Farting, gassing – social and ethical view

Years ago , I was at home of a relative. The matriarch, an old fat lady, was sitting on the floor along with another man in late twenties. They were taking turns to toot, fart, phuss and laughing with each release. It carried on like a match of tennis with none of them giving up. The air around was foul, the other folks in the room were laughing at this keenly fought battle.

Watch this interesting battle shit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5cEzDeRLK0

Or this official farting competition : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDAT2IaEsTI

Some years later, I was with a nicely groomed teenager and talking. He suddenly excused himself, went to balcony for a second and came back. I asked him, “What happened ? ” . He said , he wanted to pass gas. I admired his sensitivity and upbringing..

Few years later, I was driving  with one of my employees for a post lunch meeting and my flatulence was at alarming level. i asked him if I can switch off the AC and roll the windows down. I cant hold the gas any more and it will foul the air in the car. He agreed..

I have often wondered how people handle flatulence ( tendency to pass gas) in company of other people. I asked a girl about it. She confessed to me that, when caught in such situation, she tries to make a judgment on the intensity. If she knows its going to make noise, she holds it. If its going to be a slow silent passage, she passes it out.

Often in crowded buses of Calcutta this is responded  by – ” Saala! Key boma maarchey ( Who the hell is dropping the gas bombs ? ”   and often the witch hunt begins


The problem with this behavior is :  A lot of folks in the vicinity get inconvenienced with the foul odour and keep guessing who is the source of this nuisance. Occasionally, the fouler’s judgment goes wrong and the “toot” plays out loud leading to eviction of the perpetrator and ensuing embarrassment.

Here is a youtube video where a man on airport is caught on thermal camera passing out gas. The video went freaking viral on the web : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp04J6Fzd6c 

May be sometime in the future, folks will be caught and issued a ticket in airports, air planes, buses just like traffic violations

I have read the confession of an American lady who had enrolled for a morning Yoga class and was tooting in every Yogic position. Subsequently, the Yoga instructor, threw her out of the class.

Postures which trigger

What do you think is the best way to deal with such circumstances ?

How do you deal with such scenarios at office, public transport, while you are alone or in company of another person?

What is the etiquette of dealing with this biological predicament ?

How is it handled differently in different cultures ?  // Ayurveda recommends not holding it even for a few moments and it seems in Indian culture it appears acceptable to pass it without any major restraints

Can there be evolved a global manner/ etiquette so that this scenario can be handled gracefully by folks who trot the globe.

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