5 reasons why Ajit Gulabchand and not Lavasa should be screwed

I was glad to see the front page news that MH govt is filing criminal case against directors of Lavasa. There are gluts who are crying foul and Ajit Gulab chand screaming that he is being victimised. I guess there are 5 reasons he should be screwed .

  • Complacence : Having got the Worli seabridge , he thought HCC has cracked the politco nexus code and they can get away with anything // Read permits, regulations, laws of land
  • Ethic Deficit :  The township has been made cajoling the villagers and locals to sell of their land many times forcing them under the banner of big politicos
  • Disregard for environment : Notwithstanding tall claims about it being a sustainable city, you can see the rampant violation almost everywhere. The basic tenet – ” No construction on hills and hill slopes” has been massacred
  • Greed : The greed to extract more than lawful is what does most businessmen in. Speakasia, Anil Ambani, Radia are examples. Gulab babu wanted to take more juice out of  this project than actually coming and has got screwed.
  • Immorality : This is the biggest one. He slept with Sharad Pawar, probably the Crookest of all crooks , gave him a good stake in the Lavasa corporation, faked records to show that he doesnt hold any equity in Lavasa later and allows him to hold stocks through proxy..
Why we should not screw Lavasa?
It has a true potential to become a really beautiful hill station. The excesses on environment can be reversed to a large extent. It gives a good option to Pune and Bombay citizens besides over leeched Khandala and Matheran.
Any thoughts ???/
PS: I had visited Lavasa in last week of May this year. It SUCKED big time. Hotel rents above 5300/day and nothing available, the lake had dried up in many places, the food options were most putrid and water sports nothing to talk about.. Please avoid this hyped city for atleast next 3 years.

5 Effective steps to prevent Swine Flue

Jokes apart, the following is what appears as a good preventive measures :

 1. Avoid crowded places till pandemic subsides. Crowd here means places where maximum distance between 2 persons is less than 3 ft.

 2. Improve immunity by following :

                         a) Exercising atleast for 30 minutes non stop there by sweating.       

                         b) Taking good balanced diet. Taking multivitamins if required

                        c) Having adequate sleep 6-8 hrs a day

                        d) Avoiding intoxicants ( Alcohol, tobacco etc)

                       e) Avoid stress of any kind.

                      f) Get ordinary Flue vaccine.

 3. Identify one good ,experienced Doc in your neighbourhood who can refer you to Govt hospitals in case you develop strong symptoms. Get your respiratory disease cured at the earliest or if diabetic get low sugar levels   

4. Maintain a very high degree of hygiene. Take bath with 2 teaspoons of germicide ( Dettol,Savlon etc) in a bucket of water.Cut nails, sterilize your hands after physical contact with door knobs, elevator buttons etc.

 5.Maintain a distance of 3 ft from normal individual and 6 ft from a coughing/ sneezing individual. If unavoidable, avoid touching eyes , nose, mouth till you have cleaned your hands with soap

Increased Consumption ruining the civilization : 7 steps every one can take

I have seen paper napkins become ubiquitous in all offices. Probably this has the genesis in human laziness/ discomfort in carrying traditional hankies. What this has led to is tremendous amount of paper consumption besides increasing the operational variable cost of companies. This also is linearly dependent on no. of employees. More paper usage means more felling of trees  or consumption of more energy to recycle the used ones. Greater energy consumption would mean greater load on power plants. The power plants will then consume more fossil fuel and lead to spiralling fuel prices. Spiralling fuel prices would mean greater inflation and then everybody in the end will be a loser. Even the so called nuclear alternative for energy is not a panacea. The rate at which we have started consuming energy, even Uranium reserves will vanish. The remedy lies in lowering our consumption of disposables. Here are a few steps every world citizen can take at home to help save the environment.

  1. Carry a hanky, avoid using the paper napkins as far as possible at offices, restaurants.
  2. Always carry 2 cloth bags in your bike/car. This way you can minimise requirement of plastic bags from fruit, vegetable vendors.
  3. Buy a good PUF insulated 2 litre water bottle. This keeps the water cold for more than 7 hrs as against 0.5 hrs of so called mineral water. Further, research has shown that when you drink a lot of water during your outings your tendency to spend becomes less than half. This saves you more money for you more useful needs. Avoid buying packaged water.
  4. Get back to consuming glass bottled cola/ softdrinks. Take away bottles are choking the environment besides inflating the margins of cola companies.
  5. Avoid using sachetsfor shampoos atleast for a few months before monsoons;  these small plastics choke the drainage and are major cause of flood in cities like Bombay and Pune. in fact small sachet was a ploy of FMCG companies to decrease their threshold and increase consumption.  The author of millionaire next door book has discovered and explained that greater is the consumption ,lesser is the accumulation of wealth in families, society and homes.
  6. When travelling to office alone , consider the possibility of travelling by bike, car pool, cycle as applicable. Its disgusting seeing vehicles weighing 2200kg gross ferrying just one person weighing 70kg a distance of 15km too and fro from homes. So much of fuel is wasted in overcoming self weight of vehicle( 90 to 97%) just to show status  .The % of human weight is only 3% . Drive lighter vehicles with lesser self weight , use public transport or use cycles this will save fuel, keep you healthy and eliminate need of buying weightloss programmes, enrolling in gym or starving yourself to look sexier.
  7. Take a home as close to office as possible. This helps you avoid the traffic stress, burn less fuel, have more time for yourself , family besides making bicycling a very practical option