What should be respected ?

Recently, when I was asking specific pointed questions to unearth impropriety and mismanagement of an organization head, a stooge barged into the conversation.  He claimed that he was not concerned with the individual but wanted to uphold the honor of a constitutional position. He didnt want my questions to pull rip open the misdeeds of the Committee head down.  This was  very thought provoking  trigger .

Few years ago, I heard of a man who was out on office. At home was his wife alone but also a  father aged 60 and retired . In the afternoon, the father had an arousal ( No details about the trigger ) and he tried to rape his son’s wife.  Fortunately, the lady could scream, resist and prevent the rape  that afternoon.

In the evening, the son was back. He got to know about the incident. He was dumb struck at the huge dilemma . What should he do in this predicament? A father in his culture and value system is an iconic position equated to GOD.

How can he even think of disrespecting his father?

How can he let down a woman he had vowed to protect ?

This possibly was the toughest thing for him to decide in his life. A binary case where no middle path appeared so soothe his conscience.

Can you guess what he did ?



He threw his father out of his home. This was a historic judgment done by an individual. This upheld the reasoning power of a man. It reinforced the faith of humanity.  This upheld the capacity of man to take right decision. Any other act or half measure would have led to collapse of the value system in the family.

This story must have shocked you a lot but this decision is not what many of us would have taken. Its said, majority of sexual abuse done by family members never gets reported. Crime continues unabated under the blankets of obsolete and irrelevant social values.

Last year Aamir Khan did a terrific job on TV series ‘Satyamev Jayate’. In an episode on sexual abuse, he made a very bold statement – “Do not respect age, Do not respect designations, respect the behavior displayed by people ”  Many of you might have missed the episode or the message Aamir was trying to say but it sunk deep inside me. It got embedded deep my reasonings and behavior.

There are wolves all around us having greater age, position, designation, power, aura, following. Watch their behavior. If the behavior commands respect, GIVE IT. Else be as irreverent as you can be.

Often women are commoditized in our country. There are was Tee shirt sermonizing men where it said “Stop men from staring at your breasts, attract them with your mind ” . Here is a woman being more direct and demanding respect.

A lady demands respect. GIVE IT
A lady demands respect. GIVE IT

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