Then they wake up

First they deny‬ it
‪Then they huddle to save rapists‬

Then they cry Congi conspiracy ‬
‪Then they sing WhatAboutFuckery‬

Then they get shamed.‬
‪Then they get shit slammed

‬Then they get consumed by outrage‬
‪Then the courts  fuck them‬

Then they get in stony silence
‪Then their pooches turn verbally violent

‪Then they  fear sliding votebank
‪Then they are scared of losing power.

‪Then they open their smelly mouths‬
‪Then they shed their crocodile tears,

‪Then they say our folks were misled‬
‪Then they make their beasts resign

Then they tweet their fake empathy‬
‪Then they fart ugly  generalism‬

‪Then they open their jumla stock‬
‪Then they say its Everyone’s job(!!!)



3 reasons why you should be ashamed of wasting your sympathy on Salman ?

In the night of 28 Sep 2002, Salman was drunk, late in the night, he was speeding his Toyota land cruiser.   His car went on pavement in Bandra and crashed into a bakery. There were 4 men inside it.  1 man died on spot, 3 sustained severe injuries or disabilities for life.  Salman tried to run away, the men brandishing rods and sticks wanted to kill him but he was allowed to escape by a local. He caught and arrested after 12 hrs and the alcohol in his breath even then was higher than permissible limit. He  could wriggle out of prosecution in the homicide case by

  1. Paying huge amount of money to the witnesses who change their testimony and statements. // Approx cost 20 crores
  2. He paid huge money to survivors of the dead so that do not push for pursuing the case further // Approx cost 30-50 crores
  3. Paid crores to his personal driver Ashok Brahma Dev Singh who took the blame for crores and claimed that it was him not Salman who killed the sleeping men. // Approx cost 50-100 crores

Incidentally, Salman didn’t even have a license so the crime was bigger but having used is financial muscle, the wolf got acquitted by court. Its said the night after the accident, Arbaaz Khan tried to go to car and take back the expensive music system which was still there in the car. So with 500+ crores riding on him 100 -150 crores was a small price to buy justice


Abuse of Aishwarya

That was a time, Salman was on a peak. He was voted #4 on world’s most good looking men.  On a TV show, Aishwarya almost professed her growing love for him. From there on, the abuse in relationship started. Aishwarya was suffering this beast . There was verbal abuse. It was reported that he was physically abusive also and often Aishwarya used to report for shooting with bruises all over her body . She decided that the animal was not worthy of her love and came out of it. Aishwarya’s parent filed police FIR against Salman but little happened to put him behind bars.


Black buck

thequint2017-0136bfd073-70f3-4628-8874-935fb3ffdb4csalman black buck hit

Since law could not catch up with him on most cases, Salman got emboldened of  his money and clout.  He thought he can do whatever he wants  and  while in Jodhpur decided to go on hunting  though its illegal in India. After killing the poor deer, he almost got away by bribing the postmortem guys who gave a wrong report that the hole in the body of deer was done after death. Only the 2nd post mortem nailed the lie and his subsequent prosecution..

The aftermath :

The guilty conscience of Salman told him that he can avoid the reach of law only upto a certain limit. He also knew that public sentiments and outcry often has influence on judges. He started his paakhand( sham) of being a humanitarian and a messiah of poor.

So started small charities of paying for treatment of poor or adoption to wash his sins. These were pushed by his paid media to paint human side of the wolf. The wolf also tried to get on to good side of another wolf Modi by supporting his Gujarat campaigns. From Modi, he learnt the art of fooling the foolable fools and also doing a crime and getting away by eliminating the evidences.Sallu Modi.png

These lessons worked . You can see most foolable fools are pouring sympathies for him in social media.

I am ashamed that many such foolable fools are part of my friends, family and colleagues.

The Impact :

The escapades of this disgusting beast led to erosion of credibility of the justice system in India. Most people believed that if you have enough money and proximity to a wolf like Modi you can get away with any crime. This fatalism bodes very bad for any free nation. It tells the poor and less powerful that rich and poweful keep judiciary in their back pocket

Whats my take

The following:

  1. The influence of money, political support and public sympathy on justice is significant
  2. Now that the prosecution has found him guilty beyond doubt, strictest possible should be doled out.
  3. There has been enough delay in reigning in the beast and now that he has been tamed, all further appeal for bail or higher courts should be done within say 2-3 months and he be consigned to JAIL preferably with Asaram 😉
  4. A horrible example should be made out of such scums and criminals
  5. Convey to everybody that no one can take rule of law in the back pocket, not even ugly prime minister’s favorite star.


If you have read this far, spread the word.  To the rectums/ignoramuses putting posts supporting this beast, tell them the truth. Encourage them to be a responsible sensitive citizen and not a Bollywood star stuck asshole. Its very difficult for low salary, low motivation govt attorneys to nail and prosecute criminals like Salman, Sanjay Dutt, Amit Shah or Modi. When in rare cases they are able to achieve this improbable, celebrate it, feel good that law is still alive and active in this beautiful country.

Mrs India and the Rascal

Mr G India is on a romantic road, walking hand in hand with his beautiful wife.. They have been married for 2 yrs now . 
Suddenly a rascal appears from behind. He hugs his wife (Mrs India) and then starts smooching her. Its not one but 17 solid smooches in 3 minutes all over.. There are more things Mr Rascal is doing but I wont go into those graphic details just for now.. 
Mr India is embarased. He wonders, what can he do ?
He knows that this Rascal, in his pocket, has a “Lambi gun“.
Mr India also has a gun in his pocket. Its definitely a “Bigger gun” and he is aware of it . He inserts his hands in pocket and pulls out.
He starts shooting, the rascal ….. not with his gun but with his iPhone 7. The 12 MP dual rear camera with telephoto lens vividly starts capturing the video. Mr India will include this in a Dossier of proof he will show to the Rascal after he is done with the act.
Needless to say, Mr India had also shared with Rascal, the videos of previous occasions when Rascal had smooched/ kissed and .. his wife. Its another story that Rascal demanded that he should  visit Mr India’s home and see all the areas of Mrs India’s body where there are evidences of assault i.e  love bites, bruises etc.
Mr India obliged to this request. Rascal came to India house.. did a deep inspection on Mrs India’s body. He said nothing at their house but after he went back, he declared that, the love bites, bruises on Mrs India’s body were all staged.. These a result of violent love making by Mr India himself.
Coming back to current molestation, Mr India  has disengaged Mr Rascal and has captured some cognizable evidences. Having done the ceremonial “CONDEMN” of Mr Rascal, he plans to make MMS of this incident and make it go viral. This will help him get condom (oops) “CONDEMN” from all the rich phamous and powerFools …..
The biggest dilemma of Mr India is :
If he confronts the molester head on, Rascal’s best friend Mr China may screw him from behind. Mr India currently doesn’t have capability to handle dual assault. His fight doctrine says, he can only handle one assault at a time..  Fight can only be with either Mr Rascal or Mr China, not both together . Apart from this, confrontation time means Mr India cant open his grocery shop and that means losing money ( A big crime for Mr Grocer India’s value system)
So as of now , the best course of action for him is to :
a) Cry loudly … keeping the tail nicely tucked between the legs.
b) Do all the talks : Something like, I will deal with Mr Rascal at the time of my chosing // This means people should not keep asking him how he avenges molestation of his beautiful wifey ..
c) Isolate Mr Rascal:  Get him named as a habitual molester or rapist of worst kind. Whatever is possible 😉 // At time of writing, the pet dogs of  Mr India have begun dancing/ celebrating the hints of some Phamous pholks isolating Mr Rascal. For example Mr and Mrs P  Russia have decided not to attend the party Mr Rascal has planned towards end of this month ..  

Ugly Modi

Today there are things which makes me fill with disgust about the person who leads my nation

1.  Section 66A : This ugly section of IT act of India was drafted by Kapi Sibal..  It allows govt to arrest any person if s/he expresses herself in social media and the expression is found to be offensive. When  this was implemented, Modi had changed his profile picture to black. Calling it as draconian as an emergency. A year passes and he is in power, he deploys his entire legal battery to retain this ugly law. The solicitor general pleads for keeping sec 66 legal but thank god Supreme courts kills this calling it violation of freedom of speech. What a creep this man is

Self obsessed narcissist

2. Disgusting dukanwalla :  Pakistan extended an invite to Indian govt to attend celebration of Pakistan day in Delhi as per protocol. Pakis immediately broke the  protocol by inviting the scoundrels of Kashmir to the event. The same suckers who wish to secede from India and break the country. At this sacrilege, there was no need for govt of India to go and follow the ugly protocol of still attending the meet which gives legitimacy to traitors. He forced Gen V K Singh to go and attend this ugly  event though he didnt want to .  All just because he can do some little kaaro bar with this terrorist nation?

2 lines  from a poem by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar are very apt

Swatantra garv unka jo nar-fankon mein pran ganwate hain
par nahi bech man ka prakash roti ka mol chukate hain…

( Those are entitled to pride of independence who starve to the death

But dont sell their conscience to pay the price of getting a bread )

Splitting the expenses and fraud accounting

2 weeks ago, I wrote a post on how people with questionable values lead  to collapse of propriety in a housing society. How it affects the citizen mindset in the whole country.

I had 2 options to deal with this ugly situation :

1. Crib at the errant and ugly behavior of office holders. // Easy and practiced by many.

2. Do some concrete action to restore propriety and my own faith in the system. // Its was as difficult or as instinctive to me as confronting a drunk molester in a running bus. The  story of confronting molester is here

The majority in my society exercised option 1.

The option 2, I exercised put me up fighting against a group of people ensconced and fortified on a hill ( Just like Kargil intruders ). They have a war chest of society resources (  Maintenance money worth lakhs, legal advisors, security, accountants etc)  to harass me.

As always, its unnerving for most individual crusaders to fight the alligators in pond.  A rational man is advised by friends to give up under provocations.

Look at one suggestion from a well wisher on facebook :


I accepted the suggestion to be an Aam aadmi , An aam aadami , today is frustrated with the corruption and willing to take to streets.  Many of the aam aadamis may fail, bleed during the trsyst  but their is light at the end of tunnel.  There are some glorious instances where a single guy brought down an entire army of crooks by following the right path of truth example  J . B Patel of Panchwati society,  Andheri Bombay :

Even without knowing his inspiring story, I  had gone ahead on the confrontational path.  The following is what I did.

  1.  Filed a complaint with Dy Registrar of society, Pune. Explained how there is a possibility of serious SCAM and immediate inquiry should begin . The inquiry should begin with sacking of office holders.
  2.  Sent a copy to Joint Registrar of Society. He manages Dy Registrar.
  3. Sent an email to CM office of Maharashtra . He forwarded the case to Secretary of state ( Co operatives)
  4. Demanded from office holders full life cycle documents of questionable transactions and a detailed list of bank transactions.
  5. Engaged a top ranking CA to investigate all documents.

Why I did this ?

Sometimes, its easy for accused to bribe/influence/threaten a small officer. Its however, beyond their capacity to buy 3 levels of high officials in the system. I tightened accountability at three levels to prevent this. Further, demanding and getting full lifecycle documents upto the current date leaves very little to accused to manipulate the documents at later stage.


What were the results ?

The Ad Hoc committee went vengeful. It complained not against me but against my little startup.

  • Electricity Deptt : Inspectors came, searched my startup, searched my entire home and said, I just need to readjust the tarriff to commercial rate.
  • Corporation license Deptt : Inspector came and told me to get a license to operate business in municipal area. He asked me the intent of why society secretary did a written complaint. I showed him the cases they are embroiled and how even the CM office has acknowledged the complaint. He understood and said, we wont harass you at all.  Apply for a license, it just costs Rs 1000/= he said and we will fully co-operate with you. I smiled and said, I will do it.
  • Police Deptt : Local chowki summoned me to police station. I went with my wife to the police station. I was asked about illegality of my startup in residential area. I showed them Maharashtra IT act of 2010 which allows IT companies to work from residential areas. They didnt ask me any further. Read the blog on how IT companies can legally operate from residential complexes :
  • Society Security    The Secretary  told the security to harass the employees of startup by. Not letting them park their bikes in authorized parking area.Sometimes they even prevented their bikes from entering the society. They made them to sign register everytime they came in an out of society. 

Thus, the accused were exhausted of their arsenal. The amount of harassment was coming to an end. My business just emerged stronger from all these harassment. The employees rallied around me in these tough situation because I kept everything transparent.  The values I hold, the fight I take and the possible consequences.

Now comes the funniest part.  When, the accused had little to defend themselves, they resorted to dirtiest tricks which crooks in  Govt or Corporate world resort to i.e Splitting of expenses.

Please see the image of response given to me by the Society secretary.


Also, the accused, thinking the residents to be Dumb and weird, appointed their sympathizers to do an investigation and award them a clean chit. Recall how Gadkari had got himself a clean chit by  a person he appointed to investigate his own crimes ?

This also reminded me of my days in central govt.  Procurement in such large organization happens either centrally or locally. There is huge amount of money made by some people at central level but its more interesting at local level

At local levels for any transaction above Rs 5000/= needs a CLPC approval ( Central logistics purchase committee ). This CLPC comprises 3 independent officers and give approvals for any purchase above limit. Also they examine all the quotations.

Now if everything  goes through CLPC How do people at local levels misappropriate public money ?

Ans: Splitting of expenses. Any thing which is to be bought for 9900/= is split in two purchases of 4950/= each and can be bought with or without quotations.  At one stage I saw that there were 350 transactions, all between 4900 and 4999/=. This is how  people with corrupt intent try to loot public money.

I realized that people do not bring in good things of their experience in large systems to the society but ugly , dirty and corrupt practices are rapidly brought in . Even  in such small theater as housing society, this disease of splitting of expenses is brought in. Though the annual budget is as low as 40 lakhs.

Whats the way to rein in such ugly practice?

I consulted the Registrar and he suggested requesting a govt audit of all books of accounts and processes under section 89 of Mah CHS act. This independent inquiry by a govt auditor may reveal a lot more irregularity and doesnt cost much.  For a society its Rs 37/member/year of audit requested.  So for my society of 200 members, it would cost me Rs 7400/= approx.

We had seen creative accounting done by Ramalingam Raju ( Satyam Fame ) and how the reputed CA Pricewater house Coopers was party to crime of splitting salary expenses of ghost employees .  Well that was a 1000 crore + scam and this is worth a few lakhs.  The efforts to expose and prove the crime is more challenging till the accused are thrown out of office.

What will you do if you see such financial misconduct in your society ?

Are you aware that corruption is not just in govt, its a cancer which eats housing societies as well ?

How can you establish a clean system in your society ?

Please do share your experiences of taking the accused head on.

Kundali and other creeps infesting our society

Personal horoscopes or predictions generate some of the most expensive toilet paper I’ve ever seen.”-  Tatiana Estévez , Quora Site Admin:

Tatiana tells why woman love horoscopes in   on Quora – Why-do-women-like-horoscopes .    She says, the primary reason why people go for horoscopes is because people want to lean on hopes and not on their actions. In general, the people who are dissatisfied and unsuccessful in life take a recourse to this .   A    Wikipedia Horoscope article gives a factual treatise on what horoscopes mean.  It furthers  tells the following :  No studies have shown any scientific support for the accuracy of horoscopes, and the methods used to make interpretations are generally considered pseudo-scientific.


Matters of faith and belief cannot be debated or rationalized, however   horoscopes  are fast turning in to a major social evil. When I was in school,  I remember going to a Pandit who for a  prospective couple said -” Kundalis ( horoscopes ) do  not match. There is no possibility “. The elderly person, who I was accompanying, flashed a small bundle of Rs 100 notes. The pandit pocketed them, had a relook on the horoscopes and said “13 gunas ( characteristics) match“. The person flashed another bundle of Rs 100 notes. This time the Pandit looked at the horoscopes, with some calculations  he said – “24 gunas match “. This was enough to make the matrimony work. Had he pushed few bundles more probably, 34 gunas out of 34 could have matched.  Its now a common knowledge that astrology is an imprecise practice, amenable to multiple interpretations and that 100s of practitioners can have 100 different interpretations ( Each for a different fee 😉 )

In 90s and early 2000s the size of population doing kundali milaan ( Horoscope matching) was very small.  People looked at family compatibility, ability of groom, beauty of bride, dowry giving capacity of girl’s parents, education, absence of vices, career stability etc to decide matrimonial alliances. King Vikramaditya is said to have married a lot of princesses to increase his kingdom and eliminate hostilities with a lot of kingdoms. He supposedly didn’t consult any kundali kaandu before any of his marriages.  There is no mention of either Rama, Krishna or Shiva ever looking at kundalis of Sita, Rukhmini or Parvati before marriage. I was wondering when and how this practice, myth or misconception took roots in society, especially the Hindus.

I was listening to a conversation in one family where the Groom’s side had gone ahead with basic alliance, exchanged some expensive gifts but later didn’t want to go ahead with the relationship. They were confused, what reasonable excuse should they give for calling off the alliance. It was then, one crooked lady ( The Lalita Pawar kind ) came with a brilliant idea – “Keh do Kundali nahi milee kaam khatam( Horoscopes didn’t match, deal over) “.

Incidentally, I have seen 40+ marriages in my community and in none of them horoscopes were matched.  These marriages have lasted decades and have had necessary harmony a marriage demands.  Primary defendants of this horoscope practice claim that planetary positions at the time and place of birth affect the lives due to gravity and fields. It appears to me  the same horse shit as saying that  magnetic or electric fields can determine whether  you will have a comfortable shit next morning.  Gravity attracts by virtue of  matter contained in masses , electric particles attract due to accumulation of charges, magnetic dipoles attract because of polarization of fields and that what is there to it.  Fields do not decide whether two creatures are going to have  great sex with each other or their other behaviors.

Its unfortunate that this evil is proliferating in  our contemporary society . Yes its that horrible “H” in the BHP ( Biodata Horoscope and photo) which hoards  of educated illiterates ask for when they are considering a matrimonial alliance.  When I or my sister were of marriageable age , we used to get  requests from people asking for  horoscopes. Our straight answer used to be – “We do not believe  in such arcane stuff and have no such thing ready. Please make it yourself  if you wish to. Talk to us only with credentials of the person only when you have none of this  stuff blocking“.

Interestingly, it was reported in media that Aishwarya Rai ( Former Miss world) was married off to a tree before marrying Abhishek Bachchan ( Pappu of Amitabh Bachchan) to ward off Kundali dangers. Beyond public figures, closer in my life, I came across a creature who claims to be educated as an engineer and works in a software company. His family processed the horoscopes for 2 months and found that 33 out of 36 characteristics matched perfectly ( Extremely rare incidence ). They went ahead and did the engagement . The ensuing rituals cost the girl’s side, a few lakh rupees. The date for marriage was fixed 11 months from engagement.   The  bride side spent sizeable amount doing bookings and gifting the boy’s side.  For six months, everything was all right. Suddenly, the guy found that he was not getting  enough  ‘Feeling‘ ( read free and easy sex ) and started pestering the girl . He was insisting to his parents that they call off the engagement. The parents of groom were finding it embarrassing to tell the girl’s family. So much of water had been under the bridge. They still were interested in – ‘How can they do a ‘Saanp bhi marey laathi bhi na tootey‘ ( Kill a snake without breaking the stick ) to exit. There seemed no honorable or justifiable exit route but they desperately wanted one. How did the boy’s side find a clever exit ?

This is pretty interesting. They told the bride side that their Pandit now opines that as per horoscope no marriage is possible on the eariler mutually agreed date. They will have to wait for next 12 months to see if some dates can be found. They were not keen on any remedial measures. When asked if they can still commit to some future date, they said, they were not sure their son could wait for so long and they should reconsider other options…

The questions in this case, then are :

  1. What should be done with people like this ?
  2. How much of exploitation can be done using kundali and Ponga pandits as shields ?
  3. What impact has education and civilization done on such creeps. ?
  4. Do  horoscopes and planetary positions only affect Hindus and have no effect on Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis or Jews ?
  5. If they do affect then why not every one is riding the horoscope bandwagon ?

Has Amitabh Bachchan’s life given us right message? 5 roles studied

Amitabh Bachchan was floating on cloud 9 after success of film ‘Black’.  He then encountered Aamir who when asked about it said very openly and clearly on his face that “Black” was a very bad film. Bachchan was taken aback and asked why? Aaamir quickly retorted, the film had a very bad message. “What message were you sending a by beating a disable kid, fisting rice into her mouth? Is this what you want parents to do when children are not capable of doing the right thing ?“. Bachchan had no answer. Indian film industry and media are full of sycophants and put him on a high pedestal demanding a temple, civilian honor or immortalization. As an adolescent , I admired him and he was an epitome, a hero but as an adult I am trying to see what kind of message has Amitabh  sent to millions of his fan through his conduct or the roles he has essayed.

Amitabh – Has he sent the right message?

1. As a son : If you see his movie Shakti, he played the role of a son. In this role he displays that if your father is true to his principles (Of not compromising on it for his own personal benefit), you go and join the smugglers and become a lawless goon. Even contemplate shooting your father down when he comes to arrest you.

The message : If your father is true to his principles and that hurts you, go ahead be an outlaw. Espouse being a smuggler or a criminal

2. As a youth :  In Hum, his travails are of teasing a woman asking for a kiss along with other 10os of his goons. He keeps pestering her while drinking alcohol. His escorts spray water on her against all ‘NOs’, he  finally gets rewarded with kisses all around his face and lips. Teasing and harassing pays him well, he persists. As a Sharabi he glamorized drinking excess of alcohol and alcoholism. He made alcohol look very very glamorous .

The message : Go ahead and tease women asking kisses till she gives one, or glamorize evil or addiction if it fuels a 1000 crore industry even if its a social evil.

3. As a father : We all believe that the role of parents is to provide good education to our kids and let them build their own careers. He however took to his own responsibility to bully people to ensure that his son get undue favors. When Maruti wanted to do Versa advt and approached him, he said, he wont do it unless his son is also featured in. When Maruti said, they will pay for his son but dont want him to be shown in ad,he said unless his son is shown , he wont act.

Message : Push your sons, daughters, son in laws even when they dont deserve.  Bully people if they dont accept them.

4 As a politician : As a politician in Inquilab, he shows a totally arbitrary message. He is a chief minister and towards the end of movie. He takes out a machine gun and shoots down all the people in the room. Seems like a great solution to the youth. In his real life, after becoming an MP from Allahabad, he resigned mid term. This gave a clear signals to his followers that politics is not worth the time.  Intelligent and succedssful people should not enter it. Its best left to dogs. Further , he got into strong association with a crook like Amar Singh and got associated campaigning for Samajvadi party ( A party which is a collection of rapists, murderers, vandals, minority appeasers and unprincipled swines ). He got his wife nominated to Rajya Sabha through the same party.

Message : If you cant change people, dont think much, just massacre them. Other conduct sends a message that politics is  best left for crooks, but make crooks your friends to meet your ulterior motives

5. As a citizen : As a citizen he has been using great innovative ways to grab land, going down to abysmal limits fraudulently declaring himself as a farmer. All because this allows him to buy land at very low price. If you see his role as a KBC host, the show is a very clever business. It asks very stupid question and convinces the masses that inspite of low IQ they can win crores. For and average of 1 crore distributed in a weekly show 50 crores re siphoned from common man through Rs 5 sms and huge competition call charges. While the people are nurturing stupid dreams he makes his millions out of this one wins- millions lose probability trap. While many of us believe he is essaying rags to riches story for common people,  the show KBC in fact is robbing much much more from common masses.
Message : If you are getting some benefits, do whatever you can regardless of ethics.

He might have also sent good messages somewhere but they have been rare and not got picked by people. A society is like a large banyan tree, full of monkeys. When monkey on top look down ,  they see smiling faces . The monkeys at bottom when they look up … they see ass holes.