Mr Aiyar take 90 Rs from me every day


The countdown for 2014 elections has already begun.  The UPA govt like a wicked crocodile has swallowed  20+ lakhs  crores from public money.  The alligator as is logical, even after it has eaten a bull, doesnt want to die and prepares to do all it can do to live suck more. The blood on its sleeves need to be cleaned. The ugly bandits need to look like saint to voters.  Nine yrs of crime suddenly should appear as grandiose benevolence from them to continue their parasitic existence. Its an important but tough job which needs serious image cleaning.

At this stage the following are  the important QnAs

  1.  Who has the maximum amount on money to throw in quest to grab Delhi ?

Definitely Ugly Putrid Alligator ( UPA)  and Nastily Disparaging  amalgam ( NDA )

2.  What can they do with truck loads of money?

a. Buy voters (  Those who are ready to be bought ) //  I heard Congress recently in bought heads of families at Rs 17k /pc in Karanataka elections

b. Spread propagandas

c. Buy journalists/ economists / writers.

Its the third ‘c’ part which baffles me more.

Look at this article by Swaminathan Ankleswar Aiyar.  In this article he has  suddenly taken up his mission to glorify the junkiest of all govts ever.  He says that we must applaud the Govt for the highest poverty eradication rate ever in history of mankind.

He goes on to say USD 1.25/day  or Rs 90/day is enough for a family of 5 to be not called poor.

Now lets see three basic things needed for a company to live Roti Kapda aur makaan. How the fuck is this economist explain this ?  Even by moronic Raj babbar’s admission food for 5 people one time would cost Rs  60/= ( At Rs 12/meal ) and do wakt ki roti would cost Rs 120/= . His assertion means a family of five which can even have enough food to sustain life is not poor..

Now what is the rental for 100 sq feet kholi in which 5 people can be cramped like chickens ?

Even in fucking gutter filled Dharavi you cant get a kholi for less than 3000 per month i.e Rs 100/day

While his fucking USD 1.25/day gets over there is nothing left for a family of 5 to wear. Oh yes, his wise economics would tell them to wear leaves and eat apple which cost Rs 300 a kg now.

Guys like him should be ashamed to have sold their morals to the few biscuits  or bones  the spin doctors from govt has thrown towards him. Mr Aiyar, dont write such filthy posts. Come over to Pune with your Maai baap  and pillas . I will give you USD 1.25 /day. Please spend 2 months with your family and then write these intelligent pieces. We will love to learn from you  

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