Chain of Blame

It was one of the most painful scene for me to shoot. I locked my self in a heated room, I hammered myself heavily, I sweated, I bled, I experienced the biggest pain of my life, I wanted to experience the agony because what I was going to shoot there after was not violence on body but violation of a soul ”  – Shekhar Kapoor on how he prepared to shoot for the rape scene of Bandit Queen


I watched Bandit Queen in 1995 and for days I hated food and also humanity.  I couldnt come to terms with what a woman went through.  Rape in my mind got ensconced as one of the biggest crime humans do.

17 years later, I was horribly agitated in 2012.  Delhi gang rape and the insensitivity shown by Cong govt in handling it got me mad and I couldnt think of anything else for days and weeks. My posts were full of angst.  I am more agitated today and angrier in 2018 because not only the rape of Asifa crossed all limits, it transcended borders of  animalism. It went much uglier than what worst animal would do.  This time, its the Govt which is the rapist, its the govt which is savior of rapist and its the govt and its arms that we need to protect our women and daughters from.  Please see a lyrical deconstruction here

In 2016 alone :  19,675 rapes of minors were reported in India.
93 is average number of rapes reported everyday by women  in India
Between Jyoti Pandey (2012) and Asifa (2018) more than 100,000  rapes have happened.
Did any other rape create such national or international outrage ? NO.
Why doesnt every rape  lead to pandemonium?
 Not every time, the brutality is so unimaginable. Not everytime the govt machinery works overtime to shield the rapists. Not everytime a hot and sharp dagger cuts sharply and reaches your bones. The ugliness of Kathua and Unnao are unprecedented and reflective of Gujarat Godhra  or Naroda Patiya style 
I had earlier averred that 80% of electronic media in India is in NCR and its easy for them to move their OB vans and cover Delhi NCR rapes 24×7 . They ignore rapes in Hindi heartland. This time, it happened in small town and it shook the nation because of citizens raising it up in social web.
Every rape must have been equally ghastly for the woman or girl who endures it. A death of humanity is as much in Delhi as in Kathua/ Unnao , Assam, Bengal or Gujarat wherever it happens.  We all must feel ashamed of it and cry silent tears for our inability to prevent it.  However, a rape in Baliya finds 1 col x 5cm on 5th page of national newspaper and not even a passing reference on electronic media.  People faintly take cognizance and in absence of gory details, the rape just becomes part of another statistic.
First time in 6 yrs the entire nation is peeved and crying on this beastly atrocity. Sorry, the Sanghis/ BJP supporters are hesitant in crying because
a: The victim this time is muslim.
b. Their own soldiers  have been caught with their pants down.
c,. It can likely stop their electoral chariot of success
The  High courts and Supreme court are constantly blasting   Central Govt and especially UP govt of Yogi for total collapse of governance.  Sanghis of all hues  have dragged feet,  obstructed  justice or tried to do it. They tried everything in their might to  not let law take its own course.  This cartoon sums up the major difference and effrontery of current govt.
The PM went recluse with guilt. He couldnt utter word on it for weeks. When we was shamed, goaded and blamed, the PM came up with reluctant crocodile tears full of vague generalism and cliched  tweet which gives no one hope of any specific remedial action.
Crocodile Tears.png
He typically said – Its not his job, its everybody’s job
Why is this case becoming so important ? 
I came to know about this case 10 days ago and learned about the deliberations by Sanghis and their agents to bury this case as if nothing happened and it will be one more statistic. They possibly felt that it was easy as it happened far away from media limelight. They can drown it with their Bhakts creating counter propaganda.
Having sensed their ugliness, I resolved to highlight it with 10 times more ferocity. I didnt cause the wave , I am too small a soldier but within 2 days of my sharing this incident, the fire was all over.
Since BJP with all its organ and in its best interest wanted to drown it, its Bhakts pitched in. The attempts by folks like me to highlight it were seen by Bhakts as an attempt to embarrass their party,  an attack on their Sangh, an assault  on their Heroic butcher of Gujarat, on their peaceful religion, on spoiling their chances in coming elections etc.  Most of their defenses is : The case is being picked up just because the girl is muslim.
They are horribly wrong because if the details came out and the girl were Anuja, the outrage would have still been as massive as Jyoti Pandey’s.   The fact remains that had the girl been Anuja, the entire BJP and Sangh machinery including Bhakts would not have woken up in defense of rapists or opposing the outraged. This stupid interpretation is where the Sanghis have lost the plot.
So started a slugfest of interminably dumb WhatAboutery which I ignored and tolerated like I tolerate flies. Surprisingly, during 2012 gangrape Bhakts didnt do this kind of WhatAboutery of trying to resist outrage.  One such Sanghi Filth who was my relative turned hyper abusive and after a warning I  blocked him forever.  I do not have problems with Hero worship. Only problem is when people worship their idols even when they are wrong.  They should be respecting behaviors not the political positioning
So whether Sanghis want it or not, whether the barbarian Modi likes it or not, whether the hair brained Bhakts want to  deflect attention  or not , whether they do what aboutery or not, whether they spray conspiracy theory or not, This wave is massive. Its rolling, its unstoppable and its gigantic. Its the first time both central and state govts first came in open support of rapists, then tried to obstruct justice and then dragged feet in doing the needful.
Now if the wave is big and its a Tsunami, its going to hit hard. What it hits hard decides whether this Tsunami created a positive or negative outcome.  Since our collective conscience is bleeding today why don’t we use it to strike at the very core of this evil of rape?
How do we do it ?
  1. Lets see the folks who were perpetrators, supportive of obstructing the justice. The root cause or chain of blame travels long and as per my logic goes like  Abductor ->Rapist-> Murderer-> Conniving Police Officers-> Conniving Advocates-> Conniving Bar council of Jammu( Sanghi Affiliate) -> Ministers of BJP in Jammu -> The spiritual fountain head of these criminals i.e RSS -> The agents of RSS in Central Cabinet ( Home Minister) -> The appointee of RSS for leadership i.e PM->President of BJP -> The symbolic appointee of RSS i.e President of India .   Every part of this chain was either willing fully on the side of rapists and murderers or secretly wishing that this wave goes away or totally silent on death of humanity. Each one is culpable.
  2. Name and shame the women in governance who have been silent supporters of these rapists and murderers.  ( Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani, Nirmala Sitharaman, Meenakshi Lehi ). The conscience of these women was dead. While they were posting useless inauguration or tamaasha photos and tweets, they were behaving as if nothing happened.
  3. Amend the juvenile law to award adult sentences for adult crimes like rape, sodomy or murder.  Also legal reform to consider real age as per radio isotope bone testing , not school leaving certificate ( Which are often fake) . The juvenile Afroz slipped through crack in Jyoti Pandey case. The criminal juvenile may also slip in Asifa case
  4. As sensible citizens keep the candle of justice alive in this wind till we become a country of NO RAPE..   Jai Bharat

3 reasons why you should be ashamed of wasting your sympathy on Salman ?

In the night of 28 Sep 2002, Salman was drunk, late in the night, he was speeding his Toyota land cruiser.   His car went on pavement in Bandra and crashed into a bakery. There were 4 men inside it.  1 man died on spot, 3 sustained severe injuries or disabilities for life.  Salman tried to run away, the men brandishing rods and sticks wanted to kill him but he was allowed to escape by a local. He caught and arrested after 12 hrs and the alcohol in his breath even then was higher than permissible limit. He  could wriggle out of prosecution in the homicide case by

  1. Paying huge amount of money to the witnesses who change their testimony and statements. // Approx cost 20 crores
  2. He paid huge money to survivors of the dead so that do not push for pursuing the case further // Approx cost 30-50 crores
  3. Paid crores to his personal driver Ashok Brahma Dev Singh who took the blame for crores and claimed that it was him not Salman who killed the sleeping men. // Approx cost 50-100 crores

Incidentally, Salman didn’t even have a license so the crime was bigger but having used is financial muscle, the wolf got acquitted by court. Its said the night after the accident, Arbaaz Khan tried to go to car and take back the expensive music system which was still there in the car. So with 500+ crores riding on him 100 -150 crores was a small price to buy justice


Abuse of Aishwarya

That was a time, Salman was on a peak. He was voted #4 on world’s most good looking men.  On a TV show, Aishwarya almost professed her growing love for him. From there on, the abuse in relationship started. Aishwarya was suffering this beast . There was verbal abuse. It was reported that he was physically abusive also and often Aishwarya used to report for shooting with bruises all over her body . She decided that the animal was not worthy of her love and came out of it. Aishwarya’s parent filed police FIR against Salman but little happened to put him behind bars.


Black buck

thequint2017-0136bfd073-70f3-4628-8874-935fb3ffdb4csalman black buck hit

Since law could not catch up with him on most cases, Salman got emboldened of  his money and clout.  He thought he can do whatever he wants  and  while in Jodhpur decided to go on hunting  though its illegal in India. After killing the poor deer, he almost got away by bribing the postmortem guys who gave a wrong report that the hole in the body of deer was done after death. Only the 2nd post mortem nailed the lie and his subsequent prosecution..

The aftermath :

The guilty conscience of Salman told him that he can avoid the reach of law only upto a certain limit. He also knew that public sentiments and outcry often has influence on judges. He started his paakhand( sham) of being a humanitarian and a messiah of poor.

So started small charities of paying for treatment of poor or adoption to wash his sins. These were pushed by his paid media to paint human side of the wolf. The wolf also tried to get on to good side of another wolf Modi by supporting his Gujarat campaigns. From Modi, he learnt the art of fooling the foolable fools and also doing a crime and getting away by eliminating the evidences.Sallu Modi.png

These lessons worked . You can see most foolable fools are pouring sympathies for him in social media.

I am ashamed that many such foolable fools are part of my friends, family and colleagues.

The Impact :

The escapades of this disgusting beast led to erosion of credibility of the justice system in India. Most people believed that if you have enough money and proximity to a wolf like Modi you can get away with any crime. This fatalism bodes very bad for any free nation. It tells the poor and less powerful that rich and poweful keep judiciary in their back pocket

Whats my take

The following:

  1. The influence of money, political support and public sympathy on justice is significant
  2. Now that the prosecution has found him guilty beyond doubt, strictest possible should be doled out.
  3. There has been enough delay in reigning in the beast and now that he has been tamed, all further appeal for bail or higher courts should be done within say 2-3 months and he be consigned to JAIL preferably with Asaram 😉
  4. A horrible example should be made out of such scums and criminals
  5. Convey to everybody that no one can take rule of law in the back pocket, not even ugly prime minister’s favorite star.


If you have read this far, spread the word.  To the rectums/ignoramuses putting posts supporting this beast, tell them the truth. Encourage them to be a responsible sensitive citizen and not a Bollywood star stuck asshole. Its very difficult for low salary, low motivation govt attorneys to nail and prosecute criminals like Salman, Sanjay Dutt, Amit Shah or Modi. When in rare cases they are able to achieve this improbable, celebrate it, feel good that law is still alive and active in this beautiful country.

Mrs India and the Rascal

Mr G India is on a romantic road, walking hand in hand with his beautiful wife.. They have been married for 2 yrs now . 
Suddenly a rascal appears from behind. He hugs his wife (Mrs India) and then starts smooching her. Its not one but 17 solid smooches in 3 minutes all over.. There are more things Mr Rascal is doing but I wont go into those graphic details just for now.. 
Mr India is embarased. He wonders, what can he do ?
He knows that this Rascal, in his pocket, has a “Lambi gun“.
Mr India also has a gun in his pocket. Its definitely a “Bigger gun” and he is aware of it . He inserts his hands in pocket and pulls out.
He starts shooting, the rascal ….. not with his gun but with his iPhone 7. The 12 MP dual rear camera with telephoto lens vividly starts capturing the video. Mr India will include this in a Dossier of proof he will show to the Rascal after he is done with the act.
Needless to say, Mr India had also shared with Rascal, the videos of previous occasions when Rascal had smooched/ kissed and .. his wife. Its another story that Rascal demanded that he should  visit Mr India’s home and see all the areas of Mrs India’s body where there are evidences of assault i.e  love bites, bruises etc.
Mr India obliged to this request. Rascal came to India house.. did a deep inspection on Mrs India’s body. He said nothing at their house but after he went back, he declared that, the love bites, bruises on Mrs India’s body were all staged.. These a result of violent love making by Mr India himself.
Coming back to current molestation, Mr India  has disengaged Mr Rascal and has captured some cognizable evidences. Having done the ceremonial “CONDEMN” of Mr Rascal, he plans to make MMS of this incident and make it go viral. This will help him get condom (oops) “CONDEMN” from all the rich phamous and powerFools …..
The biggest dilemma of Mr India is :
If he confronts the molester head on, Rascal’s best friend Mr China may screw him from behind. Mr India currently doesn’t have capability to handle dual assault. His fight doctrine says, he can only handle one assault at a time..  Fight can only be with either Mr Rascal or Mr China, not both together . Apart from this, confrontation time means Mr India cant open his grocery shop and that means losing money ( A big crime for Mr Grocer India’s value system)
So as of now , the best course of action for him is to :
a) Cry loudly … keeping the tail nicely tucked between the legs.
b) Do all the talks : Something like, I will deal with Mr Rascal at the time of my chosing // This means people should not keep asking him how he avenges molestation of his beautiful wifey ..
c) Isolate Mr Rascal:  Get him named as a habitual molester or rapist of worst kind. Whatever is possible 😉 // At time of writing, the pet dogs of  Mr India have begun dancing/ celebrating the hints of some Phamous pholks isolating Mr Rascal. For example Mr and Mrs P  Russia have decided not to attend the party Mr Rascal has planned towards end of this month ..  

I didnt chant भारत माता and I dont

11  years after I hung my uniform as an air force officer. I am trying to remember if I ever chanted “Bharat mata ki jai” when in military. 6 years across 6+ military bases I served, how many times did I chant “Bharat mata jai “?  I  can for sure say I said “Jai Hind” a million times( Average 50+ times a day). But ” भारत माता की जय ” ?  I think  ” ZERO “. This surprises me and may be it will shock 1000s of chaddi nationalists a lot more. At epitome of national service, you do not need to chant this mantra.  I am hopeful, this is not giving an idea to some jerk in Sangh HQ to wake up and destroy the beautiful salutation culture of our glorious armed forces.

Looking back on the day when I was to take oath to defend India with all my vigour even to peril of my life, I had 2 choices

  1. Take oath on Gita or
  2. Just affirm as an individual.

I chose to do affirmation. I didnt swear putting my right hand on Gita or Sita. 22 of my 24 course mates did but I believed that the commitment I make as an individual, in my full conscience and wisdom doesnt need crutch of any religion or book. I was questioned why I wont take oath on Gita though I am a Hindu? I answered that my flavor/vision of Hinduism is not congruent to everything that Gita preaches. My argument was accepted. Imagine doing this in any other religious or theocratic nation, I will be labelled blasphemist and bled to death. To me, this is the most solid idea of India Hinduism and its grandiose सहिष्णुता

Growing up, I thought the God factory in heaven(ऊपर) stopped producing Devis+ Devtas+ Maatas+ Baaps in 560 BC ( After Buddha) but reality is quite different. Today, as I see a lot of irritating jingoism on “Mata” chant. A quick search on  Bharat mata  reveals that it was first conceived in a fictitious play , Bhārat Mātā by Kiran Chandra Bannerjee . It was first performed in 1873. So, in reality is it not just another figment of imagination of this Bhodro (Baangali) playwright during British rule?. Whats so sacred about it?

The story on Bharat mata can be read here

Surprisingly, anyone can add few additional pairs of limbs, put a lion/tiger+ sun halo behind, add one  weapon in each hand, top it up with a mukut and lo, a new deviji / maataji, baapji is created. Practically there is nothing stopping imaginative folks from creating Maratha maata, Patna Maiya, Guntoor Tanni or say JhoomariTalaiya maa. All it takes in this digital age is Photoshop.  Blockheads can claim that not bowing to it is against Nationalism / Regionalism or city / Mohallaism

I agree, “Mata/Mataram” did become a battle cry for some freedom fighters but so did ” Bole so Nihal, Allah u akbar or Har Har mahadev or, Joi ma kaali or Jai Gorkhali or Chak de fatte. Everyone had a choice to pick the battle cry which galvanized folks around to fight a common battle. It was the pluralism of battle cries which allowed folks to win multiple battles and ultimately the war. Every chant served some purpose just as every color contributes to make a rainbow beautiful. Pick your own indigo or orange but dont try to shove your choice of color up somebody’s…. you know what.

I had always been critical of deification of objects in Hinduism. From पाताल (Core of earth) to पेड़(tree) to पृथ्वी(earth) to penis does everything need to be a devta? This 33 Karod devi devta concept never appealed to me but I often liked एकेश्वरवाद  –  एक साधे सब सधे , सब साधे सब जाय.


What do these mata chants have to do with a diverse, multifaith, multi ethnic pluralistic nation like India? What does it have to do with Hinduism other than its crudest form? What objective does this kind of deification handle other than

  1. Oversimplification of some objective to align the  low intellect junta around it?
  2. Create another non taxable revenue stream (Read temples) to help Birlas / Bajajs and other wealthies to run trusts around it to convert black into white and white into silvers?
  3. Celebrate a day with some silly rituals, extort money, eat up calorie bombs, create traffic nuisance and strew the rivers and oceans with a lot of garbage ?

I am not from a religion which prohibits me to bow in front of anybody other than Allah. I am not prohibited to say Jai to anyone.  As a free thinking man, my intellect revolts at mindless and reckless devification. Its utterly obnoxious to have a devata of every kind popping in front of me randomly from anywhere/ anyday expecting genuflection. I just wont do it. If a person like Javed Akhtar transgresses his religious bounds and chants Bharat mata, its his conviction and freedom to do it. If Owaisi doesnt want to say it, shouldnt he have the liberty to do it? Why should someone call him a a pig for it?

Why we debase the profound vedic shloka – जननी, जन्म भूमिश्च , स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ( Heaven is found in the lap of mother and land of birth). Please note the usage of जन्मभूमि not मातृभूमि

We need to create more robust belief and value system around Nationalism and Hinduism in particular which can stand the onslaught of any critique or rational inquiry. Continuing to believe in ugly dogmas, stupid rituals and irrational beliefs or practicing them makes a mockery of your own intellect and our highly evolved religion.

Advantage Hinduism is: Its not driven by the communication someone received secretly in a cave. It does not shut down free constructive thought(शास्त्रार्थ) . Its not constrained or limited. The buck does not stop at any book. Not even Gita or Ramayana or Vedas can claim to be all encompassive of what Hinduism stands for. Its beautifully non prescriptive religion. It encourages you to be a contemplative and free thinking human. Empathy is what has kept this faith relevant.

आत्मनः प्रतिकूलानि परेषाम न समाचरेत.

If you wont like someone else’s ideology/faith thrust on you, do not thrust yours on them. If Hinduism could survive 600 yrs of murderous Islamic rule and 200 yrs of missionary lure, it can very well withstand ugliness emerging from within, in form of Sakshi maharajs, Amit Shahs or Muttaliks. We can evolve, we can mutate, we can create new releases, versions of our faiths, we need not create more gods, more maatas and baapas.

Recently, I was evaluating a very large enterprise software (U$ 100 Mn+ type )  for redesign with a project sponsor.  She told me – “ Everybody added a lot of crap on this software whenever they felt like but no one bothered to clean it up ever. So what you see is a lot of junk all around which makes little sense “ .. Same I believe is the case with Hinduism as a religion. Everybody when they felt like added their bit of crap, no body ever cleaned it up. So here we are with a lot of junk.

If you wish to start on some introspection of Hinduism as a faith, a good point to begin may be here :




Dear Omar Abdullah, no more diapers for you now.

Ëither Article 370 stays or Kashimir will not be part of India“- tweeted Omar Abdullah and it got me into recollecting Nawabjadas born into a ancestral property and too spoilt to see reason. To me he appears like another pappu ( A Kashmiri one) who has been pampered a lot. A baby in infancy is given a lot of cool things. Some examples are:

  • Umblical chord in womb (Direct delivery of nutrients to stomach, no need to masticate),
  • Breast feed (Optimally warm, sweet milk from uber soft nipples),
  • Diapers ( Freely do potty and susu whenever and wherever kid wants), and
  • A milk bottle ( Kid still gets almost same pleasure as sucking on to a human nipple) etc.


All these baby stuff are good, pleasure some and are needed in those specific periods. Kids body, with this support,happiness and pleasure grows faster to soon become independent of them.
 There are however, some abnormal kids who get addicted and continue using them till they are 6 -7 years or even 12 years old. Is it not embarrassing for parents that their kid still drinks milk from poopsee , wets his pants, needs diapers or sucks thumb?
Why despite the physical age, the addiction and dependence with some kids just doesnt go away?  Is  it not the right time, for the parents to play hardball in the best interest of the kid and tell him NO means NO?
We all know this but why is it important today?
Doesnt Bhai Omar Abdullah appears to have physically grown beyond puberty?  At ripe age of 44 does he not have hairs in arm pits and elsewhere? Some grey streaks are visible on his head but has he grown mentally? He says that the only link between him and his mom (the mother India) is article 370.  Either this chord stays, or he is not son of his mother. It ends every thing for him ( and Kashmir).Image
  Is  this not exactly how a baby out of mother’s womb feels ? The umblical chord is what he thinks keeps him alive should just stay forever.He is crying, threatening, throwing tantrums, rolling on the floor, sucking his thumb all the while like Auro in Paa .
Is this article 370 not like diaper he thinks he  just cant live without. Baby Mehbooba too has joined the chorus. No body should take away their diapers, no body should cut the chords, no body should take away the poopsee bottle. Omar bhai! you and Kashmir have physically been out of womb for 40 and 54 years respectively. Has he  not grown beyond those susu in chaddi days?
Believe  us you dont need this diaper. We understand that you will cry and be angry with us when we cut it. You will rant when we make you wear pants. You will curse us when we ask you to drink milk from glass but bear with us we have to do this now.
Did the Dhais ( Congressis and Sonia Mayya)  not let you suck thumb for ages because they always knew you are not their real son?  Were they not getting paid ( Looting the nation) while you reveled in infancy.The longer your infancy, the higher was their meter down  and hence better their career earning(Votebank)
You are not used to live without diaper, it will hurt, it will feel unusual for few days, it will make you uncomfortable but do not worry, you will get used to it and grow up for your own sake. We all have given them up at some stage of life.


Mahila Dhritrashtra : decoding the Sonia Gandhi neurons

// This article was written before the General election results of 2014 were out. In sync with the prophecy in this article , Congis got totally annihilated in the battle just like Kauravas in Mahabharata. Read on .


Dhritarashtra is one of the biggest pivotal character of Mahabharata. It was he who kick started the most epic battle ever in history of mythical humanity.  Such is the immortality of learnings from this battle that we can quickly relate to repeated human behaviors in our current lives.  In terms of relevance, Mahabharat is may be in the same league as “Animal Farm” by George Orwel.

Lets see Sonia Gandhi’s lust for power and blind love for her son Owl G for relish how how the analogy fits in the destruction of Congress :

The blinded, vengeful and lusty Dhritarashtra

1. Denial and vengeance : Dhrita was the eldest son and a rightful heir to Hastinapur.  He was denied the privilege of being a king because of  his disability ( Being blind ). He forever held vengeance to the injustice done to him.

Sonia led Congress party to victory in UPA -I after Sitaram Kesri had screwed it up. She was rightful to become the PM  but was denied ascendance to highest office because of her disability ( Citizenship, Non reciprocity* with Italy as a nation).

// * Italy doesnt allow an Indian born to become PM of Italy, so India cannot have an Italian born become PM of India.

Sonia since then has had a ever burning Dhritrashtrik grudge and vengeance against the Indian political system wanted to avenge her denial .


2. Blind love for son   : Dhrita was madly in love with the idea of his son becoming king of Hastinapur . Even though he was the least capable and totally devoid of talent. As a father, he set aside all propriety and ethics to back the cause “Duryodhan as a king“. Sonia has  followed the same path. She has been relentlessly pushing his totally incompetent son “Pappu as PM“, to the hilt.

In the middle of UPA II , Pranab Mukherjee started appearing as the tallest,  most natural and deserving leader of the party ( Crisis management, Diplomacy, Respect of opposition) . He was on a vector to become PM but this put Sonia’s obsession under threat. The way Pandavas were sent to 12 yrs of Vanavaas ( Exile) and 1 year Agyaatwas ( Incognito exile) Sonia sent  Pranab da into a political exile.

The difference here was : Pranab was not willing to go on political exile. Finally, Sonia put her feet down and said – ” My way or highway” . Seeing the carpet slip under feet, Pranab took the consolation of enjoying the morning walks in Mughal Gardens. Sonia wasnt comfortable with have anyone  assertive becoming a PM. Her most preferred choice for temporary PM was either a dog or a robot. Pranab realized that Sonia has sharp teeth and she would bite. Compromisingly, he put a price to exile and agreed to be the President. Since she couldnt directly insult India by having a dog as PM,  she put a robot Manmohan Singh to be the PM again.

Another similarity is in the way Kauravas tried to get Pandavas killed  and their friends killed. Two of the most powerful congress leaders ( Rajesh Pilot and Madhav Rao Scindia) who could have towered to challenge Pappu, died mysterious deaths.

She backed her son against and beyond his total worthlessness ( Loss in every assembly  campaign he led and now likely the worst performance ever in Loksabha ).

The Chief con man or conspirator of Mahabharata


3. Shakuni and Diggi raja :  Shakuni was an uncle of Duryodhana and the biggest con man or spin doctor/ propagandist of Kauravas. He became Duryodhan’s mentor and played all ugly games to try and defeat the Pandavas. In Congress there is  Digvijay Singh ( A man of ugly morals ) mentoring  Pappu. He played all ugly games to let the ugly rule prevail.

While there are some striking coincidences in 2 threads, we do not know whether Congress just like Kauravas will get totally annihilated in the Kurukshetra of 2014 leading to a Congress Mukt bharat. We will have to wait till tomorrow.

Do you see more elements of congruence in characters or events in these 2 stories ?

Is Sonia the most apt personification of Dhritarashtra ever ( Blind to incompetence and unworthiness of Pappu)  ?

10 Candidates whose defeat will send a very progressive message from India

There are some candidates who must win to have a progressive India.  Good people who have served the nation and have done a remarkable job must win. Alas,  politics is always infested with dirt. These dirts also win and shake the faith of  people in democracy. Like in movies we want villains to die horrible death, as citizens we want stinking politicos to face horrible defeats. Wrong people winning because of money or muscle, or sperm source lead to fatalism in citizens. We all secretly and at heart wish they must lose. I know all 10 will not lose and we will never have perfect 10 but higher the score better it is.

Ugly politicians

Here are my top 10 must lose candidates and the reason why they must lose( Cutting across party lines) :

10. Ashok Chavan ( Nanded )- Congress  : The Adarsh tainted former Maharshtra CM must bite the dust to leave a 5 finger slap mark on cheek of Sonia. She was showing legality to field him overlooking propriety of criminal conduct. Janta tumhein maaf nahi karegi

9.  L K Advani  ( Gandhi Nagar ) – BJP  : The symbol of political lust must lose from Gandhinagar to give a strong message that  there is a sunset age for most demanding profession. At age of 86 , rust, lust must bite the dust. go look after your grandchildren old man. Make way

8   Kapil Sibbal  ( Chandni Chowk ) Congress : He had been one of the most hated figures for his arrogance. At one of the visits to Chandni chowk after an accident, public was so angry that he was not even allowed to come out of his car. He must loose to bring in humility in politicians.

7.  Jaswant Singh ( Jaisalmer ) Gaddar independent :  This was political ambition at its ugliest. The person who derived all the maal from the party when he could and when denied a ticket, rebelled and contested as independent. This is worst show of indiscipline. People must teach him a lesson

6. Shazia Ilmi  Malik( Ghaziabad   )  AAP  : One of the worst b****s in the politics who was advocating muslims to go communal in this election. A tight slap on her face will keep all the candidates sane in forthcoming elections.

5. Supriya Sule  ( Baramati )  NCP and other litters of big polticos : She and like other like her are infesting the political firmament and treat LS constituencies as  a Baap ki  jaageer. Her idiot cousin was threatening the voters ( Bahut masti chadhi hai kya..? Agar Supriya ko vote nahi diya to paani kaat doonga ). Other must loose in the same category are Milind( Koila Chor) Deora, Priya( Parole buying)Dutt, Sachin( Chikna) Pilot, Jyoti(Baba) Scindia, Kanimozhi ( spectrumChor), Omar( Abdulla, Abhijeet Mukherjee, Sandeep Deepshit, Jr Chidambaram, Varun (Retard) Gandhi . The message to buggers should be :  You have all the wealth and capacity to become a scientist, musician , author, sportsperson, or a artist. Dont spoil our taste by showing us your ugly pedigree.

4.  Arvind Kejriwal ( Varanasi )  AAP  : The nautanki-baaj just got too greedy after limited Delhi success. He got intoxicated and drunk with small success to think he had everything in his pocket.  Thriving on nuisance value, he has grabbed TV time by just contesting NaMO.

3. Owl Gandi ( Amethi)  Congress :  He is one of the biggest human waste to ever come out of a human. Good for nothing moron must loose for never visiting his constituency in last 5 yrs and being the most inactive MP in Loksabha in this term.

2.  Sonia Gandi ( Rae Bareilly ) Congress :  For showing her ugly colors of bribing the Shahi Imaam of Jama masjid  and seeking muslim votes under a secret deal. It was politics of the worst kind.

1. Narendra Modi ( Baroda )  Gujarat :  A PM candidate who is so unsure about his place, wants to make a political statement from a religious city, holds on to CM , MLA post and is most likely to divorce this city if wining from both . Baroda guys must hit back for being made to feel like a second wife.


What are your choices for must lose candidates ?

Who among these 10 you think should not lose for the reasons mentioned?

What do you think the correct message score of this election will be out of 10 ?

Interested to know your thoughts.