Unwritten ugly rules

We do not beg for sympathy towards our leadership but there are unwritten laws in democracy “- Salman Khurshid on Narendra Modi planing a massive rally against Owl G in Amethi.


The question is the does this Leprosy of nation ( Congress) need any sympathy?
What cause/purpose does sending a Chikna to parliament serve?
How long can people of India and their constituency be considered Baap kee Jageer?
Why should Janta Maaf karo this juvenile who had least attendance in Loksabha and raised ZERO concerns about Amethi or nation?
Why should people get swayed by a Barasati Mendhaki who has woken up in month on May 2014 about concerns of people in Amethi and RaeBareilly ?
Why is the Indian media so enamored with Chikni Chameli that her every croak is played non stop on TV?
Is 60+ years for the country too young to mature just like the rotting crop of our politicians ?
Why do we have political dynasties infesting our most important states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Orissa to Jammu Kashmir?

Why are there unwritten rules that if Congress allows Ranjan Bhattacharya ( Vajpayee ‘s son in law ) to loot the treasury without a whimper, BJP will not raise a voice against Robber Vadra? 

Why when Swedish authority comes to interrogate Sonia for her husband’s billions in dalaali, Vajpayee packs them back empty handed ? 

Why do these unwritten rules exist against the best interest of the nation? 

Some days ago someone wrote to me that she has no problem with dynasties ruling us for generations… For god’s sake should we shame the money our parents spent on our education ? 

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