“Tum nangay ho Rahul G” and you must read the emperor’s new clothes

I heard murmurs of revolt from the Congressis, post election results on May 16.  During campaign Modi had hinted that Congis will be routed to double digits. Ironically, even double digit has a big range i.e 10 to 99.  We can easily reason why 10 to 19 was a theoretical impossibility. 1000s of Crores of  war chest  with  Congis and some opiumed constituencies like RaeBareillies, Amethis, Bankuras( Abhijeet -Pranav Mukherjee’s son’s constituency) or Nandeds ( Corrupt Ashok Adarsh Chavan’s constituency) would never wake up. So, a seat range of 81 to 99 definitely would have been face saver. This too, was not to happen this time. The worst nightmare of Congis,  danced out LIVE on May Friday the 16th.  Restricted to 44, the 600 crore spent just to chamkao (shine) the image of Pappu was down the drain. This to me resonates strongly with a classic schoolbook story.

The emperor’s new clothes” written by  Hans Christian Anderson echoes perfectly in this scenario.  Note : In this blog the current context  is told in parenthesis/ brackets.  Its a story in which two swindlers who are tailors (The advertising agency Dentsu and Diggi Raja in current case)  tell a narcissist emperor( Owl  and Sonia G today) that they will design a never before imagined clothes (5000 crore Electoral campaign) for them.Image

The clothes will make them fashionably immortal (PM Of India). The swindlers faked that they were making something with an invisible thread( Har haath tarakki,har haath Vikas). Whenever king’s men ( The chiknas and bachchas in Owl gang like Sachin pilot, Jyotiraditya etc) came inspecting they saw swindlers working. Finally, the swindlers on the auspicious day ( Elections days) came and dressed the king ( Rs 500 Crore Pappu and Congress Chamkao yojana).


Actually, there were no clothes but the swindlers pretended that they were dressing the king in an invisible cloak (Songs, Commercials, stupid lines like secularism, Kattar Soch nahi Yuva josh). The king ( Pappu and Sonia G) got elated ( Sonia was smiling with her face down when Mannu agreed to Pappu’s 12 cylinder cry)  and went into  public procession feeling very proud of this new dress( campaign) . He boasted about the dress no one has ever worn ( Toffee, Gubbara, Bee hive, women empowerment, RTI, interview with Arnab etc).

All the ministers, courtiers, people could see the king’s bums, balls and manhood ( They smiled secretly within) but none had the courage to tell the emperor that he is naked. Some sycophants launched lofty encomiums praising the new dress ( Narayan Murthy telling that Pappu is a great leader and Mand mohan professing his fortune to work under his feet). The emperor had a lot of power and the terrified people knew that if any one says that he is naked, their head will be immediately severed .So no one could gather courage.Image

Some people found it outrageous but knew it was not in their interest to tell the Emperor that he is a damned stupid fool ( Neither Milind Deora nor Praful Patel could muster courage to speakout that Rahul is congenitally dumb; at most they could do attack his advisers).The murmurs were a veiled attack which did not reach the stupid naked emperor and he carried on.

The special guards of Emperor (Manish Tiwadiya, Jairam Ramesh, Piggy Raja) barked at any criticism of this new dress ( Rahul for PM campaign) and the arrogant and nangaa Emperor ( Owl)  continued on his stupid march.

Finally, the procession reached the Hoi – Polloi  (The janta ) and even they didnt have gumption to tell him about his nakedness. Some out of shame and decency turned their faces away ( They attended his rallies for money, daru, kukkad and often left out of embarrassment. Recall desperate call by Sheila in Delhi rally – “Arey abhi jaaiye mat please, Jara Rahul ji ko sun toh lijiye) . Even this was not enough for emperor to realize his nakedness and he smiled at people ( Owl G had similar smile in post election press conference). An organisation is like a big banyan tree full of monkeys. Monkey on top when he looks down sees smiling faces, Monkeys at bottom when they look up .. only see assholes ) This is well explained in another blog

Finally, a child in the audience (Someone like me ) sees the emperor and screams –  “Emperor is NAKED “. ( Rahul is an a**hole ) and the voice reaches the king. He touches his cock, his bums, his moobs and then his balls and realizes he doesnt have any clothes. He had been really swindled and is indeed Nanga ( Naked).  There are no clothes and he needs to cover up. ..but its said, he continues on his procession.

It only took a child to standup and speak the truth in Hans Christian Anderson‘s immortal story as only the child  cannot be perturbed with dire consequences.. Unfortunately, there is no child amongst Congis and Owl G has not had the privilege of going to school for formal education to read this story.

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