Dear Jyoti Pandey:Judges need 4 days to warm their asses

Dear Jyoti,

You left for heavenly abode. Your suffering was unprecedented. There can never ever be an equal to your agony.

Its good, you do not face the unjudicial system of India  which continues to agonise, frustrate and revulse any sensible Indian.

Today on the front page news I read about a brutal murderer who knifed a 65 yr old woman  19 times bleeding her to death. He didnt just stop  at that. He  stabbed her daughter in law 21 times before chopping off her fingers and slicing her wrist and raped her to death.

Well this brutality was bestial, sucky and “Rarest of rare ” .  He was awarded death by high court. The erudite justices of Supreme court however believe contrary and they want to reward the culprit because of one great act he had done.

He drank alcohol before the act. THey commuted the death sentence to a life sentence.


Now this is sending  a very good message to the society. If you wish to kill somebody, have a few pegs before or during the act. If you can get away, its perfect , if not the daru will come to your rescue even years after you have had it.

I am also amazed at the message doctrine of justice gives.

Even if 99 convicts escape, not a single honest guy should be punished “.

Lets assume 100 guys go ahead and rape, murder a few women.  One of the guys among them was just dragged into it. Now since the judicial system cannot determine who was not guilty, it lets let all the 10o criminals go scott free. What message does it send to the

1. Convicts and 2. Victims

Convicts believe that if they can create a complex enough puzzle, remove evidence confuse the system and all of them will be free. // In fact this is what Delhi High court had shamelessly done in Prita Darshini Mattoo case :

Victims feel that its impossible that all can be proved wrong ,so there is little or no hope of justice.  When there is little hope , the justice will be delivered in so many decades that it ceases to be a justice

Solution : If we were to simplify things and really do justice, we have to punish all 100. Its just too bad that one innocent got punished.

This sends a right signal to the people that 99% criminals were punished or that crime doesnt go unpunished.  The onus to prove innocence should be on the innocent.

The pillar of justice looks highly corroded in India.  Its not just at lower levels, the suckers ascend to the highest posts i.e  Chief Justice of India.  Justice Balakrishnan’s ascendancy to Chief Justice had 2 cancerous syndrome. 1. Affiliation to Congress and 2. Dalit Quota

Please read this :

If people at highest levels suck so bad, how can the situation at lower courts be better.

If you ask how judges are appointed?

An interesting case is : Becoming HC judge by performing oral sex to a Congress minister :

The judicial system is aptly shown to be blind. Its blinder than Dhritarashtra. Such is its filthy state that : A Bitty Mohanty can rape a woman , his father a DGP can request him to be moved  from Rajasthan ( A place he raped a German girl ) and ensure that he is able to escape parole. Last seven years , he is absconding . The shameless CM of Orissa when asked about it says he is busy, he cannot talk about it. He doesnt have time ( Aaaaaak Thoo )

If you are wondering why,  when the charge sheet was filed by Delhi Police on  3rd January ( Thursday ) , why the hearing begins on 7th Jan ( Monday )?

Why these Justices ( Holy bulls) show no expediency to start hearing the case on 4th  January Friday, or  on 5th Saturday or 6th Sunday ? ..

Well, you cant deny them the privileges of warming their hunches on a cozy weekends.  For these men devoid of conscience, a horrendous rape of yours is just another day of business at Sarkari Daftar.

An angry citizen.

2 thoughts on “Dear Jyoti Pandey:Judges need 4 days to warm their asses

  1. A blaze of anger hovers over my head as soon as I finished reading the article, and how are we going to survive in a state in a bad state like this? You see, there seems to have no space for respiration no matter which department it is. All it condenses down to is to have more bills, laws, legislations but that doesn’t seem to work, does it? Everything seems beyond redemption, and well, all I can believe is ‘SAB RAM BHROSE HAI’’!!


    1. We need a Parashuram. A point of inflection where the current political class is totally annihilated. Incremental changes wont help.


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