Slipping through cracks

” I am both ”
Responded a guy when I asked him if he is vegetarian..

I was wondering how ? How can you eat meat and claim that you are vegetarian also..

Amorphous blob of shapelessness and shape

Then I thought, there are heterosexuals who claim they are both homosexuals and straight .

There are liars who claim they speak  both i.e Truth and falsehood.

There are corrupt who say we embezzle money but  are also honest on some instances..

Can the term omnitarian be more appropriate? or do all attempts to classify humans fail ?

There was Steve Jobs and there are Bongs who say I am veg but I eat fish

There are Jains who would say I am vegetarian but I dont eat things grown below ground.

There are marwadis who are veg but would not eat No onion/garlic..

I think the definitions or classifications will remain amorphous unless some semantics are developed which with brevity can define the dominant behavior and exceptions in one small pronounceable word

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