Its not “Happy Independence day “

This morning, I didnt respond to calls/sms of  habitual  ” Happy Independence day”.  I  get no inspiration to listen to the impotent PM of the country speak. I go back 7 months in time and recollect my thoughts on the republic day eve this year where I was wondering whether are we truly republic.

Few days ago when I saw total breakdown of propriety in a unit as small as a Co operative society I got my answers on why we as a nation are doomed .

I was thinking if on this day, we sing and dance on sucky bollywood songs,  did we get independence in real terms ?

Does driving the British out and becoming slaves to few political families not misplace our sense of independence ?  Out of well into a ditch

Independence is still a dream

Do we have independence from Water, sand, coals, builder mafias

Are our bureaucrats, Durgas independent to take action against corrupt ( Vadra or Laloos) ? Is our CBI independent ? Are our minorities independent of propaganda Mulayams and Congressis invoke to pedal their way to power ?

Are our backward classes, the SCs/STs/ OBCs independent of the opium of reservations ? or they will continue to walk with these crutches of largesses ?

There is a wonderful book “Animal Farm ” written by George Orwell . Its  been my favorite book on understanding the dynamics of cunningness and corruption. If there is only one book you can read in life to understand animal or corrupt behavior by humans , you must read it.  It tells how a wicked animal leader, a  pig named Napoleon, steals some puppies from a bitch, conceals them in an attic and feeds them with milk every day  ( Taken forcibly from the ruled animal cattles) . Later on these puppies turn into ferocious dogs with large teeth and growls. They bark and silence any opinion which goes against the wicked interest of Napoleon. You will understand what Demagogues are.

As a nation we are slaves to marketers and have such poor tastes that we do not know what kind of literature we should read ( Chetan Bhagat ) , what kind of movies we must watch (  Read  Venkatesh Rao on Bollywood movies : .  Every body is a damn slave of marketers, goes watches Chennai Express, comes back with disgust while the crooks have hit a home run with 100+ Crore

We do not have independence from touts :

Do we have independence of even Supreme courts ? I realized that just retired Chief justice Altamash kabir was son of a Congressi. Abhishek Singhvi in his office in a high court demanded and enjoyed sex ( Of all kind ) to let a lady become a judge.

Is the PM not a slave of you know whom ?  Are the parties not slave of what we know what ?

Do we have independence from fear of Chinese ? They violate our borders whenever they want and our own ministers side with them

We have our soldiers beheaded and we talk “Aman ki asha ” , they come in our territory and kill 5 of our soldiers we care not for their widows but that our PM should have cordial talks with our killers. Our Khurshid Saab cant help professing his love for beef Kebabs from Karachi..

We do not have independence to act.. We still shake our hips and  boobs and celebrate “Happy Independence day”



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