Pakoda Nation: Are we becoming one?

Few months ago Nandu was caught with his pants down on job creation data .
Only 3 lakh jobs had been created in last 3 yrs against  7.5 crore+ Feku had  jumlaaed or manifestoed in 2014.
While on one side he undercreated new jobs, he destroyed 15 lakh jobs by his idiotic ill conceived DeModiapa ( DeMonetization)
Here is the journey of how Nandu dealt with the biggest destruction of Indian economy ever.
How much does Nandu score on Job Creation challenge ?
3 lakh / 7.5 Crores in 3 years translates to 0.4% marks on  job creation promises. Its not even freaking 1% of promised number.
 How is Feku supposed to react on his failure ?
Nandu, the narcissist ,when he fails in his exams, often changes the exam. He summons the examiners and threatens them to pass him.
He orders changing the marking criteria so that his 15% marks look like 60% + (First class). The BhakDolts have to after all  chew on them.
Some examples:
When Nandu and Gaddu failed on road construction performance, he said-
Here after, highway construction is not to be counted in km road constructed but lane km as there are as there are 4 lanes in a highway..”
So 15 km of road constructed ( Fail)  becomes 60 lane kms of highway ( Pass) . BhakLols then go on rampage on social media claiming –
Nandu ji built 60 lane Kms of highway as against 30km of highway made by pichhli sarkar in the same time. Bikas paida ho gaya hai “
So, generally if Nandu scores 10%, he can quote it as 40% and pass the exam.
Bhaklols do not have brains or wisdom to question it, treat Modiaapa as gospel truths
Similar things were done by Nandu to manipulate GDP numbers by threatening CSO ( Central Statistics Organization) to misappropriate GDP data to make himelf look less stupid.
If Nandu can manipulate GDP/ Road numbers why not manipulate job creation data also ?
2x to 4x mainpulation is fitarat (Style) of Nandu but 100x manipulation ?? Even his spin doctors said – ” Humse na ho paayega ( We will not be able to do it)” .
So what did Nandu do ?
First, he mandated the EPFO to make it mandatory for every small business, even with less than 10 employees to register every employee for EPF.  So , the guys who were already employed for years without PF were shown as employed. Even with no new job created, the fresh new numbers looked sexy.
Next, Nandu said, hereafter Labor ministry data will not be considered only EPFO data will be considered for job creation measurement. ( Changing the grading criteria again)
Did this help ?

NO .

The number 3.5 lakhs even with EPF manipulation were too small to bridge the gap with 7.5 Crores.
So what could the poor Nandu do on poor Job generation? ( बेताला मोदी ओल त्या त्या तलेदा )?
Nandu claimed :  Employment generation is not necessary , Pakoda making is also an employment…
And lo , all the BhakDolts went chanting – ” Pakoda making is the most honorable entrepreneurship..”
This was believed as a masterstroke by Bhaklols  as – 1) There is no census of Pakoda makers and 2) Vague claims like this can never be substantiated.
Thus came the flurry of memes and mocking of Nanduism
Pakoda Mimister
This  was the time when Nandu got his global honours
Embarrassed, the Bhaklols took to  useless to petition Google to cover Nandu’s nakedness.
Nandu fool
So, how does Pakoda economy numbers look like ?
Lets examine them.
Estimated 1.2 crore youth enter the Indian job market every year
Nandu and his DOLTS are able to produce only 1.4 lakh jobs/Year
This leaves 1Crore 40 lakhs – 1 lakh 40 thousand == 1 crore 38 lakh 60 thousand youths unemployed.
If-> 1 crore 38 lakh young graduates sell 4 kg of Pakodas to be alive everyday ,
There has to be a market of 5 Crore 52 lakh kg of Pakodas every day
At MSP of Rs 200/ kg, this translates to sales of Rs 1,104 Crore /day (0.163 U$ billion per day) or annual market of U$ 59.23 Billion of Pakoda sales.
This is 1.6 x times India’s annual defense budget of 43 Billion dollars )
What will be the impact of Pakoda economy ?
Most sensible Indians do not eat pakodas every day. I eat them 3 to 5 times max in one year.
Now to support their Prophet Nandu,  if all the Sanghi rats decide to consume 5.52 Crore kgs of pakodas everyday , will you be able to live in the foul GAS they will emit?
Will these Pakodas be sold near the Ram Mandir, these Bhaklols have been promising for over 29 yrs now ?
Will  the pakodas be sold online on Flipkarts/ Amazons and delivered by Swiggies?
Here is another barb on Pakoda and the declaration of a non existing farcical Jio institute as Institute of Eminence
Pakoda seller
Idiocy of Bhaklols adds up, their human intelligence doesnt 😉
On another front :
IT Jobs have dropped from a peak in 2011 to 51% of its value.  50% of Engineering colleges are getting shut or majority of them have 45%+ vacant seats.  The engineers passing out  are doing stupid MBAs to delay answering the question : When  will they get job?

Are we really on the way to become Pakoda republic in 2019 ? 


The $7 billion propaganda is coming

In last 4 yrs

Feku sarkar has already spent 4,400 crores in self advertisement officially and this looks like , is only a tip of ice-berg and the wave which is massive

Source : Modi govt spent 4,343.26 crore on ads and publicity 

Bulk of its publicity for Feku is done by

a. The presstitutes : The media by Feku sarkar or owned by its sponsors ( TV18 group, ToI group including ET, ZEE group, Republic, India today, ABP group, SwarajyaMag, Quint, Jio, Doordarshan, AIR etc) . Their expenditure is not officially counted.

b, The dolts : These are dusted and defeated aborigines who have migrated from Assam/ Kerala/ WB/ Orissa to other states and are active agents of Sanghi vitriol. They are blind followers of Feku and Sanghi nonsense like postcard news. These are also the folks who infest your whatsapp groups or facebook timeline with Modi panegyrics

As per iceberg rule, only 10% of it is directly visible. So, the money spent on spreading Feku propaganda can easily by 44,000 crores+  below the visual level.

This takes the money in promoting Feku to 4,400 cr+  39,600 Crore = 44,000 Crore or approx  USD 7 Billion ). //At Dollar rate of 68

Now, imagine the amount of fake news, fake video, fake infographics, fake text which can be generated by this massive money.  It can be one of the most massive propaganda ever produced on earth.

 The net impact is that is possible : HUMONGOUS terra bytes of Sanghi garbage produced, pedalled and shoved on

– Print

– TV

– Whatsapp

– Social ( FB/ Twitter/ linked In , Youtube etc)

– Blogs

– Corporate events/ Speeches

Its going to be nearly impossible for a person with average intellect not to be swayed by misinformation in next 10-11 months.

Only the wise and sharp will be able to see through the propaganda GAS, Sanghis will unleash..

How will you figure out the truth ?

How will you prevent yourself from being misled?

How will you counter the falsehood?

The vultures of rape..

I was jolted to tears by the barbarity in Aasifa Kathuwa rape. For days, I couldnt sleep.  On one side of crime,  humanity died once.  It died a 1,000 more deaths when Bhakts (Sanghi bigots. Right wing zealots, BJP supporters, RSS agents, Social media trolls) started trivializing that rape by spreading ugly lies claiming :

  1. Kathua rape was a conspiracy,
  2. No rape happened,
  3. There was no way, the temple could have been used for raping. etc

There was a further anarchy  when the MLAs/ MPs of BJP tried to shamelessly show solidarity with rapists and tried to defend them. The Bar association affiliated to BJP ransacked the court and tried to prevent investigations in the case.  They threatened the lady lawyer who was fighting Aasifa’s case with rape.  Incidentally, as per charge sheet, the Police folks aligned to BJP washed semen on Asifa’s clothes to destroy evidences.

The impact of this case on my mind will always remain indelible.  I saw, the fanboys of BJP look as ugly as the rapists themselves. They appeared totally devoid of sensitivity.  While their defense looked hollow their arguments fell flat and soon they were on the mat. Anybody who felt outraged by human depravity in Asifa’s case was immediately counted  by them as an adversary. They were abused, trolled and called libtard, pseud or Islam lover etc.

A humiliated beast is often a sore beast and is always desperate for revenge. Bhakts went full throttle googling to find any case where the perpetrator is a Muslim. Their pursuit was like hungry wolves on rampage trying to dig the earth and uncover any rape where perpetrator had Islamic link. They  did find some incidents. Some Rohingya had raped and killed or some Maulvi perpetrator had committed a rape. This was used by Bhakts as a trophy and also their arsenal.

Just like flies, the Bhakts infested social media in an overdrive. They started bombarding any one peeved with Aasifa’s case with heightened WHATABOUTERY ..

 Where is your outrage for this ?  // where this = x,y ,z 

Where is your outrage for that ? // where that = x,y ,z which are any case but Unnao or Kathua  

Why don’t you outrage when the victim is not a muslim ? and so on.

Please see some examples below :

a. Calling the outraged  rape PIMPS

Rape Dalla

b. Deflection of the case :


c. Whataboutery on the name of victim


The objectives of Bhakts serving their political masters were double edged

  1. Try to deny the rape as far as possible..
  2. Deflect the attention away from Kathua rape and lessen the intensity of focus on this ghastly crime// The media owned by Sanghi tried in vain to bury the story altogether but failed and then the job was left to social media canines. TimesCow and Chipublic were most notorious

The puerility of these Bhakts evoked little reactions from me or other sensitive folks as in none of those incidents they sprayed had:

  1.  Justice obstructed by powerful politicians
  2. Lobbying to save the rapists.
  3. The rapist himself was a MP/ MLA //As in case of Unnao (BJP MP Sengar) or
  4. The people observing rape cried that it was conspiracy to malign a political party.
  5. Police connived with rapists to destroy the evidence.

Bhakts soon woke up to their futility   and their ZERO cried crocodile tears but not without claiming that preventing rape was everyone’s job.

Sexual crimes do happen. They multiply when religious bigots come to power As long as the law takes its own course in

a. Establishing the crime,

b. Proving the guilt of rapist and

c.  Awarding awarding punishment

Where lies the need to go on roofs and scream about the case ?   The pain and empathy for the victim is enough to bleed our conscience. We resolve to take steps to prevent such crimes.  We make our women/girls stronger, more aware on how to avoid its occurrence and improve safety.

The rape at Mandsaur is one more ghastly recurrence of 2012 Delhi Gang rape.  The girl named Divya has been brutalized. She is in hospital and is fighting for her life.  The alleged perpetrators Irfan and Asif have been nabbed. They have been charged with appropriate sections of IPC and will likely get the harshest punishments but….

Its time for Bhakt vultures to descend on this atrocity and feed on one this rape case to do some batting and settle scores with those who were traumatized by Aasifa or Unnao rapes

Vultures Of Rape


The Spanish torture – one

You don’t have to project anything on screen”, the words came raining like   parabolic arrows from the minister sitting 20 feet across me.  They hit my forehead and stuck. Just a good vacuum cup of cellphone holder grabs to the windshield of a car, they stayed there holding my senses tightly. I was silenced.  I was watching the bald patch of this tall man as he drowned himself into reading the colored printouts of my deck.  His arrival into the conference room had brought in a death like silence in room which just seconds ago, was as boisterous as a kindergarten class in absence of a teacher.

I came to terms that I was not going to be allowed to talk today. Someone was consuming my work of over a month. I could hear my breaths. The tension in the room was palpable. Every pair of eyes was focused at the minister, raising his right hand to lick his middle and ring finger and then go down to turn the pages of the 12 slide deck.

There are only 2 outcomes as I was meeting a high influence person. An approval or a reprimand.  These were manifesting in my mind as:

  1. Be ready to be told, your work is CRAP”, said the Client manager as I finished my rehearsal before the meeting. “He is opinionated, has an aesthetic sense of his own and doesn’t mince words”.
  2. Your work is good “, he may say.


I was reveling on the later outcome.



He had devoured my work completely in not more than 10 minutes. “I am ready to take the decisions” , the minister rose up to say . “Project the options”. The verdict, the judgment was going to be out.  I would be vanquished or survive the judgment by a person as sharp as Ronaldo in the penalty area …


I rose up..


[To be continued…. ]

मोद्दी आदमी देवता सै


एक्क काळी दास , सारे लोगां ने पकाण लाग रिया था ! सारे लोगां  का  दिमाग दही होंण लाग रिया था।  कुछ लोगां से रया ना गया , तो बात  यूं  चली।

पैली   लुगाई    :  रे  काळी दास  तू माने की तेरा मोद्दी  झूठा सै , लुगाई ने धोखा दे भाग गया ?
काळी दास  :  मानूं , खूब झूट्ठा  सै
२.जा  आदमी :   रे  काळी दास ,   तू जाणे  की तेरा मोद्दी  गुज्जु सेठां का दलाल सै ?
काळी दास  :  जाणू  हूँ
३ जा आदमी  :  काळी दास , तन्ने पता सै  रफाल डील में   मोद्दी २०,०००  करोड़ का घोटालोँ  करयो  सै
काळी दास  :  मानूं  हूँ
चौथा  आदमी :  काळी दास तन्ने  पता  है   मोद्दी  बलात्कारी / ख़ूनी ने  बचाण री पूरी कोशिश करै
काळी दास  :  मानूं  हूँ   करै सै
५वॉ  आदमी :    रे  काळी दास , तू   माने की नोटबंदी  में तेरा धंधा चौपट होया, और GST से तेरा बाज़ा बज ग्या ?
काळी दास  :  मानूं
अब  काळीदास गरम  हो ग्या और  बोल्या , देक्खो , मैं  आपकी पांच बातां माण  गया , आप भी  मेरी एक्क  बात  माणो :       मोद्दी आदमी देवता सै 

Chain of Blame

It was one of the most painful scene for me to shoot. I locked my self in a heated room, I hammered myself heavily, I sweated, I bled, I experienced the biggest pain of my life, I wanted to experience the agony because what I was going to shoot there after was not violence on body but violation of a soul ”  – Shekhar Kapoor on how he prepared to shoot for the rape scene of Bandit Queen


I watched Bandit Queen in 1995 and for days I hated food and also humanity.  I couldnt come to terms with what a woman went through.  Rape in my mind got ensconced as one of the biggest crime humans do.

17 years later, I was horribly agitated in 2012.  Delhi gang rape and the insensitivity shown by Cong govt in handling it got me mad and I couldnt think of anything else for days and weeks. My posts were full of angst.  I am more agitated today and angrier in 2018 because not only the rape of Asifa crossed all limits, it transcended borders of  animalism. It went much uglier than what worst animal would do.  This time, its the Govt which is the rapist, its the govt which is savior of rapist and its the govt and its arms that we need to protect our women and daughters from.  Please see a lyrical deconstruction here

In 2016 alone :  19,675 rapes of minors were reported in India.
93 is average number of rapes reported everyday by women  in India
Between Jyoti Pandey (2012) and Asifa (2018) more than 100,000  rapes have happened.
Did any other rape create such national or international outrage ? NO.
Why doesnt every rape  lead to pandemonium?
 Not every time, the brutality is so unimaginable. Not everytime the govt machinery works overtime to shield the rapists. Not everytime a hot and sharp dagger cuts sharply and reaches your bones. The ugliness of Kathua and Unnao are unprecedented and reflective of Gujarat Godhra  or Naroda Patiya style 
I had earlier averred that 80% of electronic media in India is in NCR and its easy for them to move their OB vans and cover Delhi NCR rapes 24×7 . They ignore rapes in Hindi heartland. This time, it happened in small town and it shook the nation because of citizens raising it up in social web.
Every rape must have been equally ghastly for the woman or girl who endures it. A death of humanity is as much in Delhi as in Kathua/ Unnao , Assam, Bengal or Gujarat wherever it happens.  We all must feel ashamed of it and cry silent tears for our inability to prevent it.  However, a rape in Baliya finds 1 col x 5cm on 5th page of national newspaper and not even a passing reference on electronic media.  People faintly take cognizance and in absence of gory details, the rape just becomes part of another statistic.
First time in 6 yrs the entire nation is peeved and crying on this beastly atrocity. Sorry, the Sanghis/ BJP supporters are hesitant in crying because
a: The victim this time is muslim.
b. Their own soldiers  have been caught with their pants down.
c,. It can likely stop their electoral chariot of success
The  High courts and Supreme court are constantly blasting   Central Govt and especially UP govt of Yogi for total collapse of governance.  Sanghis of all hues  have dragged feet,  obstructed  justice or tried to do it. They tried everything in their might to  not let law take its own course.  This cartoon sums up the major difference and effrontery of current govt.
The PM went recluse with guilt. He couldnt utter word on it for weeks. When we was shamed, goaded and blamed, the PM came up with reluctant crocodile tears full of vague generalism and cliched  tweet which gives no one hope of any specific remedial action.
Crocodile Tears.png
He typically said – Its not his job, its everybody’s job
Why is this case becoming so important ? 
I came to know about this case 10 days ago and learned about the deliberations by Sanghis and their agents to bury this case as if nothing happened and it will be one more statistic. They possibly felt that it was easy as it happened far away from media limelight. They can drown it with their Bhakts creating counter propaganda.
Having sensed their ugliness, I resolved to highlight it with 10 times more ferocity. I didnt cause the wave , I am too small a soldier but within 2 days of my sharing this incident, the fire was all over.
Since BJP with all its organ and in its best interest wanted to drown it, its Bhakts pitched in. The attempts by folks like me to highlight it were seen by Bhakts as an attempt to embarrass their party,  an attack on their Sangh, an assault  on their Heroic butcher of Gujarat, on their peaceful religion, on spoiling their chances in coming elections etc.  Most of their defenses is : The case is being picked up just because the girl is muslim.
They are horribly wrong because if the details came out and the girl were Anuja, the outrage would have still been as massive as Jyoti Pandey’s.   The fact remains that had the girl been Anuja, the entire BJP and Sangh machinery including Bhakts would not have woken up in defense of rapists or opposing the outraged. This stupid interpretation is where the Sanghis have lost the plot.
So started a slugfest of interminably dumb WhatAboutery which I ignored and tolerated like I tolerate flies. Surprisingly, during 2012 gangrape Bhakts didnt do this kind of WhatAboutery of trying to resist outrage.  One such Sanghi Filth who was my relative turned hyper abusive and after a warning I  blocked him forever.  I do not have problems with Hero worship. Only problem is when people worship their idols even when they are wrong.  They should be respecting behaviors not the political positioning
So whether Sanghis want it or not, whether the barbarian Modi likes it or not, whether the hair brained Bhakts want to  deflect attention  or not , whether they do what aboutery or not, whether they spray conspiracy theory or not, This wave is massive. Its rolling, its unstoppable and its gigantic. Its the first time both central and state govts first came in open support of rapists, then tried to obstruct justice and then dragged feet in doing the needful.
Now if the wave is big and its a Tsunami, its going to hit hard. What it hits hard decides whether this Tsunami created a positive or negative outcome.  Since our collective conscience is bleeding today why don’t we use it to strike at the very core of this evil of rape?
How do we do it ?
  1. Lets see the folks who were perpetrators, supportive of obstructing the justice. The root cause or chain of blame travels long and as per my logic goes like  Abductor ->Rapist-> Murderer-> Conniving Police Officers-> Conniving Advocates-> Conniving Bar council of Jammu( Sanghi Affiliate) -> Ministers of BJP in Jammu -> The spiritual fountain head of these criminals i.e RSS -> The agents of RSS in Central Cabinet ( Home Minister) -> The appointee of RSS for leadership i.e PM->President of BJP -> The symbolic appointee of RSS i.e President of India .   Every part of this chain was either willing fully on the side of rapists and murderers or secretly wishing that this wave goes away or totally silent on death of humanity. Each one is culpable.
  2. Name and shame the women in governance who have been silent supporters of these rapists and murderers.  ( Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani, Nirmala Sitharaman, Meenakshi Lehi ). The conscience of these women was dead. While they were posting useless inauguration or tamaasha photos and tweets, they were behaving as if nothing happened.
  3. Amend the juvenile law to award adult sentences for adult crimes like rape, sodomy or murder.  Also legal reform to consider real age as per radio isotope bone testing , not school leaving certificate ( Which are often fake) . The juvenile Afroz slipped through crack in Jyoti Pandey case. The criminal juvenile may also slip in Asifa case
  4. As sensible citizens keep the candle of justice alive in this wind till we become a country of NO RAPE..   Jai Bharat

Then they wake up

First they deny‬ it
‪Then they huddle to save rapists‬

Then they cry Congi conspiracy ‬
‪Then they sing WhatAboutFuckery‬

Then they get shamed.‬
‪Then they get shit slammed

‬Then they get consumed by outrage‬
‪Then the courts  fuck them‬

Then they get in stony silence
‪Then their pooches turn verbally violent

‪Then they  fear sliding votebank
‪Then they are scared of losing power.

‪Then they open their smelly mouths‬
‪Then they shed their crocodile tears,

‪Then they say our folks were misled‬
‪Then they make their beasts resign

Then they tweet their fake empathy‬
‪Then they fart ugly  generalism‬

‪Then they open their jumla stock‬
‪Then they say its Everyone’s job(!!!)