Demagogues – Jiyo aur jeene do

There are a lot of people sharing Mahesh Murthy’s status deriding an individual and his business scoffing a pony tail. Does an individual in a free country not have a liberty to keep an appearance his own choice and discretion? What SUCKING rights do other fatbellies or balding heads have scoffing at it?


Does a citizen not have a right to do business of his choice in a free country Do people not sell underwears thru fetishes or encourages people to get drunk and go tully?.. Is there any thing wrong hustling ones business within legal norms and sometimes loopholes?

Dont we see blatant lies in form of Seagram music, Tuborg great evenings or Bagpiper soda ? Are they not on the edge and bordering on the wrong side of law?

While I do not encourage ban on freedom of expression of any one I am disgusted at people ( especially those from advertising industry) sermonizing others not to lie. Tell me if ICICI advertisements do not lie? or NIIT advertisements do not lie ? or Garnier showing hairs which can pull cars out of ditch do not lie ?

Advertisers, most of them in that sense are equal cheats and SCAMS and make you believe that using the product they advertise, will help you lay a 100 blondes.

One cannot assume to be a protector of parents rights and be a demagogue. Everyone knows why their kids didnt make it to Harvard or XLRI and why they are putting them in a particular College . Dont they have access to information they can navigate and find the truth?.. Checking the veracity of any claim made by any person or business is consumers responsibility. Dont we have an ASCI where grieved people can complain against advertising abuse?

Did we not see 1000 blokes last year, bribed by Google, forecasting death of Facebook and triumph of circles aka Google+? Were those the gospel truths or were they they cheats, scamsters and fraudster in equal measure ?

If there is a ban on some posts or sites ,are all legal options to upturn the ban exhausted ?

As Buddha said – “Trust the seeker of truth and mistrust the person who claims he has found it

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