B’day celebrations expiry date: ‘Best before 30yrs’

We as humans are sometime so much driven by peer pressure into rituals and celebrations that we loose track of rationale of doing it. Let us take birthday celebrations. Earlier when medical systems were not advanced enough, an infant surviving mortality was an achievement. Pneumonia, Polio, Malaria or epidemics used to kill in large #s Thus every time scale conquered (1st day, 6th day, 1st month, 1st year) was a cause de célèbre . E ach year of survival was a cause to celebrate life and hence probably, the culture of Birthdays. The ritual done in childhood continued till adolescence , then to adulthood and finally till old age. There are some birthdays which are celebrated even after a person has died. Funny.

 If we look at the way birthdays are celebrated, the feeling is more grotesque. Children dress up like clowns, balloons are hung. Lights are blown away (Extinguishing fluttering candle light is often symbolic of a soul struggling and finally leaving human body). This then should mean that on you 30th birthday 30 units of soul have left you( Blown away by you). There are people clapping and singing and you should feel happy (??). Happy about loosing life and singing the stupid Birthday song in English irrespective of your linguistic skills. Then they rub that cake on to your face to start consuming some of the unhealthiest food on earth. Whipped cream topping (100% fat), sugared bread ( Very High calorie), Samosas( Deep fried), Soft drink( Every 100 ml contains 10 ml of sugar). Its not good when you are a kid and dangerous if you are an adult with a desktop job.

If we look at the age perspective, childhood gives you the onus to grow ( gain independence) , teenage prepares you to puberty( Be able to reproduce) , Early 20s give you a path to reach peak of your physical strength and capacity. Biologically you are at peak when 25. Then you are on a plateau and you start dreading what each year of age does to you physically. Sporadic greys start appearing on head, hairlines start receding, balding often sets in . After 30 every year you loose 2.5 % of your bone mass and 3.5% of muscle. Cavities in teeth need occasional filling. You tend to be moving from: Running to Jog to walk now. Forgetting becomes more frequent than remembering .Does this call for Happy birthdays ?

If yes ,be the clown and jump like clown, distribute sweets. If  No, reassess!!!! Birthday celebrations are best before you hit 30. Life on the other side of 30s is not that great unless you make real extra efforts. Think !!!!!

5 Effective steps to prevent Swine Flue

Jokes apart, the following is what appears as a good preventive measures :

 1. Avoid crowded places till pandemic subsides. Crowd here means places where maximum distance between 2 persons is less than 3 ft.

 2. Improve immunity by following :

                         a) Exercising atleast for 30 minutes non stop there by sweating.       

                         b) Taking good balanced diet. Taking multivitamins if required

                        c) Having adequate sleep 6-8 hrs a day

                        d) Avoiding intoxicants ( Alcohol, tobacco etc)

                       e) Avoid stress of any kind.

                      f) Get ordinary Flue vaccine.

 3. Identify one good ,experienced Doc in your neighbourhood who can refer you to Govt hospitals in case you develop strong symptoms. Get your respiratory disease cured at the earliest or if diabetic get low sugar levels   

4. Maintain a very high degree of hygiene. Take bath with 2 teaspoons of germicide ( Dettol,Savlon etc) in a bucket of water.Cut nails, sterilize your hands after physical contact with door knobs, elevator buttons etc.

 5.Maintain a distance of 3 ft from normal individual and 6 ft from a coughing/ sneezing individual. If unavoidable, avoid touching eyes , nose, mouth till you have cleaned your hands with soap