Mahila Dhritrashtra : decoding the Sonia Gandhi neurons

// This article was written before the General election results of 2014 were out. In sync with the prophecy in this article , Congis got totally annihilated in the battle just like Kauravas in Mahabharata. Read on .


Dhritarashtra is one of the biggest pivotal character of Mahabharata. It was he who kick started the most epic battle ever in history of mythical humanity.  Such is the immortality of learnings from this battle that we can quickly relate to repeated human behaviors in our current lives.  In terms of relevance, Mahabharat is may be in the same league as “Animal Farm” by George Orwel.

Lets see Sonia Gandhi’s lust for power and blind love for her son Owl G for relish how how the analogy fits in the destruction of Congress :

The blinded, vengeful and lusty Dhritarashtra

1. Denial and vengeance : Dhrita was the eldest son and a rightful heir to Hastinapur.  He was denied the privilege of being a king because of  his disability ( Being blind ). He forever held vengeance to the injustice done to him.

Sonia led Congress party to victory in UPA -I after Sitaram Kesri had screwed it up. She was rightful to become the PM  but was denied ascendance to highest office because of her disability ( Citizenship, Non reciprocity* with Italy as a nation).

// * Italy doesnt allow an Indian born to become PM of Italy, so India cannot have an Italian born become PM of India.

Sonia since then has had a ever burning Dhritrashtrik grudge and vengeance against the Indian political system wanted to avenge her denial .


2. Blind love for son   : Dhrita was madly in love with the idea of his son becoming king of Hastinapur . Even though he was the least capable and totally devoid of talent. As a father, he set aside all propriety and ethics to back the cause “Duryodhan as a king“. Sonia has  followed the same path. She has been relentlessly pushing his totally incompetent son “Pappu as PM“, to the hilt.

In the middle of UPA II , Pranab Mukherjee started appearing as the tallest,  most natural and deserving leader of the party ( Crisis management, Diplomacy, Respect of opposition) . He was on a vector to become PM but this put Sonia’s obsession under threat. The way Pandavas were sent to 12 yrs of Vanavaas ( Exile) and 1 year Agyaatwas ( Incognito exile) Sonia sent  Pranab da into a political exile.

The difference here was : Pranab was not willing to go on political exile. Finally, Sonia put her feet down and said – ” My way or highway” . Seeing the carpet slip under feet, Pranab took the consolation of enjoying the morning walks in Mughal Gardens. Sonia wasnt comfortable with have anyone  assertive becoming a PM. Her most preferred choice for temporary PM was either a dog or a robot. Pranab realized that Sonia has sharp teeth and she would bite. Compromisingly, he put a price to exile and agreed to be the President. Since she couldnt directly insult India by having a dog as PM,  she put a robot Manmohan Singh to be the PM again.

Another similarity is in the way Kauravas tried to get Pandavas killed  and their friends killed. Two of the most powerful congress leaders ( Rajesh Pilot and Madhav Rao Scindia) who could have towered to challenge Pappu, died mysterious deaths.

She backed her son against and beyond his total worthlessness ( Loss in every assembly  campaign he led and now likely the worst performance ever in Loksabha ).

The Chief con man or conspirator of Mahabharata


3. Shakuni and Diggi raja :  Shakuni was an uncle of Duryodhana and the biggest con man or spin doctor/ propagandist of Kauravas. He became Duryodhan’s mentor and played all ugly games to try and defeat the Pandavas. In Congress there is  Digvijay Singh ( A man of ugly morals ) mentoring  Pappu. He played all ugly games to let the ugly rule prevail.

While there are some striking coincidences in 2 threads, we do not know whether Congress just like Kauravas will get totally annihilated in the Kurukshetra of 2014 leading to a Congress Mukt bharat. We will have to wait till tomorrow.

Do you see more elements of congruence in characters or events in these 2 stories ?

Is Sonia the most apt personification of Dhritarashtra ever ( Blind to incompetence and unworthiness of Pappu)  ?

8 thoughts on “Mahila Dhritrashtra : decoding the Sonia Gandhi neurons

  1. Interesting, innovative and thought-provoking articles. Arun Purohit has a good knowledge and understanding of mythology and philosophy. As an aside, he has what can be called a ‘winning smile’ (have seen his photo on Keep rocking.

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