Then they wake up

First they deny‬ it
‪Then they huddle to save rapists‬

Then they cry Congi conspiracy ‬
‪Then they sing WhatAboutFuckery‬

Then they get shamed.‬
‪Then they get shit slammed

‬Then they get consumed by outrage‬
‪Then the courts  fuck them‬

Then they get in stony silence
‪Then their pooches turn verbally violent

‪Then they  fear sliding votebank
‪Then they are scared of losing power.

‪Then they open their smelly mouths‬
‪Then they shed their crocodile tears,

‪Then they say our folks were misled‬
‪Then they make their beasts resign

Then they tweet their fake empathy‬
‪Then they fart ugly  generalism‬

‪Then they open their jumla stock‬
‪Then they say its Everyone’s job(!!!)



I didnt chant भारत माता and I dont

11  years after I hung my uniform as an air force officer. I am trying to remember if I ever chanted “Bharat mata ki jai” when in military. 6 years across 6+ military bases I served, how many times did I chant “Bharat mata jai “?  I  can for sure say I said “Jai Hind” a million times( Average 50+ times a day). But ” भारत माता की जय ” ?  I think  ” ZERO “. This surprises me and may be it will shock 1000s of chaddi nationalists a lot more. At epitome of national service, you do not need to chant this mantra.  I am hopeful, this is not giving an idea to some jerk in Sangh HQ to wake up and destroy the beautiful salutation culture of our glorious armed forces.

Looking back on the day when I was to take oath to defend India with all my vigour even to peril of my life, I had 2 choices

  1. Take oath on Gita or
  2. Just affirm as an individual.

I chose to do affirmation. I didnt swear putting my right hand on Gita or Sita. 22 of my 24 course mates did but I believed that the commitment I make as an individual, in my full conscience and wisdom doesnt need crutch of any religion or book. I was questioned why I wont take oath on Gita though I am a Hindu? I answered that my flavor/vision of Hinduism is not congruent to everything that Gita preaches. My argument was accepted. Imagine doing this in any other religious or theocratic nation, I will be labelled blasphemist and bled to death. To me, this is the most solid idea of India Hinduism and its grandiose सहिष्णुता

Growing up, I thought the God factory in heaven(ऊपर) stopped producing Devis+ Devtas+ Maatas+ Baaps in 560 BC ( After Buddha) but reality is quite different. Today, as I see a lot of irritating jingoism on “Mata” chant. A quick search on  Bharat mata  reveals that it was first conceived in a fictitious play , Bhārat Mātā by Kiran Chandra Bannerjee . It was first performed in 1873. So, in reality is it not just another figment of imagination of this Bhodro (Baangali) playwright during British rule?. Whats so sacred about it?

The story on Bharat mata can be read here

Surprisingly, anyone can add few additional pairs of limbs, put a lion/tiger+ sun halo behind, add one  weapon in each hand, top it up with a mukut and lo, a new deviji / maataji, baapji is created. Practically there is nothing stopping imaginative folks from creating Maratha maata, Patna Maiya, Guntoor Tanni or say JhoomariTalaiya maa. All it takes in this digital age is Photoshop.  Blockheads can claim that not bowing to it is against Nationalism / Regionalism or city / Mohallaism

I agree, “Mata/Mataram” did become a battle cry for some freedom fighters but so did ” Bole so Nihal, Allah u akbar or Har Har mahadev or, Joi ma kaali or Jai Gorkhali or Chak de fatte. Everyone had a choice to pick the battle cry which galvanized folks around to fight a common battle. It was the pluralism of battle cries which allowed folks to win multiple battles and ultimately the war. Every chant served some purpose just as every color contributes to make a rainbow beautiful. Pick your own indigo or orange but dont try to shove your choice of color up somebody’s…. you know what.

I had always been critical of deification of objects in Hinduism. From पाताल (Core of earth) to पेड़(tree) to पृथ्वी(earth) to penis does everything need to be a devta? This 33 Karod devi devta concept never appealed to me but I often liked एकेश्वरवाद  –  एक साधे सब सधे , सब साधे सब जाय.


What do these mata chants have to do with a diverse, multifaith, multi ethnic pluralistic nation like India? What does it have to do with Hinduism other than its crudest form? What objective does this kind of deification handle other than

  1. Oversimplification of some objective to align the  low intellect junta around it?
  2. Create another non taxable revenue stream (Read temples) to help Birlas / Bajajs and other wealthies to run trusts around it to convert black into white and white into silvers?
  3. Celebrate a day with some silly rituals, extort money, eat up calorie bombs, create traffic nuisance and strew the rivers and oceans with a lot of garbage ?

I am not from a religion which prohibits me to bow in front of anybody other than Allah. I am not prohibited to say Jai to anyone.  As a free thinking man, my intellect revolts at mindless and reckless devification. Its utterly obnoxious to have a devata of every kind popping in front of me randomly from anywhere/ anyday expecting genuflection. I just wont do it. If a person like Javed Akhtar transgresses his religious bounds and chants Bharat mata, its his conviction and freedom to do it. If Owaisi doesnt want to say it, shouldnt he have the liberty to do it? Why should someone call him a a pig for it?

Why we debase the profound vedic shloka – जननी, जन्म भूमिश्च , स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ( Heaven is found in the lap of mother and land of birth). Please note the usage of जन्मभूमि not मातृभूमि

We need to create more robust belief and value system around Nationalism and Hinduism in particular which can stand the onslaught of any critique or rational inquiry. Continuing to believe in ugly dogmas, stupid rituals and irrational beliefs or practicing them makes a mockery of your own intellect and our highly evolved religion.

Advantage Hinduism is: Its not driven by the communication someone received secretly in a cave. It does not shut down free constructive thought(शास्त्रार्थ) . Its not constrained or limited. The buck does not stop at any book. Not even Gita or Ramayana or Vedas can claim to be all encompassive of what Hinduism stands for. Its beautifully non prescriptive religion. It encourages you to be a contemplative and free thinking human. Empathy is what has kept this faith relevant.

आत्मनः प्रतिकूलानि परेषाम न समाचरेत.

If you wont like someone else’s ideology/faith thrust on you, do not thrust yours on them. If Hinduism could survive 600 yrs of murderous Islamic rule and 200 yrs of missionary lure, it can very well withstand ugliness emerging from within, in form of Sakshi maharajs, Amit Shahs or Muttaliks. We can evolve, we can mutate, we can create new releases, versions of our faiths, we need not create more gods, more maatas and baapas.

Recently, I was evaluating a very large enterprise software (U$ 100 Mn+ type )  for redesign with a project sponsor.  She told me – “ Everybody added a lot of crap on this software whenever they felt like but no one bothered to clean it up ever. So what you see is a lot of junk all around which makes little sense “ .. Same I believe is the case with Hinduism as a religion. Everybody when they felt like added their bit of crap, no body ever cleaned it up. So here we are with a lot of junk.

If you wish to start on some introspection of Hinduism as a faith, a good point to begin may be here :




5 Virtues of intolerance

Probably this is the only period in history of India when the self esteem of Indians and particularly Hindus is at all time high. They shouldn’t go apologetic about it  ” – The Benjamin Netanyahu,  PM of Israel observing  the mood of India in 2015

The demagogues however have been drumming up despair on the growing assertiveness of Indian citizens and also the government. The self denigration of centuries leading to massive leakages out of faith, out of admiration of Christians ( During and after British rule to get closer to Saahebs) and fear of Islamic rulers ( Sword or oppressive Jazia) have been arrested.  Its at this time, the Commies, the casteists and Congis are becoming increasingly irrelevant and their masters have begun painting ” Intolerance” as an ugly word. Their only resort to relevance is nuisance.  I did a deeper gaze on the word and realized that the word or philosophy of  ” Intolerance” is as neutral as fire we fear and worship. We use fire to keep house warm,  we use it to cook food and we can also use it for destruction. Just  as fire is what you make out of it, so is intolerance. Lets see 5 examples :

  1. Steve Jobs : The biggest entrepreneur of all time was highly intolerant of incompetence and inadequateness of compelling User experience. It was his intolerance of anything but the perfect product design which created superlight Mac book Air, a superb music storing iPod, a highly intuitive iPhone and a ubiquitous alternative to laptop in form of iPad. Just imagine how ugly the world would have been if Steve had not been intolerant.stevejobsadobe


  1. 2. Defense forces : The militaries across the world ( Except Pakistan off course) are extremely intolerant of indiscipline. You break the discipline and you get more than commensurate punishment. The punishment of treachery is “Death” . Offensive behaviour is immediately dealt with by Courts of Inquiry, charge sheeting, Summary trial and Court martial if required.  Conviction  or exoneration is swift and time bound. The judges in military courts are not as tolerant of stupid arguments as civil judges.   They do not let Salman Khans  litigate for decades and  shake their asses while justice weeps indefinitely.   Its this intolerance for inefficiency which makes military highly efficient not only in war but also in floods, earthquakes or  even rescuing a little Prince from a borewell.130834315


  1. Aviation industry : Recently, I tried to reach Bangalore airport for an evening flight. Owing to peak traffic, the looters Olas, Ubers were quoting 3.8x surge fares . This meant I would pay Rs 4800/= for a taxi to airport when my flight ticket to Pune cost only 2100/= . I was intolerant of this loot and took a private cab. He drove like Schumaaker to try to help me catch flight in time. The checkin was supposed to close at 1745 and I reached the airline counter at 1747( 2 minutes late) . The staff tried to help me out . She spoke to the captain of the aircraft but he was intolerant. He said , ” Manifest has already been prepared, I wil not accommodate“. I was disappointed and sad but then, thought about the intolerance to breaking rule which is integral to the field of aviation. If they become tolerant to lapses and violation of aviation standards , only by luck, millions of passengers would land on earth alive. Aviation industry whether civil or military is extremely intolerant even of excess body weight of air crew. Even a few glasses of beer by pilots, the night before may debar her from flying.  Its this intolerance to transgress  that makes flying trustable.


  1. USA on terrorism : The strongest nation on earth ( Economically and militarily) is extremely intolerant of possibilities of terrorism.  It has learned its lessons from one of the ghastliest attack of 911. Now, if you enter US, whether you are a sucky Bollywood Badshah or a  glorious former President of any other country , if the safety of country is to be ensured, you have to stand naked for inspection. Diplomacy be damned, there is no tolerance on safety procedures.  Its this philosophy of intolerance which has ensured that not a single terrorist attack has happened in US in last 14 years after 2002.  Tolerant nations kept on having 2611, parliament attacks and Pathankots.


  1. Human body : Try infesting your body of rotten food, excessive alcohol or over eating , your stomach will immediately tell you how intolerant it is. It will make you vomit. Check how the whiteblood cells of your body are intolerant of  bad microbes. They  show no sympathy or tolerance to harmful bacteria who enter it and chant slogans of its barbadi. It kills them and ejects them as pus.  Its the intolerance which the human body shows to ill intentioned constituents which keeps it alive. The only time, the human body becomes tolerant to harmful elements is when it contracts AIDS.  Its immune system collapses, the microbes can rejoice ” Body ke tukde tukde honge Insa allah, insa Allah” .  The body is on death march then. If life has to sustain, body has to be extremely intolerant of such elements


Conclusion :   The world ‘ intolerance’ has got a lot of bad press courtesy #Presstitutes funded by Shaikhs of mid east and and also commies/congis putting their entire weight behind it. Vedic philosophy tell about the genesis of action : Manasa ( Thoughts) -> Vacha (Speech) -> Karmana ( Actions) .  Offensive actions, ugly actions do not appear out of thin air. They have their roots in Thoughts, it takes existence in forms of speech and manifests in form of action. If you have to eradicate Bad Karma ( Actions) ,you need to eliminate bad speech and ugly thoughts.  The “Right” folks in the country are turning apologetic,  in face of barrage of media onslaught. They  are trying to establish that there is no ” Intolerance” or trying to confront folks who call India intolerant . This, I  think is retrograde and defensive. I urge each one of us to be assertive , enunciate what we are intolerant about.  Before that , lets base our intolerance on very sound benign principles. Garv se kaho – ” Hum intolerant hain


Demagogues – Jiyo aur jeene do

There are a lot of people sharing Mahesh Murthy’s status deriding an individual and his business scoffing a pony tail. Does an individual in a free country not have a liberty to keep an appearance his own choice and discretion? What SUCKING rights do other fatbellies or balding heads have scoffing at it?


Does a citizen not have a right to do business of his choice in a free country Do people not sell underwears thru fetishes or encourages people to get drunk and go tully?.. Is there any thing wrong hustling ones business within legal norms and sometimes loopholes?

Dont we see blatant lies in form of Seagram music, Tuborg great evenings or Bagpiper soda ? Are they not on the edge and bordering on the wrong side of law?

While I do not encourage ban on freedom of expression of any one I am disgusted at people ( especially those from advertising industry) sermonizing others not to lie. Tell me if ICICI advertisements do not lie? or NIIT advertisements do not lie ? or Garnier showing hairs which can pull cars out of ditch do not lie ?

Advertisers, most of them in that sense are equal cheats and SCAMS and make you believe that using the product they advertise, will help you lay a 100 blondes.

One cannot assume to be a protector of parents rights and be a demagogue. Everyone knows why their kids didnt make it to Harvard or XLRI and why they are putting them in a particular College . Dont they have access to information they can navigate and find the truth?.. Checking the veracity of any claim made by any person or business is consumers responsibility. Dont we have an ASCI where grieved people can complain against advertising abuse?

Did we not see 1000 blokes last year, bribed by Google, forecasting death of Facebook and triumph of circles aka Google+? Were those the gospel truths or were they they cheats, scamsters and fraudster in equal measure ?

If there is a ban on some posts or sites ,are all legal options to upturn the ban exhausted ?

As Buddha said – “Trust the seeker of truth and mistrust the person who claims he has found it

Kundali and other creeps infesting our society

Personal horoscopes or predictions generate some of the most expensive toilet paper I’ve ever seen.”-  Tatiana Estévez , Quora Site Admin:

Tatiana tells why woman love horoscopes in   on Quora – Why-do-women-like-horoscopes .    She says, the primary reason why people go for horoscopes is because people want to lean on hopes and not on their actions. In general, the people who are dissatisfied and unsuccessful in life take a recourse to this .   A    Wikipedia Horoscope article gives a factual treatise on what horoscopes mean.  It furthers  tells the following :  No studies have shown any scientific support for the accuracy of horoscopes, and the methods used to make interpretations are generally considered pseudo-scientific.


Matters of faith and belief cannot be debated or rationalized, however   horoscopes  are fast turning in to a major social evil. When I was in school,  I remember going to a Pandit who for a  prospective couple said -” Kundalis ( horoscopes ) do  not match. There is no possibility “. The elderly person, who I was accompanying, flashed a small bundle of Rs 100 notes. The pandit pocketed them, had a relook on the horoscopes and said “13 gunas ( characteristics) match“. The person flashed another bundle of Rs 100 notes. This time the Pandit looked at the horoscopes, with some calculations  he said – “24 gunas match “. This was enough to make the matrimony work. Had he pushed few bundles more probably, 34 gunas out of 34 could have matched.  Its now a common knowledge that astrology is an imprecise practice, amenable to multiple interpretations and that 100s of practitioners can have 100 different interpretations ( Each for a different fee 😉 )

In 90s and early 2000s the size of population doing kundali milaan ( Horoscope matching) was very small.  People looked at family compatibility, ability of groom, beauty of bride, dowry giving capacity of girl’s parents, education, absence of vices, career stability etc to decide matrimonial alliances. King Vikramaditya is said to have married a lot of princesses to increase his kingdom and eliminate hostilities with a lot of kingdoms. He supposedly didn’t consult any kundali kaandu before any of his marriages.  There is no mention of either Rama, Krishna or Shiva ever looking at kundalis of Sita, Rukhmini or Parvati before marriage. I was wondering when and how this practice, myth or misconception took roots in society, especially the Hindus.

I was listening to a conversation in one family where the Groom’s side had gone ahead with basic alliance, exchanged some expensive gifts but later didn’t want to go ahead with the relationship. They were confused, what reasonable excuse should they give for calling off the alliance. It was then, one crooked lady ( The Lalita Pawar kind ) came with a brilliant idea – “Keh do Kundali nahi milee kaam khatam( Horoscopes didn’t match, deal over) “.

Incidentally, I have seen 40+ marriages in my community and in none of them horoscopes were matched.  These marriages have lasted decades and have had necessary harmony a marriage demands.  Primary defendants of this horoscope practice claim that planetary positions at the time and place of birth affect the lives due to gravity and fields. It appears to me  the same horse shit as saying that  magnetic or electric fields can determine whether  you will have a comfortable shit next morning.  Gravity attracts by virtue of  matter contained in masses , electric particles attract due to accumulation of charges, magnetic dipoles attract because of polarization of fields and that what is there to it.  Fields do not decide whether two creatures are going to have  great sex with each other or their other behaviors.

Its unfortunate that this evil is proliferating in  our contemporary society . Yes its that horrible “H” in the BHP ( Biodata Horoscope and photo) which hoards  of educated illiterates ask for when they are considering a matrimonial alliance.  When I or my sister were of marriageable age , we used to get  requests from people asking for  horoscopes. Our straight answer used to be – “We do not believe  in such arcane stuff and have no such thing ready. Please make it yourself  if you wish to. Talk to us only with credentials of the person only when you have none of this  stuff blocking“.

Interestingly, it was reported in media that Aishwarya Rai ( Former Miss world) was married off to a tree before marrying Abhishek Bachchan ( Pappu of Amitabh Bachchan) to ward off Kundali dangers. Beyond public figures, closer in my life, I came across a creature who claims to be educated as an engineer and works in a software company. His family processed the horoscopes for 2 months and found that 33 out of 36 characteristics matched perfectly ( Extremely rare incidence ). They went ahead and did the engagement . The ensuing rituals cost the girl’s side, a few lakh rupees. The date for marriage was fixed 11 months from engagement.   The  bride side spent sizeable amount doing bookings and gifting the boy’s side.  For six months, everything was all right. Suddenly, the guy found that he was not getting  enough  ‘Feeling‘ ( read free and easy sex ) and started pestering the girl . He was insisting to his parents that they call off the engagement. The parents of groom were finding it embarrassing to tell the girl’s family. So much of water had been under the bridge. They still were interested in – ‘How can they do a ‘Saanp bhi marey laathi bhi na tootey‘ ( Kill a snake without breaking the stick ) to exit. There seemed no honorable or justifiable exit route but they desperately wanted one. How did the boy’s side find a clever exit ?

This is pretty interesting. They told the bride side that their Pandit now opines that as per horoscope no marriage is possible on the eariler mutually agreed date. They will have to wait for next 12 months to see if some dates can be found. They were not keen on any remedial measures. When asked if they can still commit to some future date, they said, they were not sure their son could wait for so long and they should reconsider other options…

The questions in this case, then are :

  1. What should be done with people like this ?
  2. How much of exploitation can be done using kundali and Ponga pandits as shields ?
  3. What impact has education and civilization done on such creeps. ?
  4. Do  horoscopes and planetary positions only affect Hindus and have no effect on Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis or Jews ?
  5. If they do affect then why not every one is riding the horoscope bandwagon ?

Dear Jyoti Pandey:Judges need 4 days to warm their asses

Dear Jyoti,

You left for heavenly abode. Your suffering was unprecedented. There can never ever be an equal to your agony.

Its good, you do not face the unjudicial system of India  which continues to agonise, frustrate and revulse any sensible Indian.

Today on the front page news I read about a brutal murderer who knifed a 65 yr old woman  19 times bleeding her to death. He didnt just stop  at that. He  stabbed her daughter in law 21 times before chopping off her fingers and slicing her wrist and raped her to death.

Well this brutality was bestial, sucky and “Rarest of rare ” .  He was awarded death by high court. The erudite justices of Supreme court however believe contrary and they want to reward the culprit because of one great act he had done.

He drank alcohol before the act. THey commuted the death sentence to a life sentence.


Now this is sending  a very good message to the society. If you wish to kill somebody, have a few pegs before or during the act. If you can get away, its perfect , if not the daru will come to your rescue even years after you have had it.

I am also amazed at the message doctrine of justice gives.

Even if 99 convicts escape, not a single honest guy should be punished “.

Lets assume 100 guys go ahead and rape, murder a few women.  One of the guys among them was just dragged into it. Now since the judicial system cannot determine who was not guilty, it lets let all the 10o criminals go scott free. What message does it send to the

1. Convicts and 2. Victims

Convicts believe that if they can create a complex enough puzzle, remove evidence confuse the system and all of them will be free. // In fact this is what Delhi High court had shamelessly done in Prita Darshini Mattoo case :

Victims feel that its impossible that all can be proved wrong ,so there is little or no hope of justice.  When there is little hope , the justice will be delivered in so many decades that it ceases to be a justice

Solution : If we were to simplify things and really do justice, we have to punish all 100. Its just too bad that one innocent got punished.

This sends a right signal to the people that 99% criminals were punished or that crime doesnt go unpunished.  The onus to prove innocence should be on the innocent.

The pillar of justice looks highly corroded in India.  Its not just at lower levels, the suckers ascend to the highest posts i.e  Chief Justice of India.  Justice Balakrishnan’s ascendancy to Chief Justice had 2 cancerous syndrome. 1. Affiliation to Congress and 2. Dalit Quota

Please read this :

If people at highest levels suck so bad, how can the situation at lower courts be better.

If you ask how judges are appointed?

An interesting case is : Becoming HC judge by performing oral sex to a Congress minister :

The judicial system is aptly shown to be blind. Its blinder than Dhritarashtra. Such is its filthy state that : A Bitty Mohanty can rape a woman , his father a DGP can request him to be moved  from Rajasthan ( A place he raped a German girl ) and ensure that he is able to escape parole. Last seven years , he is absconding . The shameless CM of Orissa when asked about it says he is busy, he cannot talk about it. He doesnt have time ( Aaaaaak Thoo )

If you are wondering why,  when the charge sheet was filed by Delhi Police on  3rd January ( Thursday ) , why the hearing begins on 7th Jan ( Monday )?

Why these Justices ( Holy bulls) show no expediency to start hearing the case on 4th  January Friday, or  on 5th Saturday or 6th Sunday ? ..

Well, you cant deny them the privileges of warming their hunches on a cozy weekends.  For these men devoid of conscience, a horrendous rape of yours is just another day of business at Sarkari Daftar.

An angry citizen.

Arvind Kejriwal’s India against corruptions- A model startup?

Arvind Kejriwal – A model startup?

Last week I wrote a post in reaction to a ‘personality‘ calling Arvind Kejriwal a moron. This post found resonance with1000s on Quora. Many promoted it across various media. Yesterday, I was at a Nasscom Emergeout event at Westin Pune and after an boring banal,cliché ridden talk by a self proclaimed startup Godfather, I was awakened by an extremely thought provoking talk by V Srinivas. He mesmerized the entire audience by giving insights on how just one word which defines entrepreneurship and that is “Purpose“. This morning, I saw that Times Crest has featured Arvind Kejriwal on front page and finally admitted that he is a “Game Changer “. I am happy that opinions are fast changing and success of one more entrepreneur is in making . I was trying to correlate Arvind’s movement and relevance to startups. Here are my thoughts:

1. 5. Purpose : An entrepreneur is born when she discovers such a BIG purpose that she can rededicate her life to it regardless of insecurities. These insecurities may be financial, physical or social. Arvind shows all three, he quit his well paying prestigious job, he is attacking the powerful (His life may be under threat now ), when he started he was derided by established players and citizens as moron. To startups he is a hero nevertheless. To startups it means finding this big purpose. Great purposes create great markets if they do not exist. Steve showed it when with a purpose to revolutionize cell phones he went into touch phone mode which was junked by Nokia in 2004 as stupid. Finding a big cause is the essence of a startup.

2. 4.Pleading and cribbing doesn’t work : For every one Arvind Kejriwal who is walking the path of fire , there are 1000s who just ‘wish‘ that the political system changes for good. There are 100s of morons who still sing praises of Congress , Mandmohan or Khurshids. Similarly, for every one startup which starts building something useful there are 1000s who will just claim google, Microsoft, daily deals or groupons are great stuffs. Cribbing, criticizing, Dharnas, Bhookh hartals may be good beginnings but the real change happens when you drive the  bus or can influence the driver. Getting in to the ring works , you have to go out and start fighting to make a difference. You cant clean the gutter by being outside it. Those in the gutter are minting money and spreading the stink for us. We need to get in, kill the scoundrels who are blocking the cleansing process. The fortifications in gutter
are robust but we need to get into it and dislodge.

3. 3.Ekla Cholo Re : When you startup you will have co founders. They will appear good at the start, show some degree of commitment but only the determined will burn their boats. Anna kept jumping back to his boat Ralegan Siddhi, Kiran Bedi always found a BJP ticket from South Delhi sexy. The guys who don’t burn their boats will always have disagreement with those who have. Those with purpose will keep walking ahead. Those with other safe constituency will be indecisive. Love your purpose, people will come and go in your journey towards a purpose. Whenever they wish to go back to their safe boats, let them go. Be a Johnie Walker, keep walking, you may not know how the paths will turn out to be but be confident there will definitely be some new ones discovered, or they will be created by your journey.

4. 2.Attack the holy cows , be brave and be stupid : One great thing Arvind and startups can afford to do is be irreverent to
holy cows. Arvind attacked Vadra(He is moron ), he incorporated is startup ( He was a moron to start with ). He doesn’t have decent chances to win against Giants like Congress, BJP, Mulayam. You do not have decent chances of winning against Googles, Facebooks or Microsofts or Cisco,but be irreverent, attack all places where they suck. Attack all places where these corporations have been unethical abusing your privacy. When you bring them to the fore, the pimps of these big corporations will call you stupid , moron but persist and relentlessly attack the unethical and inefficient. Speak fearlessly.

Taking the gas out of politicians

1.Set the mission from within and do whatever it takes : The purpose of Arvind emanates from within. A deep desire to cleanse the politics and establish greatest form of governance, are what drives him. The purpose of political parties comes from outside i.e their constituencies their corrupt figure heads, their caste, their holy family, their religion, power grabbing etc . Startups similarlyneed to be driven by their inner purpose to make world better for their target users, customers. They need to be driven by their internal intuitions of what is best for their users , not what the users think is best for them. Great products, services are not made from what customers want because they do not have awareness of what can most delight them. You need to out think your customers to create elements of delight.

Conclusion : Arvind Kejriwal is an entrepreneur with a big purpose, his purpose is his business model . He doesnt have a revenue model but he does have a success model and I believe he, like all great entrepreneurs will figure it out.. Corporate India and VCs tell they invest in great team. He doesn’t possess world class team but his team will become world class during the course of this movement. Great teams are born out of war, they are not created in assembly shops. He is a first mover and is covering a good mindshare. As in reality there are some people who are investing in his purpose and also there are doubtful investors playing
pocket polo to invest in him when he gets enough traction so that they can make a quick buck . Yes and like all startups you can tell about the exit opportunity.