11 ways to respond to Murder of 17 soldiers in URI ( BJP ishtyle)

Uri in J&K  has seen the murder of 17 Indian soldiers. The citizens of India now seek affirmative action, if not revenge.  However, here are the 11 ways  Bhajapiyas have historically handled Pakistani issues and terror attacks. The well thought out strategy works like this
Updating the status a week after attack with prefix 24/9

1. Make key ministers including PM give statements/tweets garnished with CONDOM oops CONDEMN word
 24/9 :  Modi ji did his “condemn” duty on the same day and so did also almost every one in his cabinet. Please see the “condemn” paplu ..
Its easy to see that Bhajapiyas dish out ” Condom” ( oops) “condemn” faster than JNU hostels can.. I think, when they hear any terrorist act, they must be telling their chamchas operating their twitter accounts- ” Jaldi se mere naam se ek Condemn maar do
2. Say we are cancelling secretary level talks and suspending trade with Pakistan . // It makes them appear as if they are seriously actinng on it, Pak can however continue to be the  Most favored nation
 .24/9 :  Yes, Fekuji has thawed all talks.. Pak continues to be MFN..
3. Declare alert in major cities, cancel leave of security forces , look serious. Tell  Army and air forces to be on war alert but do nothing.. If required shake your own stuff inside LoC and jack it off. // Recall Kargil, 2002 Parliament attack etc.
 .24/9 : Bombay and Capital are on alert.. They claim that all military leaders have orders in their pocket to jack it off within LoC..
4. Claim that criminals will not go unpunished // Seems they will combine the punishment with Pathankot, Bombay attack planners and some more.
.24/9 : Feku ji has come up with this cliche today in Kerala.. has claimed he will never forget Uri killings.. he has comfortably forgotten Pathankot and not mentioning it because memories of Junta is short..
5. Crib to US of A and tell that Pakis have again slapped us. Obama will yawn and scratch his bum.
 . 24/9 : Feku ji has already cried about it to his dost Baraaak and he has also yawned on it..
6. Call Pakistan a terrorist state and talk about isolating it // No body cares about it, by this time Obama is Rolling On The Floor Laughing His Ass Out( ROFLHassaO).
 .24/9  By coincidence, UN general assembly was scheduled this week. A baby bureaucrat Eenam Gambhir read out a speech from a paper calling Pakistan an Ivy league of terrorism. While the world yawned, the diplomatic morons of India, called it “Karara jawab to Mian Nawaaz” and patted their own asses/
This isolation thing also got ejaculated on 24th Sep. See below:isolation
7. Hand over proofs to Pakistan and tell them to do the  trial in Pakistan. Also give some complimentary Patanjali products to visiting officials. And yes, do not forget to offer Jio sim cards to them // The trial  for Bombay attack and Pathankot are already showing good progress
 .24/9 >  Dossier was handed over in 3 days.. also as VAT and Swachh Bharat cess+ Krishi Kalyan cess a warning was added. Please see below.
However, just to mock this stupid business, this time Pakis are also giving a return gift and that is also a dossier
8. Invite Pakistani officials to India to visit Uri and see what happened // Show them how our ass bled and seek sympathy from them. Pakis indeed are the most merciful .
.24/9 ->  To be discussed during Saarc summit,
9. Let Pakistanis go back and claim that there is no Paki hand in it. //  This means we are getting closer to closing this file
.24/9-> Pending
10. As six months pass, let Fekuji pay a sudden visit to Islamabad and click selfies, also send Advanis or Jaitleys to bow on Jinnah’s mazaar and reveal to the world how Jinnah was a great man.
 24/9-> Pending
11. Come back from there and wait for another attack.., Shake your booty, do the garba and then repeat steps 1 to 10.
PS :
24/9 Some additional actions: This time taking a leaf out of Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Hitler, Fekuji and BHP propaganda factory seems to have bribed a nondescript online news site.  The squinted website called ” Quint” ran a feku news which claimed that Special forces went across the LoC and killed 20 terrorists and injured 100 others. . As per them, the Uri attack has been avenged.. Lots of gullible janta(30 -40%), posted this stupid news in their FB status and were quiet satisfied by their Rambo PM.
End piece :
What credibility does Fekuji’s word have when the bloodied daggers of  Pathankot, Parliament,  Bombay 26/11 etc are still laying eggs for him

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