5 reasons why I have never voted for BJP and never will

There appears to be a ground swell of support  Narendra Modi to be the next PM.  A lot of people literate, illiterate bought or brainwashed, have switched sides started singing chorus of BJP or Namo. While NaMo may be an able, popular leader , and a decent orator ( Sometimes he talks amazing , sometimes plain crap ), the surrender of rational wisdom in favor of party has me repulsed. I had written an essay 2 yrs ago on 4th dimension. It dealt with why we need to look for good alternatives  :

Today its important to see why BJP is not a right alternative for people who can think . A majority of my friends and family are BJP zealots today but I have never voted for this party  (BJP) and probably never will. Here are my top 5 reasons :

Ugly BJP
Ugly BJP
  1.  RSS ideology :  The spirit of  this party is anchored in RSS.  While RSS may publicly proclaim itself as a cultural organization, any one worth 5th grade of school education can easily understand that RSS is to BJP what Gandhis are to Congress as far decisions are concerned. I was introduced to RSS by my maternal uncle and even when I was pretty young then ( 14 yrs old ) and just in class 8th, I could instantly conclude that Golwalkar ‘s thoughts were sucky and in conflict with any reasonable mind. The reasons were.
    • Ugly Propaganda : Hindu Khatre mein hai ( Borrowed and adopted from another stupid rhetoric – Islam Khatre mein hai ) didnt corroborate with reality around me . Today VHP  demagogue Ashok Singhal  says – Hindu sankhya ghat rahi hai, har Hindu 5 bachche paida karo ( Who will pay for the schooling and upbringing of 5 kids you shit holes ? ) . I am struggling to pay for upbringing of just 2 kids.
    • Khaki nickers : Those ugly Khaki nickers which refuse to evolve with time. Thats the ugliest piece of bottom wear no sensible human would like to even die in
    • Mythologization : Your belief of Bharat mata, Bharati devta or personification of country as goddess is ok for stupids but not for any progressive human being who knows that India is pluralistic and one line of thought cannot be thrust on others.
    • Anti pluralistic: I do not see in RSS any trace of flexibility where it can adopt the best thoughts of any other faith or religion. Its Hindu way or highway thinking which totally puts me off.
  2. As corrupt and ugly as any other conventional party  : While the sympathizers of BJP say that Congress is corrupt, if we look objectively BJP is more corrupt than any other . Lets look at it : Equally Corrupt and ugly
    • Bangaru Laxman : President of party caught on camera taking bribe. No other party has this distinction
    • Pramod Mahajan : The most corrupt man ever in India, colluded with Reliance to give them free roaming under a caveat SDCA ( Short distance charging area )  for 1000s of crores of bribe . During my road journey from Jodhpur to Delhi in 2002 my reliance number changed 20 times to ensure that  Reliance doesnt pay roaming duties. He was right hand man and most trusted lieutenant of Bajpayee
    • Ranjan Bhattacharya : Many in India do not know this son in law of Bajpayee who was more ugly than Robber Vadra, taking a cut on every thing which would go to PM. 58,000 Crore National highway scam,20,000 Crore Hirma scam ( Reliance) when exposed by outlook led to immediate raids on editor’s office by  BJP’s faithful dogs. Bajpayee called him “Pure as snow ”  : Read more about that wolf here   and here
    • Yedurappa : The mining Chor who has been welcomed back with full joy to win Lingayat votes. NaMo openly praises this criminal
    • Kargil Screwup : When intelligence bureau clearly said that there has been incursion from Pakistanis, idiot Fernandes went on TV to loudly claim that there is no Pakistani hand in it.  Bajpayee though his indecisiveness allowed the incursion to grow too big before acting.
    • Cofffin Scam : A lot of bribe was taken in coffins for soldiers. Its the most shameful thing any Govt could allow to happen.
    • Silent on Vadra : When asked why they were silent on Vadra scams, their official line from Arun jaitley was : In politics we have a shared understanding that we do not attack children of politicians no matter what they do. They didnt attack Ranjan and we pay back by not attacking Vadra. Holy shit
  3. Unprincipled party :  You are not known for what you say, you are judged by what you do.  The demagogues in party make tall claims of principles, lets look at what they do
    • MP Pay : When there was an issue of doubling the pays and perks of MPs, the BJP was immediately in harmony with Congress and supported it without even an iota of question about looting public money. They have woken up to ills of Lal batti when  kiddo Kejriwal teaches them  . Vasundhara last week said no lal batti. I know all Sanghis will scream Parrikar but he is an exception in this sicko party.
    • Telangana : Congis wanted Telengana to be formed 2 months before election and inspite of AP assembly rejecting it with majority, the BJP quickly got into right position to give Congress a blow job in both houses and ensured its passage without debate. Only god knows how much they charged fro this unconditional service.
    • Jinnah : Suddenly, the party president discovers admiration and love for a person who was responsible for partitions and is father of a nation of the most hostile and rogue nation on earth.
    • Releasing and escorting terrorists : Israel has a no negotiation statute with terrorist but Advani, not only released har core terrorists but also sent Jaswant Singh as a VIP escort to deliver the terrorists to Kandahar
    • Musharraf invite :  The guy who led to deaths of 1000s of soldiers in Kargil was invited by Bajpayee as a state guest. He insulted the Defense chiefs by asking them to line up and salute him.  Air Chief Tipnis refused to salute him.
    • Prevented Sonia questioning on Bofors :  When Swedish authorities came to interrogate Sonia for bribery which Rajiv possibly took, it was Bajpayee who refused permission and sent them back. The truth about Bofors may now never be known but we will also never know what Bajpayee took back home from Congress for this favor.
    • Sleeps with Ambanis :  The BJP is dumb silent on gas prices and also on the favors it gives to big business houses. Telecom and Coal all have evidences of sinister things done by this ugly party
    • Legalizes unauthorized construction : Often called as Baniya Jain party, BJP fights taking sides of all the ugly traders who do ugly unauthorized construction in Delhi and then takes to streets demanding that they be legalized. This is same as what Congis do for various Bastis to garner cheap votes. What does this lead to ? Encroach , do illegal things and get rewarded ? You are a fool if you do legal things ?

4. Ghetto thinking : Horrible thinking process persists in this party which puts off any rational thinker .

  • Anti Valentine : Beat the people who are doing what they believe in
  • Anti gay rights : Infringing on individual liberty
  • Caste based reservations :  It stands on the same side as ugly Congress when continuing on reservation based on caste because it brings in votes. Projecting #Namo as dalit is one of that ploy.
  • Overtly religious : Really ugly partners : Shiv Sena, Akalis and what not are more
    • Sena : Beating poor people from other states in Maharashtra
    • Akalis : Again an organization based on just one premise religion
  • No national appeal beyond cow belt : If we leave the limited accident of Karnataka, no state beyond the cow belt finds this party acceptable. Kerala, Tamilnadu, Orissa, North East, Punjab, Bengal , North East . There is not even a miniscule populace which can identify with them beyond Hindi heartland.

5, Causing deaths :  The huge genocide which it deliberately caused by its Rath yatras is totally unforgivable. If Congis caused 84 Sikh Riots, its Kodnanis and other Sena ( Sri Ram Sena, Bajrang Dal, hindu Sena) members who caused pogroms in Gujarat and Malegaon.  These guys burnt alive a Christian missionary along with his kids. Can we ever consider a party  worth ruling whose top leadership in their full senses initiate and cause large scale deaths and violence across the country.

Conclusion :  While we all know Congress is the biggest evil of this country, its utterly foolish to believe that BJP is any better. Given power, they are atleast as ugly or harmful to nation as Congress.  We cant keep alternating between bad choices one after another and hope for good solutions to emerge.  We have to make right choices and if they do not exist , we have to create them.  Bringing BJP to power is no solution.

9 thoughts on “5 reasons why I have never voted for BJP and never will

  1. BJP is party of BANIYAS. India is facing BANIYA COLONIALISM. That’s why these BANIYAS promote their culture via television, luring young HINDU BOYS and GIRLS to fall in trap of love, sex etc. Also, not to forget the opposition to FDI, many business are owned by BANIYAS and they want to safeguard their interest,which means indians have to use the dirty product of baniyas. Now we have flipkart, factory of BANIYAS, whose services are pathetic, but no one can question, At least, UP people give correct treatment to these flipart baniyas, they just frisk away with the products.


  2. Malegaon pogram was planned by BJP?
    Roits happened because mullas thought islam is in grave threat because USA was pumping bombs on Osama’s Afgan.No hindu/bjp man was ever associated.
    Reg. Gujrat, people conveniently forget Godhra.How come? Probably 12 peaceful years in Gujarat thereafter can be attributed to slaughter in Naroda. Muslims fear Modi in Gujarat is a reality and hope this applies to whole of India soon as it will result in a blissful decade. I know about Malegaon coz I stay here. It literally stinks like Afpak here . Don’t you think it undermines the idea of India unlike RSS. People happily waving pak flags or calling for Nizam e Mustafa(Some fuckria law) openly and all that India bashing. Shouldn’t it end and mess cleaned up. I know not every muslim is unpatriotic but most do have soft corners for Immediate to Mid East and hatred for India. Kids are also tought more or less on same lines in those brain washing centres called madrasas. Unless these people come out of their own Kattarness we do need a balancing force in the nation.


  3. Even though I agree with most of your point, I still have reservation on some:

    Ugly Propaganda : That is due to our country not being secular, since our laws are based on religion it gives too much power to Muslims to implement sharia if they get majority
    (Kilvisharam/Keelvisharam Panchayat De-Merger). You may find it difficult to bring up 2 kids but Muslims are ready to bring huge demographic shift in India. If things go unabated either your kids will grow in riot full nation or a divided nation.

    During British Raj muslims grew from 12% to 25% in 150 years. In India they have moved from 9% to 17% in 65 yrs.

    Kargil Screwup : That was due to Vajpayee trust on Nawaj Sharief and aman ki asha.

    Jinnah : BJP has always supported Jinnah thinking of Two Nation Theory and has always been against 1950 agreement (Jan Sangh).

    Releasing and escorting terrorists : That was done as Indian parents said clearly that they dont care of national interest and want their relatives at any cost.

    Musharraf invite : completely agree that was the ugliest thing a country can do, that was the lowest of the low. But the idea was to solve Kashmir Issue which Nehru lost took to the UN as a disputed territory and lost to Pakistan if a plebiscite happens. Also Pakistan can lay claims on any Muslims majority Area in India like lakhsadeep etc.

    Sleeps with Ambanis : Every party does that, coorporate and their money are part of every party in any democracy. What we need are the laws for regulations and transparency. But it is the congress that has opposed such a law till now.

    Caste based reservations : But BJP is also the only party which says that it has to be removed or reduced.

    Prevented Sonia questioning on Bofors : That was done to keep Vajpayee as PM.


  4. Do not parrot those fiberal thoughts you read and hear so often in leftist propaganda pamphlets and media. At least have your own reasons and if possible also critical thinking in such matters.


  5. Yeah…heard all this before…borrowed thoughts mostly and the writing reminds me of 8th standard essay writing competitions…wannabe bloggers just don’t seem to get enough of exposing themselves as literary retards. Pathetic!


  6. Very good writing. With the current scenario going on…. I would love to have majority govt……I support AAP knowing that its next to impossible to even have candidates on all seats.


  7. NaMo replies !

    In a letter to Narendra Modi , Arvind Kejriwal raised three issues / questions , viz :,

    > If you were to become PM , will you reverse the decision on gas price ?

    > As a PM , what will you do to bring back the black money stashed in
    Swiss bank accounts ?

    > Who is financing BJP’s election campaign ? Is it Reliance ? What is the
    nature of your ” relationship ” with Mukesh Ambani ?

    No one – Arvind included – expects NaMo to reply

    But , if NaMo was bent upon committing a ” Political Harakiri ” , his reply would be short – and sweet – as follows :

    Dear Arvindji

    Thank you for writing

    I am glad that you consider my chances of becoming the next PM , to be so very high . It came as a breath of fresh air after listening to all those ” gallies ” from lowly Congress Netas

    Of course , by envisaging me as the next PM of India , you have run the risk of being called , the B team of BJP !

    But then , how can I stop an Aam Aadmi like you from dreaming !

    In a normal course , I would have liked to answer your letter , only AFTER , I became the PM ( – since , RTI would , in any case , oblige me to do so )

    However , since I consider you to be my ” friend ” ( – isn’t ” enemy of your enemy , a friend ” ? ) , here are my very relevant answers to your equally irrelevant questions :

    Q: 1

    Of course , not !

    Q: 2

    Of course , yes !

    Since every MP of BJP has signed an affidavit , saying he / she has not stashed away , any black money in Swiss banks

    So , obviously , all the black money lying in Swiss banks , must belong to the Congressmen – no ?

    ( please note : I have no knowledge of any banks other than Swiss banks )

    Q: 3

    Everyone knows who finances BJP’s election campaign !

    Same guys who are financing the election campaigns of Congress , SP , BSP , DMK , AIDMK , BJD , RJD , TMC , CPI (M) ..etc etc

    Since they have smaller donations , they are better placed to answer your questions

    I am taking the liberty to forward to them , copies of your letter , with a request to send their replies to you directly . In future, send copies yourself

    As to my relationship with Mukesh is concerned – he is just a friend

    Haven’t you heard , ” A friend in need is a friend indeed ” ?

    with regards ,

    Yours Transparently ,

    Narendra Modi

    PS :

    In case you are planning to sit on a dharana outside my office in near future , I am not attending CM’s office for the next 3 months

    Why didn’t you do the same ?

    Lastly – please do not leak out my reply to a certain TV anchor ( you know who ) , who , unashamedly digs out historical facts , to embarrass my party spokespersons like Meenakshi Lekhi / Smriti Irani etc .

    Very un-gallant !


    * hemen parekh ( 23 Feb 2014 )


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