Indians dont undertand conflict of Interest

“Indians do not understand conflict of interest (CoI)  and what should ethically be done in such circumstances ” said Greg Chappel . He was referring to Dhoni ( National Cricket captain) being part of team selection committee and holding significant stakes in Rhiti sports which manages 5 current cricketers. Read the story here

For those unaware, the earnings of cricketers explodes the moment they make it to  National playing eleven. This takes to roof the  earnings of  sports management company. The earnings of company translates in huge wealth of its shareholders players . If Dhoni  can influence selection in team why wont he push selection of players managed by his firm ?

What did he do ?

He though knowing the CoI  still didnt make disclosures.

What other places do we see this ? 

B Srinivasan was president of BCCI and the board allotted Chennai super kings to India cements

Why is this so relevant today ?

Arvind Kejriwal raised a lot of hopes about honesty, ethics and morals when he entered the movement. The urban and literate took fancy of a person who appeared learned, with lot of integrity and propriety. He has bedded Congress to get his few moments of glory.

Where is the conflict of interest ?

He gained votes on plank of vanquishing the corrupt Congressis. Now that he has taken Congress support, if he acts against corrupt Congressis, they will pull down his pants. He will lose his power, this having tasted blood is too difficult to give up.  If he wants to keep those 8 Congressis happy, he will have to overlook all those things which are uncomfortable to Congressis viz Vadra Corruption, CWG scam, Sheila’s crimes.

What is he doing ?

Compromising on his own integrity and values he is going slow and will continue to go slow on Congressis. He will look aside when issues against Congress corruption is raised. While he was claiming 380 page documentary proof against Sheila, now he wants state BJP chief to provide proofs so that he can act.. He will however continue to do SHAM actions against corruption to appear that he is doing what he says example transferring some DJB officials, opening a simple helpline..

What does this mean ?

Politics is a game of chameleons. Expect people to change colors the moment they wrest power. Lets see some changes :

Before elections : Main Aam aadami hoon

After elections : If I do not get two adjacent houses each having 5 bed rooms I will become inefficient.

Before becoming CM:  Travelled in Wagon R

After becoming CM : Travels in Innova with a Neeli batti.

A cartoon sums up his character: Image

Vijay lakshmi Pandit once said – “It costs the nation crores of rupees to let Gandhi  live in poverty like a common man”  and now ministry of home affairs says it takes 3x more policemen to ensure that Kejriwal saab is able to flaunt that he has no security. Image

2 thoughts on “Indians dont undertand conflict of Interest

  1. What is more worrying is the membership drive by AAP. Thousands are joining. Many of them disgruntled members of other political parties. Disgruntled not because they saw corruption in their parties but because they did not get their share if power and perks .
    AAP will cease to a party with a difference sooner than thought.


  2. Truth is always bitter. AK has been over hyped by media to give edge to dying Congress and reduce Modi’s influence on young voters.


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