About Purose

Information about yourself :

This is a purely individual blog and has no relation with the policies and strategies of the company www.wicfy.com I work for .

I love hanging tough , be it pipes or projects, trees are also fine.   “We shall pass as stranger ”  is one  glimpse of my literary blasphemy.  Howard Roarke inspires me  and I regret not having read it before I turned 25 .  Ayn Rand must have been a goddess and she gives me a higher kick than 2 tons of Bhagwad Gita .

A naturalist to core, I often wonder, if people can use more of  their legs on bicycles then on a treadmill.  India mesmerizes me by its  diversified pot pourri or mosaic one can call. Angst against corruption and mediocrity makes me an angry Indian.

Music collection, I believe tells a lot about the kind of person you are.  My ipod  playlists comprise GNR, Metallica, greatest guitar solos,Bon Jovi, Jagjeet , Mehdi and  and Vanessa Mae)

Currently in the terrific zone of enjoying entrepreneureship,  the life appears good in Pune. I miss the great food discoveries I made in Delhi , Bhatinda, Jodhpur and Calcutta. I have begun discovering great but low cost eating joints here

Looking back at my years in  Air Force tickles me. It was a heady cocktail of adventure, fun, achievements and discontent.  I still recollect my initiation to Golfing . Playing squash daily is as important as taking bath for me . Mechanical Engineering and Software make strange bedfellows and this is a fortuituous discovery which is spicing up my life 😉

I am Founder and CEO of  Simplibuy Technologies P Ltd which has come out with a game platform application www.wicfy.com

7 thoughts on “About Purose

  1. Hi Arun, how does one get in touch with you? Been following your quora posts and interested in getting your advice on angel funding in Pune.


  2. Dear sir,

    I have newly opened the fabrication shop in noida in the name of SSK KHAN FABRICATIONS.kidly forward me some contract of noida.


  3. Hi,

    I am new to Pune – looking for recommendation to a shop/street where I can pick up painting supplies.


    1. Please visit Appa Balwant Chowk. Thats the place where there is big store where you can get everything on painting /carving. You can also look for hobby ideas store ( A pidi lite fevicol group retail chain)


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