Adventures of Sukkha Bhai

Sukkha Bhai or Sukda(सुकड़ा) is an emaciated dude who runs a Chai tapri in my mohalla.
He looks something like this  (Indicative picture from Google)
Last week, he wokeup to see a few guys from Gangs of Muhammadpur all around him.  He was humiliated, caned and badly beaten by those teenagers. The gang had come on behest of Hasina Katrina.  Sukda was bruised and limped  for over a week. He was burning with desire of revenge. The flashpoint came when Laila( मोहल्ले की छम्मक छल्लो ) mocked his manhood – “सुकडू , तेरा खून कब खौलेगा रे ? “
Today, suddenly he was  चौड़ा ..
I : You seem to be beeming today.. क्या बात है
Sukkha : Today, I did the impossible
I: WTF have you done?
Sukkha : Last night, in a special act, I went inside Katrina’s bungalow, banged her for six hours.  “Significant damage किया ” and came back without even a scratch. I do not intend to do it again. कह के लिया, गेम खल्लाश
I : You breached the hi profile security, cameras, burglar alarms didnt go off, dobermans didnt bark, Muhammadpur gang turned a blind eye for six long hours, you did this outrageous thing,  didnt  she resist? Were the security folks also sleeping? How did you manage all this?Sukday ! Can you show me some evidence or proof so that I can believe your?
Sukkha (Goes mad) : How dare you ask me for evidence and proof. You mistrust a braather.
Friends of Sukkha : If Sukkha reveals how he did the impossible, will it not reveal all the divine skills, technique he used to penetrate the wall, invisibly going inside, doing the acts and finally making a claim. Entire Mohalla is celebrating the exploits of our Sukhhkad. We are doing Dhinkachika and if you are a sachcha Mohalla waasi, you should also shake-a – bum-bum.The symbol of Bombay
I : But, Katrina says nothing of this sort happened. She has shown her place to folks, there is little evidence to show she was touched, let alone banged.. Yes, she says some manchala had done a seeti to her Bai but nothing beyond that..
Sukkha and Friends ( YELLING NOW) : You infidel, ugly cynic rationalist,#$@$!@$@$ you Dont you have any empathy for your bahadur bhai who risked his life? Why do you need a bloody proof ????? She is lying. She got the lesson of her life. You ugly porky, cant understand this… ” YOU – WAIT AND WATCH”. There is no proof that Sukkha’s assault is fake. The onus is on Katrina to prove that nothing happened.. As far as we are concerned, we do not mistrust our holi cow oorf Sukkha.. We dont need to provide proof, you have to trust your braather..
I left the place as it was futile to make Sukkha and his patta-khor sukhda gang to see some sense in my question.
As I was leaving,  I noticed some crumpled tissue papers on floor and desiporn open on Sukkha’s lapop    [ To be continued]

One thought on “Adventures of Sukkha Bhai

  1. Story from Sukha bhai’s perspective (as usual story was spread by one of the fan of Rajaram Yechuri ji). Sukha’s thoughts –
    1. Katrina’s acceptance – Katrina was caught in Cctv while doing “acts” twice in Mumbai, her photographs were found in kargil and dna was also found matching from hotel room, she was caught red handed in patankot where her parents were also called and given proofs … and list continues, but she refused that anything happened inspite of all this, what makes people think she will do it now?
    2. Anil Kejriwal was always against me, why all of a sudden bhai chara and salutes, ofcourse intentions are to find out loop holes and create a different perception which favours him
    3. Neutral parties to Katrina and Sukha (some of them run detective agencies and own high profile surveillance cameras across city also), German bhai, Roosi garu, Americano, Euro Aunty all are aggreing to his claims
    4. His friends and braathers blv him
    5. He has achieved what he wants to and give a **** what Anil Kejriwal and Diggy Chacha thinks, he will let both of them frown & think what they want and move on


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