.


  2. I remember reading that during Alauddin Khilji’s time on all major market cross roads there used to be a weighing scale. If any shopkeeper was found weighing less, equivalent amount of flesh used to be cut from his body.
    If we notice it had 2 elements : 1. The punishment was much more severe than offense ( Hence a deterrent ) 2. it was done swiftly and in public eye to remind sellers that they wont be spared.. What can be the rape equivalent for this ?


  3. Well, rapists don’t deserve to be hanged at all. Who said so? They only deserve to be castrated surgically without anaesthesia. This will change the mind of a future rapist out of fear of being castrated in public.


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