The naked truth of 7% GDP-How Modi fooled the FOOLS

#DeModiapa  or note ban  has been one of the biggest folly of Feku but come UP elections and he had to fool the middle class to believe that All is well with his shit..

To bring credibility to his idiocy he is adept at making use of holy cows.

First he hid behind army to claim success of fake #Furgical Strike. He has no evidence or facts to show what was done or not done.

Now, he has  tried to use the Central Statistical Organization ( CSO) to put sand over his shit..  So how did he manage to fudge the GDP growth data ? Read on as I try to pull his pants down to expose the statistical fraud.

1. 45% of Indian Economy in unorganized ( Read road side shops, low wage workers, village trade, non taxable trade etc)

2. CSO doesnt measure informal economy directly but makes assumptions to gauge its value. This is done by approximating it as a fraction of Organized economy i.e 81.818% of organized economy.

3. Rural economy was worst affected by #DeModiapa as these folks didnt get paid. Estimates tell, it shrunk by 20 to 30%

4. Through his Stooge minister Sadananda Gauda,  Modi asked the CSO to continue to use the same assumption, thus showing no decline in unorganized sector. // This is the ghotala source

5. He showed an increase in Govt spending to account for decreased industrial production.

6. In the immediate aftermath of #DeModiapa, gold buying peaked up in markets. The cost of gold skyrocketed from Rs 25,000/ 10g to Rs 65k/ 10g. Apple iPhones were bought in dozens creating all time high sales for Apple in India. Luxury vacations, over seas air tickets were bought. This increased buying was used to show that consumer spending didnt go down..// High spending on gold and shady products ofsetted the low spending on consumer products.

So, now we know what Feku did this summer, just before UP elections, to fool the FOOLS that Demonetization shit doesnt stink.  He did throw some sand on his crap and Bhakts went ahead saying Herculean chootiyapa had no effect.  Yes, it was not crap till you dont remove this layer of sand or pull his kurta up.


The melting of right thumb

 On either side of Indo -Pak border nowadays is being  cooked propaganda . The one that makes the respective govt look sexier..On India side, the factory of lies is made to make Modi ji look like a Rambo PM (which he is not) , on the Paki side its designed to make General Raheel Sharif look like Napoleon ( Which he cant be).
Let dissect the state, find its genesis and take the gas out of uber blown intestines of propaganda spreaders.
In my objective view, both may be  compulsively lying or telling half truths or exaggerating facts to further vested interests..

The truth is : Somewhere in between..

Media (Both electronic and print) is a whore. Its fueled by massive ad budgets of Govts ( 1000s of Crores of front page ads) but I am sad to see that Army  Officers ( Holi cows) are being used as tool to spread falsehood. Lets look at the philosophical angle to understand it and what else can be a better reference than the biggest epic of war- Mahabharata..
In the middle of the battle, Pandavs realized that they cant get better of their own warrior Guru Dronacharya. He was inflicting heavy damage to Pandavs after Duryodhan insulted him of lacking motivation to fight  his favorite pupil Arjun.
 Krishna ran out of ethical ideas to rein in Drona whose battle focus was immaculate.. The only way to get better of him was .. not to attack him physically but attack his brain.. Krishna was big schemer.. and here is the wicked plot he cooked:
“Drona loves his son Ashwatthama.  He is currently in jungle. If somehow we can fool Drona and convince him that his son is dead,  he will be heart broken and mentally upset . His inability to focus on war thereafter will break his defense. Thats the time Arjun’s arrows will find him. I suggest going to forest, finding an elephant, naming it Ashwatthama and then killing it. A convoluted announcement from a person Drona finds credible will do the trick.”
Why do all this ?  
Everyone in Pandav camp because of jumlas and lies had lost their credibility. The only compulsively truthful person was Yudhisthir and the belief was that he wont lie under any circumstances. Krishna approached him with a proposal of not telling a lie but this half truth. The announcement he was expected to make was
अश्वथामा हथो वा नरो कुंजरो ( Ahwathama has died, it may be an elephant or a human) .// Something like, we crossed the border and inflicted significant casualties, they may be terrorists or soldiers
Yudhisthir had objection to this also. He didnt want to be perceived clearly as a liar even in retrospect. So Krishna offered to get 100s of nagaadabajs to play  loud BANG – BANG when the twisty elephant/human words get spoken. The only thing Drona would hear is : Ashwatthama dead. This was the first honesty- integrity compromise by Yudhisthira.  The trick worked and next day Dronacharya was arrowed to death by Arjun.
Now coming back to claim of Surgical strikes jingoism, the nagaadas are our paid media.  The ministers of Modi ji are Jumlebaaz Pandavs whose pronouncements Indian citizens  do not trust. The forest is border across LoC  and the Ashwatthama killed may not be the terrorists claimed to be killed but monkeys or mosquitoes.
 We the citizens are Dronas and the literal “killing” here is killing our aversion to the distrust in govt.. ..  The drums being played may be the Bhaktards, moles or paid agents on social media.
 Apart from the desired outcome of killing Drona, the Dharmaraj who spoke fabricated  truth  figured out later that the thumb on his right hand had melted away.
The DGMO guy from army and the MEA guy  and who claimed the “Surgical Strike” during press conference, should in my view, should have a take care of their RIGHT thumb.
Many gullible Dronas amongst us may have already succumb..

X reasons why in my view everyone must have a Himalayan experience .

When I was planning to quit Air Force, I’d think, I will not take up a job immediately after 6 yrs of service. I would spend a few months in Himalayas as a nomad before getting domesticated again.

As my luck would have it, I got married an year before release and was expecting our first child at the time of hanging my uniform. I was the breadwinner and hence reined into the cart.

Next,  as my wife started working and we got financially stable, I thought,  now I will travel alone. Acquisition of babies, car loan and homeloan meant, I had little to play around.  Most of the vacations were spent taking kids to beaches and hill stations nearby Pune. The stuff  just wasn’t just working out .

Why did I have that deep longings towards these peaks ?

  1. They are the biggest thing on earth, are mighty, they daunt and taunt me.
  2. Himalayas are full of evergreens and full of snow. To me its life showing extreme resilience and unending youth.
  3. They appear symbolic of some big mission in life. Reaching the top is symptomatic of success and they appear doable.
  4. Scaling them can almost kill you ( Low Oxygen, cold weather, treacherous gorges) . Also, I believe, what almost kills you makes stronger. I think going on top will build robust mental muscle.
  5. I can come back and tell some interesting stories to friends, kids and everyone. It can be inspirational

I have a few questions for you.


Do Himalayas taunt you ?

Do they intimidate and mock you ?

Do they invite you to view the world from top?

Do you think one day you can and will scale them ?

Do they attract and seduce you ?

What do you think when you see the images of mighty  Himalayas ?

In this series of posts I am going to write about some of the most life enriching experience I had while doing a glacial trek and how it influences my life down in the plains.

Dear Omar Abdullah, no more diapers for you now.

Ëither Article 370 stays or Kashimir will not be part of India“- tweeted Omar Abdullah and it got me into recollecting Nawabjadas born into a ancestral property and too spoilt to see reason. To me he appears like another pappu ( A Kashmiri one) who has been pampered a lot. A baby in infancy is given a lot of cool things. Some examples are:

  • Umblical chord in womb (Direct delivery of nutrients to stomach, no need to masticate),
  • Breast feed (Optimally warm, sweet milk from uber soft nipples),
  • Diapers ( Freely do potty and susu whenever and wherever kid wants), and
  • A milk bottle ( Kid still gets almost same pleasure as sucking on to a human nipple) etc.


All these baby stuff are good, pleasure some and are needed in those specific periods. Kids body, with this support,happiness and pleasure grows faster to soon become independent of them.
 There are however, some abnormal kids who get addicted and continue using them till they are 6 -7 years or even 12 years old. Is it not embarrassing for parents that their kid still drinks milk from poopsee , wets his pants, needs diapers or sucks thumb?
Why despite the physical age, the addiction and dependence with some kids just doesnt go away?  Is  it not the right time, for the parents to play hardball in the best interest of the kid and tell him NO means NO?
We all know this but why is it important today?
Doesnt Bhai Omar Abdullah appears to have physically grown beyond puberty?  At ripe age of 44 does he not have hairs in arm pits and elsewhere? Some grey streaks are visible on his head but has he grown mentally? He says that the only link between him and his mom (the mother India) is article 370.  Either this chord stays, or he is not son of his mother. It ends every thing for him ( and Kashmir).Image
  Is  this not exactly how a baby out of mother’s womb feels ? The umblical chord is what he thinks keeps him alive should just stay forever.He is crying, threatening, throwing tantrums, rolling on the floor, sucking his thumb all the while like Auro in Paa .
Is this article 370 not like diaper he thinks he  just cant live without. Baby Mehbooba too has joined the chorus. No body should take away their diapers, no body should cut the chords, no body should take away the poopsee bottle. Omar bhai! you and Kashmir have physically been out of womb for 40 and 54 years respectively. Has he  not grown beyond those susu in chaddi days?
Believe  us you dont need this diaper. We understand that you will cry and be angry with us when we cut it. You will rant when we make you wear pants. You will curse us when we ask you to drink milk from glass but bear with us we have to do this now.
Did the Dhais ( Congressis and Sonia Mayya)  not let you suck thumb for ages because they always knew you are not their real son?  Were they not getting paid ( Looting the nation) while you reveled in infancy.The longer your infancy, the higher was their meter down  and hence better their career earning(Votebank)
You are not used to live without diaper, it will hurt, it will feel unusual for few days, it will make you uncomfortable but do not worry, you will get used to it and grow up for your own sake. We all have given them up at some stage of life.


10 Candidates whose defeat will send a very progressive message from India

There are some candidates who must win to have a progressive India.  Good people who have served the nation and have done a remarkable job must win. Alas,  politics is always infested with dirt. These dirts also win and shake the faith of  people in democracy. Like in movies we want villains to die horrible death, as citizens we want stinking politicos to face horrible defeats. Wrong people winning because of money or muscle, or sperm source lead to fatalism in citizens. We all secretly and at heart wish they must lose. I know all 10 will not lose and we will never have perfect 10 but higher the score better it is.

Ugly politicians

Here are my top 10 must lose candidates and the reason why they must lose( Cutting across party lines) :

10. Ashok Chavan ( Nanded )- Congress  : The Adarsh tainted former Maharshtra CM must bite the dust to leave a 5 finger slap mark on cheek of Sonia. She was showing legality to field him overlooking propriety of criminal conduct. Janta tumhein maaf nahi karegi

9.  L K Advani  ( Gandhi Nagar ) – BJP  : The symbol of political lust must lose from Gandhinagar to give a strong message that  there is a sunset age for most demanding profession. At age of 86 , rust, lust must bite the dust. go look after your grandchildren old man. Make way

8   Kapil Sibbal  ( Chandni Chowk ) Congress : He had been one of the most hated figures for his arrogance. At one of the visits to Chandni chowk after an accident, public was so angry that he was not even allowed to come out of his car. He must loose to bring in humility in politicians.

7.  Jaswant Singh ( Jaisalmer ) Gaddar independent :  This was political ambition at its ugliest. The person who derived all the maal from the party when he could and when denied a ticket, rebelled and contested as independent. This is worst show of indiscipline. People must teach him a lesson

6. Shazia Ilmi  Malik( Ghaziabad   )  AAP  : One of the worst b****s in the politics who was advocating muslims to go communal in this election. A tight slap on her face will keep all the candidates sane in forthcoming elections.

5. Supriya Sule  ( Baramati )  NCP and other litters of big polticos : She and like other like her are infesting the political firmament and treat LS constituencies as  a Baap ki  jaageer. Her idiot cousin was threatening the voters ( Bahut masti chadhi hai kya..? Agar Supriya ko vote nahi diya to paani kaat doonga ). Other must loose in the same category are Milind( Koila Chor) Deora, Priya( Parole buying)Dutt, Sachin( Chikna) Pilot, Jyoti(Baba) Scindia, Kanimozhi ( spectrumChor), Omar( Abdulla, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Sandeep Deepshit, Jr Chidambaram, Varun (Retard) Gandhi . The message to buggers should be :  You have all the wealth and capacity to become a scientist, musician , author, sportsperson, or a artist. Dont spoil our taste by showing us your ugly pedigree.

4.  Arvind Kejriwal ( Varanasi )  AAP  : The nautanki-baaj just got too greedy after limited Delhi success. He got intoxicated and drunk with small success to think he had everything in his pocket.  Thriving on nuisance value, he has grabbed TV time by just contesting NaMO.

3. Owl Gandi ( Amethi)  Congress :  He is one of the biggest human waste to ever come out of a human. Good for nothing moron must loose for never visiting his constituency in last 5 yrs and being the most inactive MP in Loksabha in this term.

2.  Sonia Gandi ( Rae Bareilly ) Congress :  For showing her ugly colors of bribing the Shahi Imaam of Jama masjid  and seeking muslim votes under a secret deal. It was politics of the worst kind.

1. Narendra Modi ( Baroda )  Gujarat :  A PM candidate who is so unsure about his place, wants to make a political statement from a religious city, holds on to CM , MLA post and is most likely to divorce this city if wining from both . Baroda guys must hit back for being made to feel like a second wife.


What are your choices for must lose candidates ?

Who among these 10 you think should not lose for the reasons mentioned?

What do you think the correct message score of this election will be out of 10 ?

Interested to know your thoughts.

Cost of Life

I was on my routine cycling trip this evening. I passed through a chicken shop. I have passed through it a 1000 times without observing much. Today, I saw its rate board. It said LIVE chicken Rs 115/kg and dressed chicken Rs 130/kg.  I was thinking, defeathering the bird is an exercise involving real human labor and considering time and effort, it should at least Rs 10/= . This brings me the important figure of life of that bird . It is

Rs 130 ( LIVE)- Rs  115( defeathered and killed bird )- Rs 10 ( Cost of defeathering ) = Rs 5 ( Cost of life of that bird)

I was thinking that if after all this improvement in science , genetics, bio technolnogy even with 5 billion dollars we can’t inject life in a dead body but Rs 5 is enough to take it out of the body ?

I am not being overtly sentimental or sissy about it.  I know  it wont make an iota of difference to people who have grown up eating birds. Let alone convert even 0.0001 % of them, it even wont get a microscopic % of them into some sort of a thinking.

Its easy but its blood !!


The 3 questions I have are :

  1. Is the life so cheap?
  2. When we cant give life ,how do we take it ?
  3. Is it worth taking life for when 1000 other ways to fulfill hunger exist ?


PS: An article which says that we cant stop global warming unless we stop eating too much meat.

Has Amitabh Bachchan’s life given us right message? 5 roles studied

Amitabh Bachchan was floating on cloud 9 after success of film ‘Black’.  He then encountered Aamir who when asked about it said very openly and clearly on his face that “Black” was a very bad film. Bachchan was taken aback and asked why? Aaamir quickly retorted, the film had a very bad message. “What message were you sending a by beating a disable kid, fisting rice into her mouth? Is this what you want parents to do when children are not capable of doing the right thing ?“. Bachchan had no answer. Indian film industry and media are full of sycophants and put him on a high pedestal demanding a temple, civilian honor or immortalization. As an adolescent , I admired him and he was an epitome, a hero but as an adult I am trying to see what kind of message has Amitabh  sent to millions of his fan through his conduct or the roles he has essayed.

Amitabh – Has he sent the right message?

1. As a son : If you see his movie Shakti, he played the role of a son. In this role he displays that if your father is true to his principles (Of not compromising on it for his own personal benefit), you go and join the smugglers and become a lawless goon. Even contemplate shooting your father down when he comes to arrest you.

The message : If your father is true to his principles and that hurts you, go ahead be an outlaw. Espouse being a smuggler or a criminal

2. As a youth :  In Hum, his travails are of teasing a woman asking for a kiss along with other 10os of his goons. He keeps pestering her while drinking alcohol. His escorts spray water on her against all ‘NOs’, he  finally gets rewarded with kisses all around his face and lips. Teasing and harassing pays him well, he persists. As a Sharabi he glamorized drinking excess of alcohol and alcoholism. He made alcohol look very very glamorous .

The message : Go ahead and tease women asking kisses till she gives one, or glamorize evil or addiction if it fuels a 1000 crore industry even if its a social evil.

3. As a father : We all believe that the role of parents is to provide good education to our kids and let them build their own careers. He however took to his own responsibility to bully people to ensure that his son get undue favors. When Maruti wanted to do Versa advt and approached him, he said, he wont do it unless his son is also featured in. When Maruti said, they will pay for his son but dont want him to be shown in ad,he said unless his son is shown , he wont act.

Message : Push your sons, daughters, son in laws even when they dont deserve.  Bully people if they dont accept them.

4 As a politician : As a politician in Inquilab, he shows a totally arbitrary message. He is a chief minister and towards the end of movie. He takes out a machine gun and shoots down all the people in the room. Seems like a great solution to the youth. In his real life, after becoming an MP from Allahabad, he resigned mid term. This gave a clear signals to his followers that politics is not worth the time.  Intelligent and succedssful people should not enter it. Its best left to dogs. Further , he got into strong association with a crook like Amar Singh and got associated campaigning for Samajvadi party ( A party which is a collection of rapists, murderers, vandals, minority appeasers and unprincipled swines ). He got his wife nominated to Rajya Sabha through the same party.

Message : If you cant change people, dont think much, just massacre them. Other conduct sends a message that politics is  best left for crooks, but make crooks your friends to meet your ulterior motives

5. As a citizen : As a citizen he has been using great innovative ways to grab land, going down to abysmal limits fraudulently declaring himself as a farmer. All because this allows him to buy land at very low price. If you see his role as a KBC host, the show is a very clever business. It asks very stupid question and convinces the masses that inspite of low IQ they can win crores. For and average of 1 crore distributed in a weekly show 50 crores re siphoned from common man through Rs 5 sms and huge competition call charges. While the people are nurturing stupid dreams he makes his millions out of this one wins- millions lose probability trap. While many of us believe he is essaying rags to riches story for common people,  the show KBC in fact is robbing much much more from common masses.
Message : If you are getting some benefits, do whatever you can regardless of ethics.

He might have also sent good messages somewhere but they have been rare and not got picked by people. A society is like a large banyan tree, full of monkeys. When monkey on top look down ,  they see smiling faces . The monkeys at bottom when they look up … they see ass holes.

Dear Jyoti Pandey:Judges need 4 days to warm their asses

Dear Jyoti,

You left for heavenly abode. Your suffering was unprecedented. There can never ever be an equal to your agony.

Its good, you do not face the unjudicial system of India  which continues to agonise, frustrate and revulse any sensible Indian.

Today on the front page news I read about a brutal murderer who knifed a 65 yr old woman  19 times bleeding her to death. He didnt just stop  at that. He  stabbed her daughter in law 21 times before chopping off her fingers and slicing her wrist and raped her to death.

Well this brutality was bestial, sucky and “Rarest of rare ” .  He was awarded death by high court. The erudite justices of Supreme court however believe contrary and they want to reward the culprit because of one great act he had done.

He drank alcohol before the act. THey commuted the death sentence to a life sentence.


Now this is sending  a very good message to the society. If you wish to kill somebody, have a few pegs before or during the act. If you can get away, its perfect , if not the daru will come to your rescue even years after you have had it.

I am also amazed at the message doctrine of justice gives.

Even if 99 convicts escape, not a single honest guy should be punished “.

Lets assume 100 guys go ahead and rape, murder a few women.  One of the guys among them was just dragged into it. Now since the judicial system cannot determine who was not guilty, it lets let all the 10o criminals go scott free. What message does it send to the

1. Convicts and 2. Victims

Convicts believe that if they can create a complex enough puzzle, remove evidence confuse the system and all of them will be free. // In fact this is what Delhi High court had shamelessly done in Prita Darshini Mattoo case :

Victims feel that its impossible that all can be proved wrong ,so there is little or no hope of justice.  When there is little hope , the justice will be delivered in so many decades that it ceases to be a justice

Solution : If we were to simplify things and really do justice, we have to punish all 100. Its just too bad that one innocent got punished.

This sends a right signal to the people that 99% criminals were punished or that crime doesnt go unpunished.  The onus to prove innocence should be on the innocent.

The pillar of justice looks highly corroded in India.  Its not just at lower levels, the suckers ascend to the highest posts i.e  Chief Justice of India.  Justice Balakrishnan’s ascendancy to Chief Justice had 2 cancerous syndrome. 1. Affiliation to Congress and 2. Dalit Quota

Please read this :

If people at highest levels suck so bad, how can the situation at lower courts be better.

If you ask how judges are appointed?

An interesting case is : Becoming HC judge by performing oral sex to a Congress minister :

The judicial system is aptly shown to be blind. Its blinder than Dhritarashtra. Such is its filthy state that : A Bitty Mohanty can rape a woman , his father a DGP can request him to be moved  from Rajasthan ( A place he raped a German girl ) and ensure that he is able to escape parole. Last seven years , he is absconding . The shameless CM of Orissa when asked about it says he is busy, he cannot talk about it. He doesnt have time ( Aaaaaak Thoo )

If you are wondering why,  when the charge sheet was filed by Delhi Police on  3rd January ( Thursday ) , why the hearing begins on 7th Jan ( Monday )?

Why these Justices ( Holy bulls) show no expediency to start hearing the case on 4th  January Friday, or  on 5th Saturday or 6th Sunday ? ..

Well, you cant deny them the privileges of warming their hunches on a cozy weekends.  For these men devoid of conscience, a horrendous rape of yours is just another day of business at Sarkari Daftar.

An angry citizen.

Should we really hang the rapists?

 Nation stands shocked and enraged by most beastly rape. The clamour for strong punishment, deterrent has reached pandemonic heights.  ‘Hanging’ even publicly televised, Bobbitization or chemical castration may serve limited purpose. Anger  often its not conducive to rational judgements. Safety for women in India is worst but apart from safety what is it that is even more putrid ?  I thought very hard. What is it that women are most inconvenienced in? What other problem really bugs them ?

  Safety, sensitization against sexual crimes needs large steps. Deterrent punishment is not in best interest of our political bosses hence may not happen soon. The tortoise rate of justice in Jessica Lal and Priya darshini Mattoo case only convinces the offenders that wheels will if at all roll very slow. There chances of getting away are great.

Is the number and hygiene in toilets and urinals for women in India their next big pain and shame. Unlike men,  can and do they use any wall or open area for their relief ? Even in metros, is it easy for women to relieve themselves at any other place than MacDonalds ( They maintain their toilets spectacularly clean).

Is it not the kind of service these rapists should be sentenced to improve? Can they not be  made to spend the rest of life building ladies toilets, cleaning them everyday? Will keeping them spotless and smelling clean not serve the purpose of correcting the mindset or next possible rapist?. For any deficiency in hygiene can we not let women cane them in public?. Is it not creating right example of rapists in a constructive way. Are their better ways ?


How to react to news of death – 5 funny cliches

Circa 1985 : Mr Ramalingam, one of the best quiz masters in Calcutta posed a question to me .” What in a  news publishing house is called a “Morgue” ? I had no idea what in a news mill is a morgue. When I passed the question, he explained, “Its an area of newspaper office where obituaries ( Post death articles) of all living famous men are kept ready. The moment any living person dies, the content is just taken out and published “. What this means is, if you and I become famous, our obituaries, beautifully written will be kept ready to be published, the moment we die. However, this kind of readiness is not observed in reaction to deaths. We hear clever, banal cliches. Here are the top 5, I find interesting.

5. …X.. has been orphaned : This is very easy to use, you can say state is orphaned, organizations is orphaned, the cause is orphaned so on.  If you are a sycophant of the biggest order, then you can say entire universe is orphaned. At an individual level, its just appropriate to say, I am orphaned. This cliche has one good characteristic : Its is scalable. Say tomorrow your janitor expires , you can say your commode is orphaned.

4. End of an era : This is like a slithery paploo which can fit in anywhere. What I mean is, unlike units in physics this era (or Yug in Hindi) is as  formless as an Amoeba. You can have an era for almost any one. If Maunmohan dies, it will be an end of era,  an Owl dies, it will be an end of an era, Panty Chaddhi’s death ended an era.

3. “Its a personal loss” : Now any body who has been mentioned in media or voiced any thought, can affect you in some ways. Somerset Maugham said – “Even if you throw a pebble in a pond, the universe is not the same any more “. Now if you see it philosophically, even that pebble when it was thrown in the pond, created ripples in water which traveled and gave you some joy. No second pebble can create exactly the same ripples at exactly the same place. Now, the loss of the silly pebble is a personal loss. So, you can ascribe any death as a personal loss. Even if I despise somebody, her death is a personal loss because now I have lost my favorite object of hate.You can use it for friends,foes, despicable creatures, lovely souls or any kind.

2. “Soul never dies, may it find peace”– This cliche is like rice, it can be eaten with almost everything dal, meat, fish, salt, spice,curry,poultry, piggery,milk etc. Use it when you have been attacking a person through out the life. Aaloo Yadav used recently used it when one of his biggest bete noire expired. This is such a neutral and castrated version of death reaction that  your supporters who will not be antagonized ( Because you praised your adversary in death) and the departed soul’s followers will not be irked.

1. “S/he has left a hole.. cannot be filled ” : This is the most amazing cliche’.The hole can defined of any size. As very big, even as big as the ‘Black hole’, it can be defined as ‘void’, it can be defined as “Suraakh” ( Hindi for hole ). I am yet to see somebody define it as “Chhed ( a small hole ). The general rule is: it can be any hole as long as its not an ass hole. Now this hole besides size and type also needs a definition of its life. It can be a long time before  it can be filled, it can be ages before it can be filled or if you are a super sycophant you can say – this hole, the gaping hole can never be filled.. Just like stars, these bloody gaping holes left are innumerable. They are never supposed to be filled. Some Gandhi, whenever s/he dies, leaves these kind of holes irrespective of what she did or how she died. Its always that bloody haunting hole created in this Universe never to be filled. I do not know what purpose these holes serve and what we are supposed to do about them. Yesterday, Red Black Sadvani defined one such hole. I appeal to all such creators of hole to be considerate about the universe. Recycle the old holes and inform us when the hole left by so and so is now filled.. The unfillable holes are becoming too many.

So next time, you hear of death, you may like to refer to this small list and pick up an appropriate and politically correct cliche’. Just the way being a revolutionary has been  screwed. :

(Cli) Che Guevara