Making sense of BLACK hoax

यह कहानी पूरी तरह से काल्पनिक है। इसका किसी जीवित अथवा मृत जंतु के कारनामों के मेल होना केवल संयोग है ।  इस कहानी  के लिखने की अवधि में किसी भक्त को नुक्सान पहुँचने की घटना नहीं है। कमजोर मस्तिष्क के भक्त कृपया आगे न पढें, जा के एक गिलास ताज़ा गौमूत्र पियें  ।
This is an act of fiction. The characters and incidents described in this story do not bear resemblance to any animal or place, living or comatose. No Bhakt was damaged or tortured during writing of this story. Stunted Bhakts should not proceed forward, they should go and drink a glass of fresh  piss of cow.
An attempt to write of financial crime thriller fiction stir fired with sarcasm and garnished with SEX
~~~~~~~~~Warning .. Profane content ahead .. proceed at your own distaste~~~~~~~~
Year 2014 , somewhere in a strawling metropolis, a Bhujju कटेल भाई named Phoosit  bootlicks and sucks up to mota bhai Muchesh Tampani. ( A Billionaire Big Bro)
He sucks all the way up and becomes President of (Business !!!! Development) at Chori-liance Industries Ltd. Muchesh loves the way Phoosit hucks, so he decides to lift him up..
Phoosit edges up and soon and is recommended for the prestigious job of Deputy GabbarNar of AarBeeEye.  The recommendation of Mota Bhai is an order for the pugs in Belhi ( The top Ghetto ) .
Vaando chhe ki( Bhujju for “Trouble is”) AarBeeEye already has MAAACHO, tough, capable, rockstar, stud and high integrity GabbarNar in form of Baghuram Baajan ..
Gaanda bhai  ro chance natthi (( Bhujju for younger bro stands no chance)
Now gaando bhai Phoosit goes and cries a gutter at mAntilla mansion in the city of Chombay . Mota bhai’s love surfaces. He calls up his pup Charendra Dodi in Belhi..and tells him to go with pug Charun Choosley and  cut the stud Baghuram to size.
Pup Dodi and his pug Charun Choosley wag their tails and immediately start barking at Baghuram …Baghuram is rockstar with high self esteem. He roars back- PH*** YOU , HOLES and moves on. #BAGHEXIT happens
The canines are all joys, throw a bone chewing party. Scavenger gaanda Bhai Phoosit GabbarNar thai gyo( Has become). The first impotent AarBeeEye GabbarNar without B***S.  Bhujju land celebrates by drinking million gallons of sugar syrup on-the-rocks. Phoosit now is an indebted mole and informer of mota bhai in a critical place.
Mota bhai now dictates a script to be acted by Charendra and Phoosit. He has just launched a mega scheme Pio ( A free unlimited canabis drinking program for 3 months). The Pio is sucked up by most and is a pant changer. The era of cash for dope is gobar now ( Gobar = cow dung)
 In an evening in Belhi, Charendra open his ugly snoots, thumps his bums, shakes his.. you know what…  and vomits out the script of Motaa Bhai.
Person in authority is a blockhead.
 Hoi polloi are aroused. Seetis and taalis fill the skies, rivers and mountains… A rock band plays loud music on an anthem – Kachhe din ab aane waale hain ( Ahoy ! The days of underwear days are coming) .
Dopeys get high on Pio sponsored by Mota Bhai and served by sexy Charendra..Cries of protests from common men and chickens get drowned in the opprobrium of Suckts( Suckts= An endearing epithet for retards who suck up to Charendra).
With a flash of lightening, 72 Virgins appear. Hallucinations peak and Kachchhe din are in their hands. Virgins are all “Make in Bhindia”. Pandemonium reigns, the ensuing ejaculations from Suckts engulf the jal ,thal, aakash and paatal , in short, the entire firmament. Belhi gets enveloped in soopur soopur SMOG… but then in the delirium of such sexy evening- WHO THE CHUCK CARES

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