Death of Rs 500/1000 notes in my wallet

I am a big fan of “Animal farm ” written by George Orwell. This possibly is the best book ever written to understand ugly politicians. If you have read the book you will relate to the current currency scam. If not, a quick intro will help.  One of the characters in book which always makes me laugh is “Boxer ”

Boxer -> A loyal, kind, dedicated, extremely strong, hard working, and a respectable cart-horse who by IQ is a donkey. He is a Bhakt of wicked pig king Napoleon, who rules the farm, exploits him and animals perennially. Boxer however  always holds the belief that Napoleon is always right.One day he realizes the ugliness of his king Napoleon, but its too late, he is caged,in a close truck and on the way to slaughter house ready to be killed.//

Another interesting character is  -> Squealer – A small, white, fat porker who serves as wicked king’s second-in-command and minister of propaganda. He mixes with animals and misguides them that everything King is doing is for their good.  There is an example of squealer later in the post 😉

Please do read this book its hilarious.. i thanks Kuldeep Singh for recommending it to me.

There are 1000s of such Boxer bhakts on social media today who feel “Modi  is always right ” . We must not blame them, we cant awaken them. Their faith in Modiji is as strong as Madarsa dude’s  in Quran or Sharia. Metaphorically, the Boxer Bhakts are  in dream or delirium of different elusive 72 virgins ( Achchhe din, Akhand Bharat extending to Afghanistan and Tibet).  We can only pity them or laugh at these boxers as they move to slaughter house of cess and torture of inconvenience.

Let me try to pose some questions :

  1.  Who is the governor of RBI now ?……    Cant tell? ….. Why ? Few months ago you could always tell ?  Why is a non descript impotent person an RBI governor now ?boxers         ( What you see in this post is a Squealer and irrelevance of RBI governor)
  2. Was this kind of currency Harakiri possible, had assertive Rajan been in the place ? // He was not a Yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full, all for YOU  kind of man… Was he removed to facilitate this mammoth scam..
  3. What was the safeguard against passing on such  impactful and drakonian orders to businessmen/ groups who are bed fellows of Bhajapia ministers ? // Dont you already know the folks from whose hands our PM eats out off  or Mr Gadkari enjoys Cruise ship trip in Europemukesh_ambani_modi-pti                                         (Dont tell anyone else but start wrapping up )
  4.    Will Modiji declare the source of estimated 15,000 Crores black money he spent to win 2014 elections ? // Sushma Swaraj was the first politician crying bucket of tears to Chief Information commissioner pleading to not include her party spendings under RTI .. they came to power, partially riding the hatred for Congis and decidedly riding enormous marketing juggernaut.
  5.  After that allegedly bogus and unsubstantiated “Furgical Strike” allegedly destroying  so many alleged terror camps, why the soldiers are dying everyday at Borders ? Wasnt there a better alternative to divert public attention from incompetence to handle border, Kashmir problem and fake surma Bhopali encounter?


Definitely, the conduct raises more questions but let me try to dig deeper on some aspects of  this  allegedly historic speech by Modiji   I will try to puncture his crooked and wicked lies in just 7 questions.  ( His speech transcript is is italics and in quotes, my questions follow immediately)

In spite of many steps taken, we have only been able to reach a ranking of seventy-six now. Of course, there is improvement. This shows the extent to which corruption and black money have spread their tentacles.

Que 1 : Have you made public, the names of people proved to have Black money in Swiss banks? You already have the list given to you by Swiss bankholders.  Hasnt your pig headed  pappu FM  denied exposing the black money account holders ? Who are you fooling with this concern?

Enemies from across the border run their operations using fake currency notes. This has been going on for years. Many times, those using fake five hundred and thousand rupee notes have been caught and many such notes have been seized. ”

Que 2 : Who are you trying to make ass of ? Isnt all the training, weapon, ammunition provided to them before they start for India?  Dont you show marking on Pakistani ordinance factories when you create those silly dossiers?  On what, are these terrorists spending  your alleged fake currency? Whores? Lamborghinis ? Chartered aircraft ? Boss, when  they come for a mission , they do not come for shopping on fake currency? Will they risk their mission to some stupid 100os and appear suspicious? They move around, kill and get killed.  What is the freaking volume of such cash you are talking about from say 100 such infiltrators /year ? Can you  please give this dope only to Sanghi fellows?

Which honest citizen would not be pained by reports of crores worth of currency notes stashed under the beds of government officers?

Que 3 : Are you not ashamed Mr Prime minister of abusing the very officers you work with to run the govt. Next time you meet the officers, you wont have to guess what they think about you. Isnt it very unbecoming of you to demoralize millions of Govt officers ? Havent you disgraced your position as PM by making such loose statement about Govt officers ?

The magnitude of cash in circulation is directly linked to the level of corruption. Inflation becomes worse through the deployment of cash earned in corrupt ways.

Que 4 : Are you really as dumb as Pappu or you pretending to be a real jackass? When inflation increases the denomination of currency goes up from 100s to 1000s ? On one side you are crying crocodile tears on inflation and on the other side you are talking about printing Rs 2000/= currency notes. Are you sure  you have a stable state of mind and you know what you are talking about ?

Debate on the role of black money in elections has been going on for years.

Que 5: When are you declaring the source of black money, you and your party used, to win 2014 election ?  From media spots only its estimated to be above INR 15,000 crores plus. Will you stop this non sense and jumlebaazi till you declare you party’s own black money ? Can you recall your own Party’s fucking president was caught on camera taking bribe?

Experience tells us that ordinary citizens are always ready to make sacrifices and face difficulties for the benefit of the nation.In a country’s history, there come moments when every person feels he too should be part of that moment, that he too should make his contribution to the country’s progress. Such moments come but rarely. Time and again, I have seen that when the average citizen has to choose between accepting dishonesty and bearing inconvenience, they always choose to put up with inconvenience. Time and again, I have seen that when the average citizen has to choose between accepting dishonesty and bearing inconvenience, they always choose to put up with inconvenience.

Que 6 :  When will you do a small sacrifice of getting out of the palatial 5.5 lakh square feet bungalow at prime real estate of 7 race course road and start living in say 5,000 square feet house ? Are you among “every person” of India you talk about or you are an extra ordinary extra terrestrial who needs to those lakhs of square feets?  When can you advise the President of India  to also be part of moment to get out of 1 Crore 39 lakh square feet mansion and start living in say a 10,000 sq feet bungalow?  Is it too much of sacrifice for you 12 square feet bodies ? Can you sacrifice these fancy BMWs?  Can you take Mr Anand Mahindra’s offer of making same grade security in XUVs  rather than fart on make in India?  What bloody pinch are you facing and sacrificing at personal levels and what inconvenience are you bearing  to have a moral right to ask the country men to do that? When I love you word wizardry  shouldnt I be sick of your fekugiri?


Secrecy was essential for this action. It is only now, as I speak to you, that various agencies like banks, post offices, railways, hospitals and others are being informed.” 

Que 7 : How can we be sure that you and your colleagues didnt alert your business masters and sponsors well in time to avoid adverse fall out of this action?  What was the hurry to implement it from midnight ? Why shouldn’t we go to Supreme Court and get a stay on this stupid unilateral and seemingly irrational decision ? Do you think the country is your tea shop or parchoon shop that you can arbitrarily grind its banking system to a halt ? Why should we trust you ?
 These were my questions and I am not flowing in a tide to say what a decisive action .I have not sold my soul to a party or to a politician. I am not bound to inhale the farts and exclaim its heavenly. I beg to differ.
Do you have more questions?  Do you have any rational basis to support this step ?
I already saw a black economy thriving. Shopkeepers in Bangalore at 9 pm were not accepting Rs 1000/ = note and finally to offered a value of   Rs 800/= to a diner. While Pigs enjoy the Rajmahals,  isnt the aam janta feeling the pinch of asinine Tughlaqi fantasies


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