Naturalist bows down

Continues from my last post 

My body has been medicine free for last 40 yrs “ boasted my father, while taking a sharp breath sounding like shoo, as the doctor injected the needle on his bum.

I have inherited this trait from my father. For the last few years ( 5+), I have gulped no medicine . Even when there was a 1.5 inch diameter wound on my knee, I trusted keeping it clean and open to facilitate natural self healing.  This time, however was different, a frozen spine and only 2 days left to fly. I had a choice to stick to my values or do something artificial to get going.  I tried various stretches, lying on the floor.  Pulling my knees towards the chest, on the same side and then other side. Crossing my ankle on other knee and pulling the knee again. Keeping the knees such that they made a triangle with ground and then twisting them side by side (Just as women do after child birth to get rid of belly fat). I tried touching my toes while feet outstretched but the gulf had grown to a feet plus. I just couldn’t do it. None of these could make me sit without pain.  Having tried balms, lotions, hot water bottle and cold pack, I finally decided to go and seek medical help.


The orthopedic did his routine check and found no evidence of bone injury and concluded that it was muscular. I was ushered into a room of a physio therapist. She was a petite, young beauty, well built, muscular but this was no time to appreciate or revel in it.  She sensed the trauma I was in and made me lie face down.  As she rubbed electrolyte at various places on my back and attached electrodes, I told her of my plan of glacial trek. I requested her to do whatever in her control to ameliorate. I was not giving up on this trip. As she increased the impedance of the machine, the electrodes started oscillating at manic frequency. I shrieked in pain, as those impulse sent all my back muscles from behind my lungs to bums in a frenzy. Those electric impulses hit me like a storm. She stopped increasing the intensity. Here, I was undergoing heavy impulse vibrations on all my muscles which had pain trapped somewhere in them.

You will have to get it 3 times today and tomorrow and gulp these anti-inflammatory tablets to get anywhere even close to travel.  I was in a meek surrender and agreed to do whatever it takes.  Next 2 days were spent oscillating between home and physio therapy center. The medicines did their own thing. At end of the day 2 , she examined my back . I had healed completely and was cleared to take off.

I was on my way to solo travel to mystic Himalayas, totally happy of having gone beyond my basic belief to do a pragmatic thing.

Torturous road to justice against corrupt

This is really fast ” said Mr Pandit ( name changed ) one of the resident owners. He was commenting on my impatience with the speed of prosecution. I have currently taken up a big battle to unmask massive corruption in my residential society. Distt Deputy Registrar ( DDR) and Deputy Registrar of society Pune City for societies are exchanging letters to bring the corrupt to the book. He further elaborated – ”   The first step here should be to totally insulate them; take away their right to spend our hard earned money.  “.   I had been following up with Registrar of societies ( RoS )  for last 3 months and now the formal investigation on grounds of financial crime is about to begin. The office bearers in  our  society office had illegally done spending of  our maintenance fund without General body approval. Read the original story here

Why should  this  concern all of us ?

We all probably live in or will be living in residential societies where corruption /misappropriation/ can occur. A typical residential society of 400 apartments can have a fund of 1 crore+. The so called volunteers to selflessly serve the society can have their morals taking long vacation when they smell so much money. This may lead to huge leakage of your cash and dilapidated state of your residential society.  Either you can accept that corruption  citing various reasons ( from lack of time, awareness, intent or chalta hai etc) or will have an urge to fight this disease. Its when you decide to fight, will need to know how to proceed. The path to justice is long and torturous. The officers who tried to prosecute Laloo Yadav spent 17 yrs to send the scoundrel to jail.  You may need to be mentally prepared to fight for months, if not years.  I am already in my 4th month 🙂

How often is this kind of fight done ?

Very rarely.  99.9% of such cases of corruption either go unnoticed or people forget about it. Often they are too lazy to even confront the corrupt. The govt procedures of addressing these crimes is too slow and tests your patience and tenacity to extremes.

Why people do not raise voices ?

Its excruciating to fight against corrupt both at lower and higher levels.    For example, if some scoundrel makes a backdoor entry into society office position, its very tedious to throw the him out. They have society funds to hire legal advisors, crook accountants and 5 to 6 partners in crime. You may have to initially hack it all relentlessly

Why is it difficult to throw scoundrels out ?

Most of the people in societies either are not aware about implications of corruption or take it as a part of their ordinary lives. They seldom rise against the corrupt. most believe, its somebody else’s job to fight corruption. Those who rise against corruption have to fight a machinery ( Administration, Sympathisers of corrupt, security employed and inertia of people ).  The cases of illegal committees ( Folks who get into office without getting elected ) of society offices are not dislodged by Registrars any more. One has to go to Co Operative court to challenge that. Going to court means hiring a co operative lawyer and paying his fee. This is enough to give an ordinary citizen jitters. While the crusader has to pay legal charges from her own pocket, the scoundrels have war chest of maintenance fund at their disposal which they utilize to engage legal advisor, bribe civic officials, forge documents with help of corrupt chartered accountants and circulate false justification using society resources.

Alternate method of throwing  illicit and corrupt committee out is by calling an Extra ordinary general meeting ( EOGM)expressing no confidence against the dishonest and corrupt.

Why  EOGM method  is a difficult thing ?

Calling an EOGM for no confidence requires written signature of 33 % of members  (  As a norm only  less than 25% of resident owners attend society meetings ). This means if you have 100 members in society and you want to throw the corrupt out , while you need 33 signatures, you can only reach out only 25 people. Often out of the 25 active members 10 to 12 may already  be huddled in crime. Further, to boot the corrupt out, you need 2/3rd people voting them out.  This means in a society of 100 apartments, you need 67 people voting out . Or if its permissible 2/3rd of attending members. This means if 25 attend the meeting you need 17 people to vote the corrupt out. If the committee comprises 10 members,  mathematically , it may never happen. Its a scenario like no matter how much you hate Congress and its crimes you cant throw it out for 5 yrs because they manage the floor using Mayas, Mulayams, Karunanidhis and Sharad Pawars.

What is the way out ?

Society is like a cell of democracy and none of the provisions work unless there is large participation from all the owners. With 25% or less voting and participation, crooks invariably win . We, thus have the state of society like that of the nation where the ugliest crooks float to the top. Its important that there is large voting turn out ( >75% ) to select people . Also it must be ensured that only the members who are elected through voting become the office bearers. There needs to be an internal lokpal in all societies with power to suspend Chairmen/President/ Secretary/ Treasurer if there are sufficient grounds for dishonesty , corruption or procedural impropriety.

This is what I have done in my society till date in my fight against corruption :

Its been 3.5 months now since I first started it all.  This is how the pieces on chessboard look like

  1. The accused  still disgrace the office . Few  or many steps away from check mate ( I do not know)
  2. The District Deputy Registrar has requested an  eight point response ( In hard core Marathi even difficult for Marathi professor to understand ) for detailed inquiry to  proceed. This  moved some of my pieces into central square
  3.  The evidences which justify detailed inquiry are ready with me.
  4. The thick skinned refuse to vacate the office. In professional chess, no player waits for the check mate. They resign when they have some irrecoverable disadvantage like a major piece loss or a vulnerability.  However in real life, the shameless till they are driven out with force cling on. Fools die hard, crooks die harder
  5. A lot of paper crimes, dishonesty has been perpetrated example : showing an audit report on a date it didn’t exist.  Falsifying the minutes of meeting of AGM, misusing office staff for personal service, etc. When people who are cheats get caught and are incriminated, they try to be even bigger cheats.
  6. As per Maharashtra Co op act, 15 clear days before AGM, the committee needs to circulate audited books of accounts to the members. The crooks in my society sent unaudited balance sheet and asked for approval for audited report which no one had seen. In layman’s term its like taking an approval of financial crimes without even you knowing that crime has happened
  7.  The counter move from those seeking justice has been to submit a written  request from over 30 residents to Dy Registrar that AGM held was illegal.
  8. Momentum often works against the weak.  Approx 70% of people voting in AGM have given in writing that they  want the corrupt to be dismissed.
  9. The partners in crime have gone into a huddle trying to delay the incrimination. Some stooges croak in between on trivial issues to  divert attention from the main issue of corruption
  10. The society and its residents suffer as the apartments get the least resale and rental values in its area.
  11.  The wheel of justice though slow,  is moving in a right direction to ensure that guilty gets exemplary punishment.

If however you persist with right process there is always hope for justice : Watch Shawshank Redemption  to understand it 🙂

Ray of hope

Keep soldiering

Splitting the expenses and fraud accounting

2 weeks ago, I wrote a post on how people with questionable values lead  to collapse of propriety in a housing society. How it affects the citizen mindset in the whole country.

I had 2 options to deal with this ugly situation :

1. Crib at the errant and ugly behavior of office holders. // Easy and practiced by many.

2. Do some concrete action to restore propriety and my own faith in the system. // Its was as difficult or as instinctive to me as confronting a drunk molester in a running bus. The  story of confronting molester is here

The majority in my society exercised option 1.

The option 2, I exercised put me up fighting against a group of people ensconced and fortified on a hill ( Just like Kargil intruders ). They have a war chest of society resources (  Maintenance money worth lakhs, legal advisors, security, accountants etc)  to harass me.

As always, its unnerving for most individual crusaders to fight the alligators in pond.  A rational man is advised by friends to give up under provocations.

Look at one suggestion from a well wisher on facebook :


I accepted the suggestion to be an Aam aadmi , An aam aadami , today is frustrated with the corruption and willing to take to streets.  Many of the aam aadamis may fail, bleed during the trsyst  but their is light at the end of tunnel.  There are some glorious instances where a single guy brought down an entire army of crooks by following the right path of truth example  J . B Patel of Panchwati society,  Andheri Bombay :

Even without knowing his inspiring story, I  had gone ahead on the confrontational path.  The following is what I did.

  1.  Filed a complaint with Dy Registrar of society, Pune. Explained how there is a possibility of serious SCAM and immediate inquiry should begin . The inquiry should begin with sacking of office holders.
  2.  Sent a copy to Joint Registrar of Society. He manages Dy Registrar.
  3. Sent an email to CM office of Maharashtra . He forwarded the case to Secretary of state ( Co operatives)
  4. Demanded from office holders full life cycle documents of questionable transactions and a detailed list of bank transactions.
  5. Engaged a top ranking CA to investigate all documents.

Why I did this ?

Sometimes, its easy for accused to bribe/influence/threaten a small officer. Its however, beyond their capacity to buy 3 levels of high officials in the system. I tightened accountability at three levels to prevent this. Further, demanding and getting full lifecycle documents upto the current date leaves very little to accused to manipulate the documents at later stage.


What were the results ?

The Ad Hoc committee went vengeful. It complained not against me but against my little startup.

  • Electricity Deptt : Inspectors came, searched my startup, searched my entire home and said, I just need to readjust the tarriff to commercial rate.
  • Corporation license Deptt : Inspector came and told me to get a license to operate business in municipal area. He asked me the intent of why society secretary did a written complaint. I showed him the cases they are embroiled and how even the CM office has acknowledged the complaint. He understood and said, we wont harass you at all.  Apply for a license, it just costs Rs 1000/= he said and we will fully co-operate with you. I smiled and said, I will do it.
  • Police Deptt : Local chowki summoned me to police station. I went with my wife to the police station. I was asked about illegality of my startup in residential area. I showed them Maharashtra IT act of 2010 which allows IT companies to work from residential areas. They didnt ask me any further. Read the blog on how IT companies can legally operate from residential complexes :
  • Society Security    The Secretary  told the security to harass the employees of startup by. Not letting them park their bikes in authorized parking area.Sometimes they even prevented their bikes from entering the society. They made them to sign register everytime they came in an out of society. 

Thus, the accused were exhausted of their arsenal. The amount of harassment was coming to an end. My business just emerged stronger from all these harassment. The employees rallied around me in these tough situation because I kept everything transparent.  The values I hold, the fight I take and the possible consequences.

Now comes the funniest part.  When, the accused had little to defend themselves, they resorted to dirtiest tricks which crooks in  Govt or Corporate world resort to i.e Splitting of expenses.

Please see the image of response given to me by the Society secretary.


Also, the accused, thinking the residents to be Dumb and weird, appointed their sympathizers to do an investigation and award them a clean chit. Recall how Gadkari had got himself a clean chit by  a person he appointed to investigate his own crimes ?

This also reminded me of my days in central govt.  Procurement in such large organization happens either centrally or locally. There is huge amount of money made by some people at central level but its more interesting at local level

At local levels for any transaction above Rs 5000/= needs a CLPC approval ( Central logistics purchase committee ). This CLPC comprises 3 independent officers and give approvals for any purchase above limit. Also they examine all the quotations.

Now if everything  goes through CLPC How do people at local levels misappropriate public money ?

Ans: Splitting of expenses. Any thing which is to be bought for 9900/= is split in two purchases of 4950/= each and can be bought with or without quotations.  At one stage I saw that there were 350 transactions, all between 4900 and 4999/=. This is how  people with corrupt intent try to loot public money.

I realized that people do not bring in good things of their experience in large systems to the society but ugly , dirty and corrupt practices are rapidly brought in . Even  in such small theater as housing society, this disease of splitting of expenses is brought in. Though the annual budget is as low as 40 lakhs.

Whats the way to rein in such ugly practice?

I consulted the Registrar and he suggested requesting a govt audit of all books of accounts and processes under section 89 of Mah CHS act. This independent inquiry by a govt auditor may reveal a lot more irregularity and doesnt cost much.  For a society its Rs 37/member/year of audit requested.  So for my society of 200 members, it would cost me Rs 7400/= approx.

We had seen creative accounting done by Ramalingam Raju ( Satyam Fame ) and how the reputed CA Pricewater house Coopers was party to crime of splitting salary expenses of ghost employees .  Well that was a 1000 crore + scam and this is worth a few lakhs.  The efforts to expose and prove the crime is more challenging till the accused are thrown out of office.

What will you do if you see such financial misconduct in your society ?

Are you aware that corruption is not just in govt, its a cancer which eats housing societies as well ?

How can you establish a clean system in your society ?

Please do share your experiences of taking the accused head on.

Arvind Kejriwal’s India against corruptions- A model startup?

Arvind Kejriwal – A model startup?

Last week I wrote a post in reaction to a ‘personality‘ calling Arvind Kejriwal a moron. This post found resonance with1000s on Quora. Many promoted it across various media. Yesterday, I was at a Nasscom Emergeout event at Westin Pune and after an boring banal,cliché ridden talk by a self proclaimed startup Godfather, I was awakened by an extremely thought provoking talk by V Srinivas. He mesmerized the entire audience by giving insights on how just one word which defines entrepreneurship and that is “Purpose“. This morning, I saw that Times Crest has featured Arvind Kejriwal on front page and finally admitted that he is a “Game Changer “. I am happy that opinions are fast changing and success of one more entrepreneur is in making . I was trying to correlate Arvind’s movement and relevance to startups. Here are my thoughts:

1. 5. Purpose : An entrepreneur is born when she discovers such a BIG purpose that she can rededicate her life to it regardless of insecurities. These insecurities may be financial, physical or social. Arvind shows all three, he quit his well paying prestigious job, he is attacking the powerful (His life may be under threat now ), when he started he was derided by established players and citizens as moron. To startups he is a hero nevertheless. To startups it means finding this big purpose. Great purposes create great markets if they do not exist. Steve showed it when with a purpose to revolutionize cell phones he went into touch phone mode which was junked by Nokia in 2004 as stupid. Finding a big cause is the essence of a startup.

2. 4.Pleading and cribbing doesn’t work : For every one Arvind Kejriwal who is walking the path of fire , there are 1000s who just ‘wish‘ that the political system changes for good. There are 100s of morons who still sing praises of Congress , Mandmohan or Khurshids. Similarly, for every one startup which starts building something useful there are 1000s who will just claim google, Microsoft, daily deals or groupons are great stuffs. Cribbing, criticizing, Dharnas, Bhookh hartals may be good beginnings but the real change happens when you drive the  bus or can influence the driver. Getting in to the ring works , you have to go out and start fighting to make a difference. You cant clean the gutter by being outside it. Those in the gutter are minting money and spreading the stink for us. We need to get in, kill the scoundrels who are blocking the cleansing process. The fortifications in gutter
are robust but we need to get into it and dislodge.

3. 3.Ekla Cholo Re : When you startup you will have co founders. They will appear good at the start, show some degree of commitment but only the determined will burn their boats. Anna kept jumping back to his boat Ralegan Siddhi, Kiran Bedi always found a BJP ticket from South Delhi sexy. The guys who don’t burn their boats will always have disagreement with those who have. Those with purpose will keep walking ahead. Those with other safe constituency will be indecisive. Love your purpose, people will come and go in your journey towards a purpose. Whenever they wish to go back to their safe boats, let them go. Be a Johnie Walker, keep walking, you may not know how the paths will turn out to be but be confident there will definitely be some new ones discovered, or they will be created by your journey.

4. 2.Attack the holy cows , be brave and be stupid : One great thing Arvind and startups can afford to do is be irreverent to
holy cows. Arvind attacked Vadra(He is moron ), he incorporated is startup ( He was a moron to start with ). He doesn’t have decent chances to win against Giants like Congress, BJP, Mulayam. You do not have decent chances of winning against Googles, Facebooks or Microsofts or Cisco,but be irreverent, attack all places where they suck. Attack all places where these corporations have been unethical abusing your privacy. When you bring them to the fore, the pimps of these big corporations will call you stupid , moron but persist and relentlessly attack the unethical and inefficient. Speak fearlessly.

Taking the gas out of politicians

1.Set the mission from within and do whatever it takes : The purpose of Arvind emanates from within. A deep desire to cleanse the politics and establish greatest form of governance, are what drives him. The purpose of political parties comes from outside i.e their constituencies their corrupt figure heads, their caste, their holy family, their religion, power grabbing etc . Startups similarlyneed to be driven by their inner purpose to make world better for their target users, customers. They need to be driven by their internal intuitions of what is best for their users , not what the users think is best for them. Great products, services are not made from what customers want because they do not have awareness of what can most delight them. You need to out think your customers to create elements of delight.

Conclusion : Arvind Kejriwal is an entrepreneur with a big purpose, his purpose is his business model . He doesnt have a revenue model but he does have a success model and I believe he, like all great entrepreneurs will figure it out.. Corporate India and VCs tell they invest in great team. He doesn’t possess world class team but his team will become world class during the course of this movement. Great teams are born out of war, they are not created in assembly shops. He is a first mover and is covering a good mindshare. As in reality there are some people who are investing in his purpose and also there are doubtful investors playing
pocket polo to invest in him when he gets enough traction so that they can make a quick buck . Yes and like all startups you can tell about the exit opportunity.

5 simple things to get rid of corrupt Congress

Helplessness is the mother of despondency and frustration. Never before in history of mankind, 1 billion plus people have been so frustrated with their leaders.  The current UPA govt has done one of the most terrible loot ever on public exchequer.  The people are now asking – “How do we get rid of corrupt Congress ? ” There is no instant solution to cure this cancer but there are  definitely ways to eradicate one of the biggest political evil. Here are some 5 practical things to do :

5. Spread the word : Spread the word about the corrupt Congressis in whatever way you can  i.e conversations, emails, letters, social media, sms .Let every one know about how dirty Congress is .  From a tainted  Chairperson to criminal murderers they have some of the worst wolves on earth. This blog has a lot of essays on how Congress cheats us :
4. Boycott every Congressi : If you have any relative or friend who is a Congress active worker, boycott them socially everywhere i.e Do not let them enter your home, do not go in any function arranged by them. Do not marry your son/daughter/ sister to any person actively involved in Congress. I n short make them untouchables. If you have kins of Congress leaders working in your company and under you, FIRE them.
3.Dont open doors, spit on them : When a Congressi comes asking for vote, dont open your gate. If possible spit on them. Dont entertain any person who has active membership of Congress. Do not buy Jindal products or from Reliance group. These are their back end support .Remember, the British were affected when we stopped wearing machine cotton and turned to Khadi. Its time to boycott every support of Congress.
2. Put a black ink on Gandhi family names : This sucker party has derived a lot of mileage naming 1000s of roads, institutes after Gandhi and Nehru. This makes the less educated people believe that it were Gandhis who did all great things. Thats not true, we cover Mayavati’s statues but have Rajiv Gandhi bridge everywhere. Please read this :… > If you are in powerful position, rename all national institutes on the names of cities.
1. Decimate their allies : People like Sharad Pawar, Karuna nidhi, Mulayam, Laloo, Mamta, should also be socially boycotted. Stop using services run by their realtives and kins example Sai Service in Pune is run by Suresh Kalmadi. Take your kids off the schools run by Pawar educational foundation. Stop visiting Lavasa ( Sharad pawar indirect owner ). Switch from reliance networks to Tata or some other services

There can be more but these 5 are the most practical things which come to my mind .  Yes, you can do it. Can you suggest more in the comments please ?

The 4th dimension

When I was working with a British infrastructure major 6 years ago I came across this term : The 4th dimension. I was wondering what that means. When I could start drawing in 3D, I found myself highly liberated. Every point in universe could be reached using 3D coordinate system or polar coordinates. I was very curious how know what this 4th dimension was. I was told this was ‘Time’. Yes , the 4th dimension defines how volume appears over a period of time. Today , I am again excited about this 4th dimension because politically we are talking about the 4th alternative. I wish to write why this 4th dimension is important.

1. The first Dimension, the socialists ( The Centrists pseudo seculars  Congress, and allied parties ) : Congress was a club of English loving, cigar smoking professionals who were ambitious and found their careers and privileges stunted because of the color of their skin. These were Barristers, professors, civil servants and graduates who felt it fatalistic to just serve the Goras. They needed power and in large quantity to vet their ambitions. They utilized the mass unrest to harness power from themselves. When freedom was attained, its principal guide Mohan das Gandhi said – “Now that the mission has become successful , the Congress should be dissolved”. This was not acceptable to J L Nehru coz he had tasted blood. The blood of power and wealth, in his scheme of things was too great to relinquish. He wanted blueprinting how his generations can rule the country and benefit from it. He desperately tried to sideline Lal Bahdur Shastri to ensure that his daughter rises to power. Indira’s son wanted to rule the country for next 40 yrs without any elections. His son and then his grand son even today smell power within feets. This first dimension by constitution appears corrupt to the bone. In the post independence era they have been massive murderers. Sikh Riots, Emergency, Sri lanka Carnage, leaders dying in choppers, road accidents etc. The amount of resources they have sucked is huge. Do they serve the cause of vibrant India?. The supporters of this dimension say – They brought progress telecom ,computerization etc. Now tell me a country of a size comparable to India where cell phones, internet, or computers are not there. Rajiv Gandhi didn’t go there and do the progress.
2. The second dimension, the Bolsheviks ( Left wingers growth inhibitors ) : The leftists grew as a movement against Capitalist exploitation. In absence of education or awareness, the lower strata were getting squeezed by those who were chasing billion dollar dreams. It was relevant when the rules for protection of people were being formed. The people had little recourse against exploitations. This movement too turned into political parties and became a strong hold in certain pockets. In today’s age of hypermedia, the ideology has little relevance. The options to earn in organized sectors totally bereft of exploitation are plenty. What they have done in India is embrace the rotten stinking communism from ancient China, not the progressive one.  The stench of Indian communism is such that no rational person can stand these people in red. They have become totally irrelevant.
3. The third dimension , Chauvinists ( Rightists like BJP, Senas) : Congress had always realized that the educated Hindus were with them. These people influenced the next strata of Hindus to give them good strong hold. Also, the amount of money which Congress had accumulated from years of leeching could attract elite crowd pullers like Maharajas, Film stars, sportsmen. It tried to secure the uneducated Muslim votes by leaning towards them. Now when there was excessive sycophancy shown, it led to a violent Hindu movement which catapulted BJP from 0 to 84 to 150+ to ruling the nation. The pseudo Hindu love however didn’t appeal for long and the leaders realized that they need to be learn the dirty tricks of politics to be in power. The 3rd dimension learnt all mannerism of first dimension. Its chiefs were corrupt, its CMs did mass murders and illegal mining. Its leader, Advani nursed eternal greed to be PM. Its faced an identity crisis as the movement which led to genesis was going against them to be in power. They had to adopt what first dimension was doing. Its left with nothing to differentiate itself from the corrupt Congress and hence started losing relevance everywhere.
This trio have leeched the nation and led us to the critical cross road for the country. While one of the 3 dimensions ruled , there was growing disenchantment among people for the corrupt practices each one practiced. Politicians as a class became the most hated citizens. People would love to spit if they come to their door. Primarily , a politician at this stage became a person who had lineage of some early politicians, had huge wealth, had huge goonda force with them, had little concern for nation and were in the background only interested in increasing personal or party wealth. These politicians flooded constituencies with cash during elections and recovered 10x of that in their 5 year tenure by looting treasuries, getting cash against support to coalition Govts . The electorate felt helpless and toothless once they elected them. They had to elect them because the alternatives were one of these three evils. All the 3 dimensions sucked badly. Rape of democracy was done by instilling most reproachable characters as Presidents, Governors, CEC, CVC etc. The growth in electronic media and social media in particular has now exposed their misdeed and large amount of population now has access to high amount of information. The disgruntlement with current set of politicians was so much that the ruling Govt started behaving like imperialist British. It shows arrogance in not making any deterrent to corruption, it cracks down brutally on protestors, uses state machinery to malign the honest crusaders and many a times effects political murders which appear as accidents. People started losing faith in the future of country

4. The 4th dimension ( Liberated Nation lovers ) : The 4th dimension grew as angst against shameless in looting of Nation’s wealth. This wealth is from numerous taxes they pay. The order of SCAMs crossed lakhs of Crores and politicians thought they have impunity for 5 yrs and a license to loot. India Against corruption temporarily became a mass movement which forced the shameless politicians into dialogue. The crooks however leveraged their positions, the lameness of constitution and connivance to ensure that they continue to block a strong Anti corruption law. Nothing much was yielded to Civil society in dialogues other than fake promises. The media dogs ( Especially the TV) were feted by politicians to poke holes in Civil movement. Politicians did every thing to break them , malign them and weaken their resistance. The seemingly intellectuals it seems were paid to criticize and weaken this revolution. Being on the fringe, the protestors can however do a little to force a Govt without conscience to act. In principle dialog would have always remained a non productive. None from the 3 dimensions would hit axe on their feet by becoming culpable for corruption. This is their life blood. People hated to vote for any one in the first 3 dimension but in absence of alternative, they either did not vote or voted for crooks. Good people not having enough money, stood very little chance of winning elections and even faced threat to safety. The corporate India keeps giving donations to these political parties which used this money power to win elections . Clean and good people thus shied away from cess pool of politics . The parasite politicians kept on growing fat and sucked the vigour of nation. This cancerous growth of politicians made the country largely like an AIDS patient where citizens blood was getting collected as numerous taxes and was siphoned into veins of these leeches

How useless kins have been thrust on us can be seen from this great cartoon made by Ajit Ninan

Country as family property


Is the 4th dimension (Time) shaping up at right time? Is it attracting some of the best and cleanest citizens ? By being cynical, are we strengthening the cause of cleaner politics ? Are 100% clean and honest politicians the real need of hour ? Does the team in IAC have right credentials and maturity to rule the nation ? Do we need to wipe out of existence parties like Congress where bootlicking of Sonia is the religion ? Do we want Akhilesh’s son to start dreaming of being a CM of UP now ? Do we want a manipulator like Mulayam Singh suck our tax money to build his legacy in UP ?

Is it the right time to clean the national politics? Is it not the time to throw the dynasties out and their leper descendents out? Is it not the time we start believing that we can have better ethics and moral values in politics of the country? Or Are we content licking boots of a family, dividing people on caste, killing them religion or let our masses be addict to opium of reservations?
Can we participate and create enlightened leadership


Do we have enuff of political branding? Keep politicians name off the NITs

Recently ,I came across profile of an investor on Linked in . When I looked for his college, I found that he had neatly written it NIT- State. When I thought deeper on it I got some really crazy thoughts. We have all IITs which are suffixed by their city name. We have all IIMs which have suffix of a city name. Why for NITs  earlier called RECs the names of politicians, their uncles aunties got affixed. This naming of places and business of statues is very difficult for me to understand.

I have no disrespect for Mr Motilal who was a barrister but #WTF he is got to do with an NIT in Allahabad ?  Mr Malaviya must have been a great whatever he was but #WTF he has got to do with an NIT in Jaipur and same for the freedom fighter Mr Maulana whose name precedes the NIT in Bhopal. Essentially this naming business is one of the biggest evils of Indian society. The dying communists in the last days of their government named the most prestigious township after the person who sucked down the state from being the Industrial leader to the worst state in country.  The state of Maharashtra, I  heard from somebody has a law that no public road bridge etc can be named after a person. This law came into effect after it was discovered that some politicians paid money to get a road name after them. This law was amended some time ago to shamelessly name Pune Bombay expressway as Yashwant Rao Chavan Marg. In that behti Ganga, Congressis washed more hand to name Bandra Worli sea link after Rajiv Gandhi. If you wish to read more about #WTF Rajiv Gandhi has to do with BWSL bridge , you may like to read this . When I go from my home to railway station in Pune, I find that a small bridge is named after Rajiv Gandhi and also a chest hospital. On a recent visit to Bangalore, I found that somebloody politician to encash the popularity and achievement of Anil Kumble made a circle near MG road , Anil Kumble circle!!! He is a great cricketer but #WTF a road circle after him ?

Recently election commission touring the state of UP has passed a diktat that all statues of Mayawati and statues of elephants be covered. Some people are feeling good about it . I say DAMN who is gonna put cover on stupid 20,000 institutions and lakhs of roads named after Gandhi and family which they paint on their posters. Bloody every city worth its name has a #WTF MG Road. We have Universities, airports, stadia, schools, rural employment guarantee schemes, Nahar pariyojana after Gandhis and city renewal buses named after Nehru. Who the F is going to cover them? Mayawati has done less crime her crime and cancer can be covered. Who will eradicate the cancer of Congress and lakhs of stupid names they have given to our institutions.  Is the election commissioner even preventing Congress from putting their pictures on their electoral posters?   This primarily is the reason all the stupid arguments of giving Lokpal a constitutional status like Election commissioner do not make sense.  The CECs are nothing but impotent stooges of govt.

I do not have much a do with politics but lets keep the institutes of learning free from this dirty politics.  Lets  give better names, let make a clean corruption free India. There are thousands of ways to creatively name. . Mamata has revoked the name of Newtown from Jyoti Basu nagar . He hasa scrapped naming of another insittute after Indira Gandhi but a lot of muck needs to be cleaned still. If you believe that NITs should be kept free of this naming politics , please pass it on . Let a common consensus emerge in the country that no road, monument, educational institutes will be named after a person and least of all a politician