What should be respected ?

How crime goes unpusnished out of respect

Sunday Morning itch

Recently, when I was asking specific pointed questions to unearth impropriety and mismanagement of an organization head, a stooge barged into the conversation.  He claimed that he was not concerned with the individual but wanted to uphold the honor of a constitutional position. He didnt want my questions to pull rip open the misdeeds of the Committee head down.  This was  very thought provoking  trigger .

Few years ago, I heard of a man who was out on office. At home was his wife alone but also a  father aged 60 and retired . In the afternoon, the father had an arousal ( No details about the trigger ) and he tried to rape his son’s wife.  Fortunately, the lady could scream, resist and prevent the rape  that afternoon.

In the evening, the son was back. He got to know about the incident. He was dumb struck at the huge…

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